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r8sso (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 09:28

So I'm getting some work done in my house and I've got the chance to get a cable behind the wall running from ground floor to loft!  (makes me so happy!)

In the future I'd like to add an Ubiquiti AP in the loft and eventually one downstairs. Ideally add it to my existing Amplifi HD mesh system if possible...

I'm not a network guy so few things which I've got questions on... when I buy a Switch should I get unmanaged/managed?  One with PoE or not... I think the Ubiquiti APs come with a PoE injector so is there any point in getting a PoE switch?

I have a tendency of overbuying specs on products so it will be very easy for me to go from a £12.99 switch to an £80 one!  I just need a reality check on what I should buy! :)

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