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RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

Close Encounters & El Mariachi/Desperado (buy 1, get 1 free) at HMV. I prefer not to give them my money but it was pretty good offer and they caught me at a weak moment.

"fantastic hearing, my arse. he`s deaf as well, you know"

RE: Apology to Bargain Forum Regulars

Dan, Clayts,

You might as well, "clean up" Close Encounters and Blue Cribbin Dobbler
threads. They`re just full of rubbish.

A Username Amnesty (I know it`s not possible) would be interesting too, it`s obvious people here are using 3 or 4 of them each just to stir up trouble.

RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

I don`t know yet, warbler, it`s on pre-order, out on 8th August. Should be great though from the reviews.

RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

The Complete Anna Nicole Smith from Play £11.99

RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

Seven, HMV £9.99 + postage
Delivered, through the letterbox the day after I ordered it.

FANTASTIC SERVICE, bit dissapointed with the movie though,
extras were a bit boring too!

Ah well never mind, we live and learn!

RE: Bit of Fun????????

Don`t be ridiculous!

As if Clayts would be seen in a pub, although I suppose he could take a laptop and mobile.

Some poeple die if disconnected from the web for too long!

Anyway if Dan was there I wouldn`t mind cos I think he`s great!

RE: Britannia


Can`t believe you got suckered into joining Britannia, how do you expect us to take your advice seriously from now on!

I think it may be time to step down! and move on.

RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

What a great idea for a thread,

I bought Spy Kids, its the best DVD Ive ever bought.

Just ordered `Deep Throat III` but I`d best not talk about
it on this site.

RE: Top 5?

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

Thought that would be a great disk from what everyone said, and my
distant memory of the film, but boy was I dissappointed.

What a load of old Rubbish, I think I may use the disk as a coaster as
its not going anywhere near my DVD player again.

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RE: movies you like which no-one else does...

Flippin eck tychobear !

Don`t know whats worse, your little story or the film?

RE: Whats the last DVD everyone bought?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

What a great movie!

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RE: What`s the most boring topic for a thread anyone can think of?

Pity you`re leaving Kid, perhaps we could have had an interesting discussion about irony, and the inability to see a wind up when it arrives.