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Plextor SATA III 2.5" SSD (Hardware Details)

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Added on: 21/9/2011 16:44
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    Review for Plextor SATA III 2.5

    8 / 10

    Before you pick up this box you need to ask yourself two questions:

    1.) What do I need this for?
    2.) How good am I with computer technology?

    Your answer to these quetions will really decide whether you get the Plexto.r 2.5" Solid State Drive

    The drive is a very eclectic beast, as it masquerades as an external disk drive, but is not exactly one at all. Not really. Not in the sense that you can plug in and away you go. This is really where both questions come into effect. If you are after a simple open the box and plug in drive to store your files then maybe this isn't the right thing for you. Now of course if you are good with computer technology and know what you are doing then this is almost the innards of an external disk drive and if you are able to install it in a compatible casing that allows you to just plug it into your computer then it is just fine. However, its main function is as another drive that you need to install into your computer.

    It is when considering this that you really need to answer a third question which is:

    3.) How much space do I need?

    At 256GB you'd be forgiven for thinking 'Well, that's a lot'. Well, it is and it isn't. If you need this simply as a backup for important files or to install all your hardware then it should be fine. If you are looking for somewhere to store all your movies, music and games you may find that in a blink of an eye the drive is full. Now when you have had to go through all the fiddling of installing the drive or creating the housing to make it an external drive you may wonder whether it is all worth it in the end. Really this is your choice, but again you need to consider the above three questions.

    If you are someone who has no computer installation knowledge beyond running a hardware disk, then this is not the drive for you. If you are looking for something that you can open the box and go, then this is not the drive for you. If you are looking for a longterm solution to all your storage and memory needs then (depending on what you are storing) it's doubtful that this is the drive for you. However, if you are technically proficient, the kind who can install Windows 7 in their sleep, then this could be the drive for you. If you are looking for a drive to support your existing system or know that 256GB will be more than enough then this could be the drive for you.

    Overall the Plextor 2.5" Solid State Drive is a great piece of hardware, easy to install (if you know what you're doing) and with so many uses it will support most systems and needs. However you will really need to consider those three question before you buy and as long as you do then you should find this is the perfect drive for your needs.

    Your Opinions and Comments

    Whoa Nellie, that's got to be expensive.  In fact £300-400 quoted in a quick Google search.  I could see an application for it, though - as a 24/7 always on NAS cache.  It shouldn't (theoretically) get as hot or be as inclined to fail as a conventional hard drive running under similar conditions.
    posted by Mark Oates on 23/9/2011 02:43