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RE: Energy crisis

It wasn't a green decision Snaps. I've posted my calcs above on consumption / costs. Even without factoring in the free energy the PV panels create, if I just charge the batteries each night on an off peak EV tariff like Octopus Go then my bill will be 25% of paying peak rate (7.5p instead of 31p unit)

7 years I think I'll break even if energy prices remain the same. Sooner if you factor in the panels will make ~4000kW a year. I'm also hoping to look into using the emersion heater for hot water when I have excess, reduce my gas usage down.

RE: Energy crisis

You assume correct. Typo.

RE: Energy crisis

12x Hyundai 410W panels (25yr product & efficiency warranty!)
12x Tigo optimisers
LUX 5kW Inverter
12kW Storage
Comes in at £10,150 installed.

This is what I've paid for. Did quite a bit of research and think I've got a very fair price.

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RE: Energy crisis

@rjs - have you factored in batteries to your solar PV ROI?

I posted the below in another forum when I was deciding.

In the end, I've ended up getting Solar PV as well as a battery as it wasn't much more.

I use 558.0kWh per month or ~19kWh per day. At 16.1p a unit that's ~£90 a month. When that jumps to ~31p a unit I'm looking at ~£173 a month. If I get an 18kW battery, and charge it at 7.5p a unit, that's ~25% of what I'm paying peak rate so ~£43.25 a month. That's a theoretical saving of ~£129.75 a month, ~£1557 a year. I'd like to think that ROI could be recouped in 5 years. I've seen a complete 16.4KW GivEnergy kit for £6138 inc VAT. That's a 10 year warranty and 6000 cycle discharge which is ~16 years if you fully charge/discharge once a day.

For me, taking the green/carbon aspect away, battery storage seems to be the most efficient way of getting a ROI.

RE: Clarkson's farm

"if bandi was here..." - where's he gone???

RE: [VIDEO] The Wheel Of Time

Logged back in here after a bit of a break and pleased I did!

This series was epic! Like G RR Martin, Jordan struggled to finish it and died in the end! Last two books had to be done by another author whose name I think is Brandon Sanderson. He's wrote some other books (mist born series) which I found very good and he also did the the ending justice.

Tempted to give this a re-read. Two characters from this series I loved, Lan and this space!

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RE: Thardhe things you do

I had to lay the foundation for my summer house too, although it was last year. This spring my wife had me doing ~68m of fencing.

I had a quote, just for the concrete base, of £1400. It's 4m by 5m, can't do ft/inches 😁 I think for 2 cubic meters of concrete delivered, sub base, Wacker hire, waterproof tarp, timber frame and reinforced steel mesh it was £600.

RE: Current Cellphone deals

I think Virgin are moving over to Vodafone soon so keep an eye on your reception as if Vodafone are no good in your area you'll have problems.

Personally I like Vodafone. I'm with O2 now and I think I'm getting a lot of voicemails even though the phone is showing full signal. This happened ~10 years ago when I was last with them so think I'll move back to Vodafone after this.

EE I always find more expensive. Maybe because they have the best coverage... Vodafone Very Me is also better than O2 rewards in my opinion too.

EOD there is no best network as you move around with your mobile. I like strong reception at home as it doubles as my primary contact as I don't have a landline. Vodafone do WiFi calls which is also handy and stops you missing calls on some occasions.

RE: [VIDEO] I think I need a new tv

The LG interface has been around longer than the 3 years I've had it plus, the Sony is the newest and worst of the lot, so age really doesn't relate to a good UX experience here in my opinion.

My biggest frustration with the Samsung is when you switch it on the smart hub won't work for the first 45 seconds which seems like a small amount of time but it's infuriating. Keeps saying checking for software update and does this every time you switch it off/on. A known bug if you read the forums.

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RE: [VIDEO] I think I need a new tv

I much prefer the interface of the LG (3yr old oled) over my Samsung (7 yr old) and Sony (2 yr old).

I bought my parents a cheap LG (65") from RS and when I visited I think I preferred the picture over my OLED! 😭

Network Switch...

So I'm getting some work done in my house and I've got the chance to get a cable behind the wall running from ground floor to loft!  (makes me so happy!)

In the future I'd like to add an Ubiquiti AP in the loft and eventually one downstairs. Ideally add it to my existing Amplifi HD mesh system if possible...

I'm not a network guy so few things which I've got questions on... when I buy a Switch should I get unmanaged/managed?  One with PoE or not... I think the Ubiquiti APs come with a PoE injector so is there any point in getting a PoE switch?

I have a tendency of overbuying specs on products so it will be very easy for me to go from a £12.99 switch to an £80 one!  I just need a reality check on what I should buy! :)

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Snaps says...
"A bit big for a playhouse.
Outside office?

It's a junk room at the moment, I'm hoping to get a pool table in there but just haven't pulled the trigger yet, partly because I've got nowhere to put the junk!

I was lucky in that all down one side and the back there was already concrete posts with spare holes so I just needed to brace some timber either side with M10 bolts and the framework was there; only had to dig three post holes.  I had a quote (Essex) of 2800 to do one side and the small partition work which includes a gate.  I bought all the materials for the entire garden for 1700.

No need for bracing yet Bandi but when it starts to fall down in 3 months time I'll no doubt be using loads of those braces!!! :)

RE: Coping with the lockdown

So I took a few days off after the bank holiday and fenced my entire (~68m) back garden with my Dad.  The panels are 1.85m so we had to keep them at arms length while carrying them to keep our 2m! :)

I've now got 60 (2.4m) sleepers sitting on the front drive to make some raised flower beds and tree pots.  Managed to add a few new power tools to my collection this last week which pleases me. :)

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RE: [VIDEO] short films that are WWAW

My mate has just made his short film available on YouTube:

Vicky McClure is in it.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Is there anyway to check what is acceptable travel before you do it?  My wife and I plus two kids (4yrs & 10 months) have been in complete lockdown since we got back form Mexico 18th March.

We both work from home and it's been a nightmare but to make matters worse she's just pulled her back carrying the little one while trying to make a call.  She can't look after the kids now as she's pretty much immobile and I've still have to work (while I can!) as I don't get sick pay.  Is it essential to have my grandparents drive 300 miles to move in for 2 weeks to help out while her back recovers?  They've been completely self isolating too; this is a genuine situation not a hypothetical one.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Must admit I'm enjoying the lockdown for the most part! Just wish I didn't have minimum of 8 hours a day on the pc! Mrs goes back to work next week too after 9 months maternity so not sure how two kids and two of us working is going to work! 🤯

RE: Two unknown devices on my router...

That's a scary thought Alfie as if 5G can get into my home network the chances of me catching the covid-19 virus increase, like, 1024.5%!!!

RE: Two unknown devices on my router...

Tried the mac monster site on both IPs but nothing returned. I have identified one as my LG soundbar, forgot it was wifi and not just BT, which means I'm down to one! :)

Will look into Robee's suggestion next.

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Two unknown devices on my router...

So I was going through the devices connected to my router and I had 6 unknown devices.  I've managed to get this down to 2 by going through each room and switching off wireless cameras and using devices for speed tests etc... so they show up.

I've switched on devices in standby that aren't used often like my AMP and Sky Box but they have all now been accounted for.  I've literally walked through each room and identified every electrical device I can think of with a wifi connection.

Is it possible for a device to have two wifi connections i.e. backbone channel?

I can look at the client details and get the MAC addresses / IP ? signal strength etc... and manually pause their activity but it's killing me not knowing!

Any ideas?

I'm using Amplifi HD router with 2 mesh points.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Currently we are on a steeper 'death curve' than Italy

^ where did you read this? I thought we were similar to Italy but Sundays figures have them pulling ahead now...

(Why is mobile posting still so s***?!)

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

It would have been nicer if he wasn't standing there with his plastic bag with some Roquefort and a baguette sticking out!

Edit - tried to quote robee but it's difficult on your mobile!

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RE: Whats happened since you joined? 18 years today...

Joined on: Tuesday, 19th June 2001, 20:15

2001 - I was addicted to this site when I first joined at university. I think I was trying to hack a Sharp DVD player but ended up selling it and buying a supermarket wharfedale that could be remote hacked! Played everything you chucked at it!

I graduated in 2001, worked for 6 years, went travelling for 12 months, contracted for 10 years so changed jobs a few times. Married with two children now. Scary that it's been 18+ years on here!

That reminds me I better change my password! 😁

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

What did everyone think of E05?

It just seemed a bit rushed to me, not much depth to the episode, just a very simple/basic obvious plot that didn't really progress the story arc - apart from the last 10 seconds where the unknown person kneels down.  I loved the previous 4, just felt a bit 'meh' when that one finished.

Printer -

I very rarely use my printer but when I do 95% of the time it's for a B&W print.  Is it worth me therefore just buying a cheap laser printer?  Do any printers come as B&W only nowadays?!  My last HP died on me when the print head went after just over a year.  I honestly think it was because the ink dried up in the print head due to how little I use it.

I was just going to go out and buy a new £24.99 printer as it's cheaper than getting new colour cartridges but it pains me to be this wasteful!

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RE: How much tax would you pay if you earned £100k?

Robee J Shepherd says...
"doing effectively a single job that should really be PAYE"

In my area, and lots of others, that's not the case.  I work in Change & Transformation, in particular payments for banks.  I work on fixed term regulatory projects that the FCA/CMA etc... want implemented by certain dates.  I go into bank and deliver for that project then at the end of it I'm done.  The bank don't have the resources to staff a one off project like this so need to bring in consultancy firms (huge costs) or self employed skilled workers.  In my 10 years I've worked on 7 different fixed term projects.

On the flip side to this, you have some plumber who is self employed to Pimlico, has worked there for 20 years, can't work for any other company other than Pimlico and has a Pimlico branded van.  They are basically a Pimlico Plumber but Pimlico don't want to pay the pension/employers NI/sick days/holidays so they use this arrangement to reduce their liabilities.

Unfortunately HMRC, like the inept organisation they are, have rushed through some blanket rules to catch everyone by scaring large private companies into potential huge tax bills if they continue to hire contractors.  They implemented this a few years ago in the public sector and they are already seeing huge negative impacts on the NHS as they can't get the skilled workers they need as they don't have the flexibility.

So yes, much to my annoyance.

Labour have actually said they'll scrap IR35 but it's not in the draft manifesto yet so worthless words at the moment.

RE: How much tax would you pay if you earned £100k?

I've been contracting for 10 years in IT and I'm now facing the prospect of going PAYE with the large bank I'm contracted to, due to this IR35 ruling that HMRC just can't seem to implement correctly. It's a tough pill to swallow after 10 years I tell you, especially as I'll be paying the employer and employee contributions.

So if you were to gross 100k and put it in "listen to the tax man" website then with student loan payments you'd take home ~£55,600 (44.5% off takes). If you add on the fact I'd have to pay NI employers contribution on top of my own contributions then that would be another 13% - so close to 58% off takes!

You work in IT Rob and most likely work through a Limited company. I don't think the Isle of Wight is quite like the Isle of Man for taxes but I'd bet the reason you were grouping yourself with the people who will never earn 100k is more to do with the way you pay yourself then what HMRC say you personally earn on paper...

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RE: Halloween 2019

Is that music just on the video or did you have it belting out all night?

That's a good effort, was that communal then if you're in a gated area or just for your place?

RE: Tidying up photo backups...

So I was doing a file comparison match which was good enough for me, that's free.

They do an audio and picture match which allows you to match pictures that are similar, as opposed to the file hash value.

Probably good for thinning out those times you take 6 photos of the same thing just to get one good shot.

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RE: Tidying up photo backups...

The free version of that software was great Rob - thank you

I've deleted over 100GB of duplicates!  Crazy how folders get copied moved and duplicated across external drives then brought back together and possibly copied again!

It takes some nerve to say yes to deleting 8000+ photos in one go!

9 was the most times a photo was duplicated, it was a rubbish photo too! :D

Thanks again

RE: Tidying up photo backups...

You've summed up my problem nicely admars! :D