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RE: Star Wars Episode 2 - first review!

He did spread the word about those 2 films, and others, which is the reason why magazines such as empire covered them so much. He helps create the `buzz` for lesser known films, and gets good news scoopes, (sometimes), which can only be a good thing.

RE: Star Wars Episode 2 - first review!

Yeah, I wasn`t a huge fan of blair witch, (boring and not scary),
but the gems, such as pitch black and ginger snaps, outway the dross.

RE: Star Wars Episode 2 - first review!

yeah, he`s large, he is also influential.
He helped kill Batman and Robin, a valuable service to society, and spread the word about films like Blair Witch and Pitch Black. People from all over the world send him reviews about films the readers wouldn`t otherwise see.
The bottom line is, he saw Episode 2 before anyone else, including you guys.
a touch of envy, perhaps ?

RE: ooops...

yeah mike`s `the man`...the man you can count on to spout pretentious vague nonsense, who needs to learn how to ENJOY a film.
Raging Bull is one of my, and 99% of film lovers, favourite films.

RE: Black Hawk Down - Just too `American`!!!

don`t watch the channel 5 sports, but CSI (crime scene investigation ) is quality TV. The only fault is oversentimentality, which is rare. That programme is relevant anywhere in the world.
And it`s by bruckenheimer !!!

Schwarzenegger`s back in Collateral Damage !!!

Open`s UK March 1st :

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RE: Egg chasers - who will win Six Nations this year then ?

rugbly league is not proper rugby, their too wimpy to have a proper scrum !!!


I suggest you drive yourself off the nearest cliff.

RE: Black Hawk Down - Just too `American`!!!

Errr mike I think you`ve lost the plot.

From what I`ve read, and after seeing the film, the film makers were concentrating on the battle only. It is about the soldiers only. I would have liked it to go into more detail about the political background, but it shows the hell the soldiers go through, and how the government must be 100% sure of the objective, and must support the soldiers 100%, i.e. not pulling them out to make them feel as though they fought for nothing.
As Ridley Scott sais, the film is`pro-soldier`. It doesn`t contain any flagwaving, in fact it is critical of the military superiors for bad planning.

Your view is the kind of knee-jerk anti-american stance we could do without.

RE: black hawk down vs saving private ryan

Hey grifter, you`re wrong on many points.
As stated by the book and by veterans, the mssion was not to get Aidid, rather 2 of his lieutenants. They succeeded in this aim, it was only a few months later, not 4 days, that Clinton withdrew the troops and handed back the Somalis. This had nothing to do with the soldiers, who are only following orders. The soldiers are the focus of the movie, and their courage in the face of the overwhelming odds caused by the intelligence blunders of their superiors.

RE: Cheapest Heat Special Edition ?

I also love this film, but the dvdtimes review states it is pretty much the same as the region 1 disc but with DTS as well. Not 2-discs, and no extras apart from the 3 trailers. I wouldn`t shell out £30 for it !!!

RE: The Video Tape is a Fake (Osama Bin Laden) !!!!!!!!!!!

hnba 2000, `zionist jews` ?!!!! Are you in league with with the towelheads ?
are you one yourself ?

RE: Fox 5 Star Special Editions

And Predator as well , region 2 before region 1 !!!!!
Check out


I think I`ll try Curry`s, but only if they have a basic grasp of latin, and remember to SMELL MY CHEESE !!!!

another plane crash in New York

This time in Queens, about 14:45

RE: DVD Recording

just out of interest why are you recording from DVD to video ?
Doecn`t that defeat the object of having a DVD player ?

RE: Anyone seen .......Star Wars Episode 2 Trailer yet - POSSIBLE SPOILER?

Well Lee is a master at fencing, so his technique should be okay. By all accounts he is still in great shape. For an eighty year old.

RE: Anyone seen .......Star Wars Episode 2 Trailer yet?

Yes, I recorded it on NewsRound yesterday.
Overall, very impressed. It looks darker than TPM, more old style Str Wars. However, this was just a teaser trailer, so the film might still be crap. Remember how the first trailers were so good ?
Oh and Jar Jar is in the background of one shot, you have to really look for him. Which is good.

Star Wars Episode 2 Teaser Trailer on TV, ok I`ve just seen the other posting !!!

The `Darth Vader breathing` teaser trailer is showing this evening, monday nov 5th at the end of Newsround, on BBC 1. Apparently Jar Jar isn`t in it at all, so it might be worth watching.

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RE: We knows whats best, but whats your worst ?

Yes Uni Sol 2 was a abonimation. Even Van Damme hates it.
However, I love all the other films on your list.
Traffic was fantastic, absorbing film making.
Mcools was hilarious !!!

RE: Problems Contacting Play247

Yes it seems there is a problem with some region 2 discs. My account says that my 2 hong kong legends discs were posted on the 12th October, but they have not arrived. When I spoke to an operator today , they said that the discs are in `transit` and should arrive in a couple of days. We`ll see.
On the other hand, 2 region 2 discs arrived last friday on time.
Keep phoning, you will get through eventually. After 4 or 5 engaged tones, it will start ringing, then you will have to wait a couple of minutes to speak to an operator.
Region 1 is arriving no problems. EG Swordfish.


A slick action thriller from the Matrix school of film making. Travolta is in it for the money as usual but is entertaining, wolverine makes a good hero, and as for Halle Berry...
A lot better than Gone in 60 seconds, but not as good as The Rock. And the computer talk is gobbledegook if you`re not into that stuff.
Very good picture and audio.
A solid action thriller, but not a classic. Rent before you buy, in my opinion. Of course that means you would be waiting for months, so find a mate who`s bought it.

RE: not delivering?!!!

yeah i`ve been waiting a week for some hong kong legends titles.
not on.

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I thought it was hilarious, especially eddie murphy as the donkey.
It takes the p*** out of fairy tales, a bit like a cartoon version of the Princess Bride.

RE: Is it me? Or a Phantom Menace?

well the picture looks pretty good on my 6 foot wide screen.
But the movie is poorly paced, woodenly acted apart from Maul, Palaptine and the jedis. Also, the other bad guys, the Thais, weren`t bad enough.
But I think only at about Return of the Jedi, with the ewoks, did he go all kiddy.
The empire strikes back is NOT a kids film, Luke gets his hand cut off,for Christs sake.
Episode 2 should be better because there won`t be many kids in it. A film for kids does not necessarily have to contain kids.

RE: Where is this going to end?

The bombing will end soon because their isn`t much left to hit, and because all the objectives hopefully have been fulfilled, i.e. gain control of airspace so that the spy planes can look for Bin Laden.

RE: Where is this going to end?

nuclear weapons?
do you honestly think it will come to that ?
That would definitely alienate the muslim world, and most of the west.
Remember pakistan has nuclear weapons, if the hardliners gain control of that country, then things will go down hill.
Don`t forget Saudi Aabia. Bin Laden longs to return to his homeland and overthrow the Royal Family. As he has a lot of hardline support there, it is a conceivable outcome. This would be a disastrous, as the West cannot live without the oil from Saudi arabia.
The best outcome would be if the Northern Alliance, or other Afgan forces found Bin Laden. The West needs to use bribery as well as Force, as the very intelligent Powell has recognised. Turn his men against him.
A Palestine state would help matters, but achieved through negotiation, not terrorism. But Bin Laden is just using that cause to gain legitimacy.
As for Afghanistan, they have been at war in some form or another for 22 years, perhaps the prospect of western economic aid and the overthrow of the Taliban could provide a unifying force ?

RE: What happens if.......

lucasfilm would take over the release. maybe you should get more...

RE: What are your Top Five Favourite Dvd`s Of All Time

very hard to choose, but hear goes.

1. Terminator 2: ultimate edition.

2.Fight club edition.


5:Lawrence of Arabia.

studios consider scrapping widescreen DVD`s

okay some potentially bad news. Over at hometheatreforum, they report that at some studio event, the major studios said that retailers such as wal-mart, a big american retailer, bit like Tesco`s, are getting numerous complaints about `the black bars` on DVDs, and are threatening not to stock widescreen DVDs, only pan-and-scan.
So it seems that the studios are stuck between pleasing the home cinema fans and the evergrowing, and more numerous, average viewer.
At this stage it seems as though the Disney titles are most likely to be affected, but even so this does not bode well.