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RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

It would have been nicer if he wasn't standing there with his plastic bag with some Roquefort and a baguette sticking out!

Edit - tried to quote robee but it's difficult on your mobile!

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RE: Whats happened since you joined? 18 years today...

Joined on: Tuesday, 19th June 2001, 20:15

2001 - I was addicted to this site when I first joined at university. I think I was trying to hack a Sharp DVD player but ended up selling it and buying a supermarket wharfedale that could be remote hacked! Played everything you chucked at it!

I graduated in 2001, worked for 6 years, went travelling for 12 months, contracted for 10 years so changed jobs a few times. Married with two children now. Scary that it's been 18+ years on here!

That reminds me I better change my password! 😁

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

What did everyone think of E05?

It just seemed a bit rushed to me, not much depth to the episode, just a very simple/basic obvious plot that didn't really progress the story arc - apart from the last 10 seconds where the unknown person kneels down.  I loved the previous 4, just felt a bit 'meh' when that one finished.

Printer -

I very rarely use my printer but when I do 95% of the time it's for a B&W print.  Is it worth me therefore just buying a cheap laser printer?  Do any printers come as B&W only nowadays?!  My last HP died on me when the print head went after just over a year.  I honestly think it was because the ink dried up in the print head due to how little I use it.

I was just going to go out and buy a new £24.99 printer as it's cheaper than getting new colour cartridges but it pains me to be this wasteful!

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RE: How much tax would you pay if you earned £100k?

Robee J Shepherd says...
"doing effectively a single job that should really be PAYE"

In my area, and lots of others, that's not the case.  I work in Change & Transformation, in particular payments for banks.  I work on fixed term regulatory projects that the FCA/CMA etc... want implemented by certain dates.  I go into bank and deliver for that project then at the end of it I'm done.  The bank don't have the resources to staff a one off project like this so need to bring in consultancy firms (huge costs) or self employed skilled workers.  In my 10 years I've worked on 7 different fixed term projects.

On the flip side to this, you have some plumber who is self employed to Pimlico, has worked there for 20 years, can't work for any other company other than Pimlico and has a Pimlico branded van.  They are basically a Pimlico Plumber but Pimlico don't want to pay the pension/employers NI/sick days/holidays so they use this arrangement to reduce their liabilities.

Unfortunately HMRC, like the inept organisation they are, have rushed through some blanket rules to catch everyone by scaring large private companies into potential huge tax bills if they continue to hire contractors.  They implemented this a few years ago in the public sector and they are already seeing huge negative impacts on the NHS as they can't get the skilled workers they need as they don't have the flexibility.

So yes, much to my annoyance.

Labour have actually said they'll scrap IR35 but it's not in the draft manifesto yet so worthless words at the moment.

RE: How much tax would you pay if you earned £100k?

I've been contracting for 10 years in IT and I'm now facing the prospect of going PAYE with the large bank I'm contracted to, due to this IR35 ruling that HMRC just can't seem to implement correctly. It's a tough pill to swallow after 10 years I tell you, especially as I'll be paying the employer and employee contributions.

So if you were to gross 100k and put it in "listen to the tax man" website then with student loan payments you'd take home ~£55,600 (44.5% off takes). If you add on the fact I'd have to pay NI employers contribution on top of my own contributions then that would be another 13% - so close to 58% off takes!

You work in IT Rob and most likely work through a Limited company. I don't think the Isle of Wight is quite like the Isle of Man for taxes but I'd bet the reason you were grouping yourself with the people who will never earn 100k is more to do with the way you pay yourself then what HMRC say you personally earn on paper...

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RE: Halloween 2019

Is that music just on the video or did you have it belting out all night?

That's a good effort, was that communal then if you're in a gated area or just for your place?

RE: Tidying up photo backups...

So I was doing a file comparison match which was good enough for me, that's free.

They do an audio and picture match which allows you to match pictures that are similar, as opposed to the file hash value.

Probably good for thinning out those times you take 6 photos of the same thing just to get one good shot.

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RE: Tidying up photo backups...

The free version of that software was great Rob - thank you

I've deleted over 100GB of duplicates!  Crazy how folders get copied moved and duplicated across external drives then brought back together and possibly copied again!

It takes some nerve to say yes to deleting 8000+ photos in one go!

9 was the most times a photo was duplicated, it was a rubbish photo too! :D

Thanks again

RE: Tidying up photo backups...

You've summed up my problem nicely admars! :D

Tidying up photo backups...

So over the years I've backed up camera photos to various folders on various drives.  There's a good chance a lot of the photos have been duplicated as I've always aired on the side of caution with pictures so I don't lose any.

Anyhoo, I want to try and clean up the pictures and remove duplicates if possible as I think I've got xxGB of duplicates which for external drives is OK but for my Cloud storage is not!

Is there any software out there that can scan through all your folders and identify duplicates based of meta data or whatever it is photos use to store additional info?  I've too many to manually trawl through and identify duplicates.

Also, there's a good chance I've got a few thousand duplicates based on whatsapp saving images separately.  Is the meta data saved when you send an original picture over whatsapp?


RE: England Cricket World Cup winners 2019!!!

I think technically there's something there about the extra run but as you'd imagine it's not something that happens often so you've got to go to section 19 sub paragraph 3 bullet vii) to read it!  The umpire interpreted as he did and as a result England had an extra run on the last ball which just meant Stokes played it safe for the single run instead of smashing it for 6 and ending the game early! :)

RE: I thought car insurance was supposed to be cheaper this year?

I've just had to cancel a policy with Hastings for my Saab 9-5 after 9 months as their quote for changing the policy over to my new car was £500 for the remaining 3 months; I think the years policy was £300!

It means I'll lose that years no claims but as I'm on 9 I don't think it matters too much.

I purchased through Liverpool Victoria (via Top Cash Back (£37)) for £500 for the year and I get to drive other cars 3rd party which was something I never got with Hastings.

My wife just passed her test in May (Auto only) and she's paying £600 with Admiral on a Countryman S which I thought was pretty good!

There's a post code check you can do which will tell you how high risk your post code is for car insurance; makes a big difference if you play around with A - F ratings!

RE: The Trump Presidency

We need to find more efficient ways of storing energy during the day when solar power is plentiful. It’s definitely the future! :) I think i’ll have an electric car in 5 years and panels on my house in 8 years.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Pretty w*** last episode I thought. Any TV critics out there can quote me on that too.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

I’ve got a 5GB file and I’m watching it on my OLED where the blacks are well, pretty black, and 4m 24s in the Unsullied have marched across the screen and I can’t see anything! Zippy & Bungle could have been at the back marching with them and I wouldn’t know! :-)

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

I found it too dark at times too.  The fast moving dragons in the clouds/mist was all a bit of a blur.  Some of the fight scenes in/outside the castle.  I watched it on my 55" Samsung, Sky HD recording.  I might watch it again tonight on my 65" LG OLED to see if it makes a difference.

The Dothraki getting their swords lit like it was going to help them, then getting wiped out in 15 seconds!  I suppose this did work in creating a sense of how futile the fight was going to be and the importance of killing the night king.

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RE: Anyone restored their iphone from an old HDD via USB...?

For anyone searching.

iTunes needs to be installed first on the new machine so the directory structures are created.

Find your backups on your external storage (I needed to show hidden system files as "AppData" was not visible) by navigating here:

E:\Users\<<<user name >>>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

Copy all the folders in the directory and paste them in the equivalent folder on your new machine.

Seems quite easy now!  Hardest part was the accessing the old hard drive which was password protected.

Anyone restored their iphone from an old HDD via USB...?

In a world of pain at the moment with my laptop/iphone/desktops... 

Laptop packed up night before my holidays.  While on holiday get a new job starting the Monday I get back.  Getting out the taxi home iPhone is dropped down the drain.  Nokia old phone for two weeks (I'm a Digital Test Manager for a Banking App I can't even use!)  Long wait for iPhone replacement, longer wait for laptop repair!

Laptop is billy bucked.  Removed the SSD and connected it to a desktop I just bought.  No idea how to restore my phone!

Anyone know a guide how to do it?!

Moral of the story.  Pay for Cloud storage!

RE: [VIDEO] Ext HDD question - transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 / Gen 2

The first two minutes was me. Then you took me to an even worse place by introducing me to 20 GBPs 3.1 Gen 2 x 2! :-)

RE: Ext HDD question - transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 / Gen 2

The adapter supports 3.1 *Gen 2* which is up to 10Gbps

The desktop only supports 3.1 Gen 1 which only supports 5Gbps

Internally the drive has another SSD for copying back and forwards. iPhone backups will also be copied across there regularly. Family photo backups too.

Will let you know actual transfer rates but a lot of reviews confirm the speeds.

RE: Ext HDD question - transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 / Gen 2

Not quite sure what you mean. Pay a premium to get 500MB/s - the drives not cheap so I’d say I am paying a premium for 500MB/s... single large file transfer. Drops for multiple smaller files.

RE: Ext HDD question - transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 / Gen 2

Thanks Gareth

The power supply is optional isn’t it? I read it was 5v without and 12v with. That ext hdd won’t need 12v will it?


Ext HDD question - transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 / Gen 2


I've bought myself a cheap Dell Vostro 3470 which I believe has 2x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports.

I'm after a fast external HDD and I fancy the Samsung T5 which supports 3.1 Gen 2.

Would I need to purchase a PCIe card like this to get the "500MB/s" transfer rates?

Am I right in thinking that the transfer rates for 3.1 Gen 1 and 3.0 are the same?


Ps. those links are the first things I found so happy to be advised of something better/different.

RE: Speaking of Drinks

admars says...
"Tonight a friend introduced me to Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old, it's very very nice, unfortunately it costs a bit more than I usually spend on whisky, so I may have to up my budget in future, as I've been meaning to try it, but it's never on offer in the supermarket :("

5th June 2017 I mentioned that bad boy! :)

If you like the sweet aftertaste of the Cardhu and DoubleWood then Amazon have a Tamnavulin on offer for £20.99.  Finished in Sherry Casks it has that sweet smell and taste; not as smooth as the Cardhu, although I find that a bit boring if I'm honest.  You've just missed out on a couple of great Amazon deals recently, Glengoyne 10yr Old £24.90 (Sherry Cask finish) and a Tamdhu 10yr £26.40 (Sherry Cask finish).  They may pop back up again so keep checking the daily deals!

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RE: Best game you played in 2018?

I loved Total Annihilation, will give this a go.

RE: TV licence monthly

You basically pay 6 months in advance and request a refund after 12 months when you give a valid reason for not needing a Tv license. Get the over payment paid back into your account at 12 months; just make sure you don’t run a day over the 12 months or you’ll get 5 months.

RE: [VIDEO] People we miss

You seem to miss the nonces bandicoot! Who is next, Gary Glitter?!

RE: RIP Whoot aka Dave Neal :(

Born 1974 - didn’t realise he was so young.