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RE: Olivia Newton John has died at 73

I remember her lovely voice and her
delicate beauty but I laugh so hard
When she sang Let’s get Physical lol,
Rest lovely Angel

RE: It what’s Next??

Thank you SJ for the google search,
I don’t know who he is but thanks to you
Now I know, but why dislike him?

RE: It what’s Next??

Hi SJ , Omgggg Did I misread something wrong again lol .., btw who is Robbie Williams?

RE: It what’s Next??

Thank you Marksparks , just read a bit of your profile just because I don’t remember a few
because of all the drama with my health
issues I missed all your chats lately, Mark how can you dislike Robin Williams I really
liked him as an actor n comedian, I think I
agree about Brad Pitt sadly in the other hand
He is a good looking man I must say.., have you seen him Once Upon a time in Hollywood, give it a shot you might like it. Again thank you
I too keeping me fingers crossed 🤞, waiting for results, thank you all ladies n gents.

It what’s Next??

I know here we report what’s in the news ,
What’s going on in the world n so forth.
Well I have news but nothing to do with
World wide or Youtube or films,
Tomorrow morning at 5:30 am going to
hospital on the 4th floor to have surgery.
Having some of my bit’s removed to find
Out if its cancer. Well Ladies n Gents
Wish me luck a little prayer be nice,
Hope to hear from you byee👩🏻‍🦳

RE: [VIDEO] My Chess Set (well nearly)

I wish my hubby would teach me to play chess. It
looks complicated. , is it? That would explain
why he hasn’t bother, lol.

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

So far no thank god, we both hubby n I
Wear our masks no matter where we go.
Plus we still cleanse n sterile our hands
And make quick visits for food supplies
And sterilization on certain things.
Sadly we keep distance from friends n
Neighbors we heard some continuing keep getting illbut say it’s not covid.

RE: Craig, Daniel Craig

I do like alot Daniel Craig excellent!!!

RE: Craig, Daniel Craig

Goldfinger sung Shirley Bassey that was my
First James Bond boy he was hot!!!!🥰
That was my first Spy flick played by one and
Only Sean Connery🌹

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RE: Trial Depp n Ex

Yes Mr Depp lost in England because
your judge heard enough to say he is
Guilty , his acting maybe better than
Amber , maybe that makes him a
better liar , lol. He has more experience,
In drinking, taking drugs, pretending
being sweet one minute n the next his
Inner monster takes over and that’s what
his fans loves.., sadly no accounting in
Good taste!
Funny I started this topic and one says
We got better things to discuss
Yet not bad turnout 🤓

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RE: Trial Depp n Ex

Most likely he will drank n plus to that..,
Until his next victim

RE: Trial Depp n Ex

I am waiting patiently to hear back from the
Jury’s verdict. I don’t know who to be-
lieve , it’s bad either way you look at it.
If he is lying he fooled everyone including
his fans. ,, If she lie she made it bad for
real abused women to be believed.
Or maybe this should be in a private setting
like England court did and have a Judge
handle it , which I heard Johnny Depp lost
And found by the Judge he is guilty. And thats
why he issue this trial in America.

Trial Depp n Ex

I heard that Johnny Depp was found guilty in your English court . Now his new trial
I watch totally glue watching it. Today they

had their closing, it was better well done
but I don’t know which way it’s going.
We don’t get to see the jurors at all, they left
and will return on Tuesday , they get a three day holiday account Memorial Day on Monday.
Oh btw who do you think is going to win?

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RE: RIP Ray Liotta

Cannot believe it, sad 😞 I guess we don’t know cause of death?

RE: The Oscars

I said it was a bad joke but not so the man deserve to get slap so-hard. Plus she was laughing when Will slapped him, Not the place for that. The biggest insult to a comedian is to sit there and not laugh, Will n his nasty wife should of left
when asked to leave.

RE: The Oscars

True the GI Jane not a good joke but not an insult-
sulting one either I thought GI Jane was a powering character so why did Will’s wife got upset? GI Jane was strong powerful n determined person, not a bad thing Jada, you certainly didnget it at all!

RE: [VIDEO] The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

That would explain what he was up to .lol

RE: RIP William Hurt

Yes I saw the news but they didn’t disclosed,
Said it was natural cause. Oddly I didn’t believe thats so I went on computer and search
further and read he was diagnosed few years ago
In May 2018, it was announced that Hurt had terminal prostate cancer that had already metastasized to the bones.[30] He died from complications of the disease . Don’t understand
how the news channel didn’t know that.

RE: [VIDEO] Law & Order is back 24th Feb

I had no idea you Brits like Law n Order.
Been watching for years here in New
Jersey. Best parts when it starts can’t miss
that. Oddly can’t seem it throws me off if I miss
the starting bit., to piece everything.
Excellent cast of actors.

RE: Marry Me

Thank you J Canth , the only way to learn is asked questions 😉

RE: Marry Me

WWAW means ? I saw Lopez on the View
On channel 7 which is live panel of ladies
Interviews political news n celebrities
and everyday topics. She is very smart Lady
And I notice no one on the panel avoided
questions on Ben Affleck . Jlo only spoke
About herself and het films. Like I said
smart lady.😉

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RE: Ever go on Facebook

Cool 😎 that’s great but for me lol it would be at the senior center and now with this
Pandemic cannot go there I use to go a couple yrs ago for knitting but now I feel like going for art,
Painting . But can’t now hubby is recovering from heart attack so we staying in , but we keep busy
and taking care n just laying low., I just wish
We could travel but now until we get doctor’s approval.

RE: Ever go on Facebook

Well I have not enter Facebook but I messenger and I got a text from a lady who I use to work with in a bakery That was a nice surprise to hear from her. That was one nice thing.😋

Ever go on Facebook

My daughter ask me why did I remove
Facebook cause I liked it but sometimes
I got creep off from some people
Some kept following me , creepy.
After I told my daughter she told me I could
Blocked them off , so I waited about 2months,
I signed back up with Facebook , terrific.
Same assholes different faces , shut it off again.
So has anyone ever been creep off.?

RE: [VIDEO] Suspicion

I wonder if it will go on regular cable
channels, with all the money I paid for the cable
service you would think they would knock off
some of those old sitcoms and add newer
Films .

RE: RIP: Sidney Poitier: Hollywood star dies aged 94

Yes Sidney rest with peaceful love

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I got all vaccines , the second shot I felt fatgue and sooo tired hubby was watching over me, six months later which was October left arm
Was very heavy n sored other than that I felt great.
Getting all three shots doesn’t prevent
Getting covid , you won’t die , most of the
people who are in hospital n dying are the ones not vaccinated , that didn’t believe in getting
vaccinated. So be happy n wear masks n wash hands n shower a lot .Me skin getting a bit dried.🤓

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RE: What Christmas movie will you be watching today ?

We watched your previous Ambassador Shelley Temple Black when she was a little girl actress singing and tapping, it was a marithon
Special all her films , she was sooo cute!

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RE: Hey Merry Christmas

Happy New Year from New Jersey USA