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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

I want to say something but I cannot only because
I will get a damn headache over that
Idiot!!!! I have 😶 no words

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Hi 👋 I see our news travels Sadly what
Went on last night entertain the world
how stupid and a liar is our President,
I am so sad what went on last night was so demeaning, and disgusting,
This same thing happened to Hillary Clinton
And thats How he became President with this horrible behavior of that Man called Trump!
Pray for us and the United States.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Oh Si or Robee can you help me post photos here. Now be simple you know how slow I am 🤓

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi there, just wanted to say hello and touch base.
Well it’s scary now so many are working
as you mentioned but as long there isn’t a vaccine
It’s dangerous sadly learned three old friends have
died due to virus I am very sad .For one of the first timed she kept her boys home on virtual learning at home. But I think they will eventually
break out n go socializing and I cannot have them
Come to visit us due to our age. I think now that my daughter finished with her surgery. She won’t need us. You know how some famlies operate.

RE: [VIDEO] Earthquake

Oh that was cool!! But that tops it but nothing
like that happen in New Jersey, lol!!!
Well off to bake this cool cake called
Plum cake, but with a twist to it wish me luck,


Ok ok don’t laugh friends yes New
Jersey USA felt a 2.1 or 3.1 from various
areas in New Jersey and as far Pennsylvania
To north Jersey .
But what really bothers me I was up in my
bathroom and I didn’t feel a damn thing.
Yet there were people in my area saying ohhh
I felt that their dogs were barking.
I cannot believe it!!!Go figure🙆🏼‍♀️

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

Totally agree a shocking year of sadness.
But at least we are here to talk about it.
Miss you all👩🏻‍🦳

RE: No Power due toWeather

Its 6 am now just got up again ,
No Power!
I mention to hubby are we going to purchase
A generator he says its not too often it happens here! I wanted to scream no I held it in
like a good wifey😡. Now I like to know what
kind of cafe am I going to have? Thank
God I have gas cook top. But maybe I should make it weak to keep calm.Oh years ago
it took us about 6years to have all the trees chopped off. Don’t get me wrong I like trees
but at a distance because our first years
we got a biggest rude awakening
In the Fall season raking leaves like three or four
Huge lawn bags full. 😡!! So thats what happens
To newly city homeowners. I replace trees for shrubs n flowers . It looks lovely.🥰
We are ok but I wish I was in my England😔

No Power due toWeather

Hi it’s Brooky reporting from New Jersey,USA.
Well it happened yesterday warning
Tornado warning high winds hard rain
plus high humidity wewere told to go the
lowest partof your home to take cover, so
we did that’s my husband n I. We brought
In all loose pot of plants n some garden furnishings.At that time it started winds n rain
It got so dark, I was a bit nervous but we
still had electical power.So we sat to watch
Tv and tune weather channel.after a while
Started to watch a film towards the end
lights started to flicker on n off, puff power
Off😡.after a while it came back on even
When the storm was at it’s peak we sat and watched another film.Rain stop wind calm
Down sun came out so pretty n bright, film
was getting interesting we both looked at
each other ready to comment on the film
like oh this is getting interesting
Puff Puff gone No Power no tv we both
laugh your kidding,what the hell just when
Everything calmed down,,,no way!!!!
So we sat n had lunch after a longwhile
Daughter called inquiring you still don’t have Power yes Emilyyyyy we done! Now your
Reading its 2:53am Wednesday no Power!
We heard maybe later or maybe in a
few days!!!!😡

RE: Quick reminder folks...

I think I just walk into something that happened
Here or in your country. Can someone fill
me in please.

RE: How old do you feel!

How old do I feel ? Well on a good day
I feel like I’m in my Thirdies!!! But since
The coronavirus being home bound and
Not socializing I get sad n depressed feel
like 80 yrs old. But I truly tried my best
to snap out of it. Time is flying can’t
believe Brad Pitt is 56 years old., I’m

RE: Update on Vaccine

Oh you and my hubby have the corona- haircut
Lol but he looks ok better clean up than
looking like I need a hair cut so bad. I took
My time cutting, its been years since I last cut his hair. Now I need to get my ends trim.
I had dental appointments which the dentist
had canceled so they call to reschedule
but first wanted for me to get tested . Obviously
I understand but I rather wait for the vaccine protection.

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Update on Vaccine

I was watching CNN this afternoon and
Saw Anthony Fauci talking about
what we should do and about vaccines
Updates we should have a vaccine about
The end of this year or the beginning of New Year
And to continue no socializing and wear masks.
Telling when you don’t follow these safety
Steps , As you hear the numbers of the spread
Will climb in high number like Texas and Florida and Arizona high numbers.
When you disregard safety measures
People will get sick n some will died.
How are you my friends in the Uk?

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Rob I try to watch but I’m out of the
area. I was curious 😦

RE: Your State of Mind

Thank you Mark I have but friends and family
Oh look look on whats on the tv you have
To tune in on the tv news or CNN. I am just not
going to say a word to no one. Today appears to
look lovely weather will do some gardening. Later give myself a facial, seems wearing the masks on cause some skin breaks outs.
A lady must keep whats left in tip top
shape., you Brits say ! Tata thank you

RE: Your State of Mind

Hi thank you all for responding, I will take
advices, I have a habit of feeling empathy
With what’s on the news with deaths due
To coronavirus and tears seeing that man
Saying I can’t breath dying in front of us
and the policemen not moving his knee away
I cried out loud ohhh no he killed him.
So much sadness and destruction.
Wish all this will stop.

RE: Your State of Mind

I do agree totally agree with you, but
I do my best because to show to my family
this will pass and life goes on. But when
Your going through this hard time and
Your damn if you do or not and family
gets out of line You just want to disappear
And look at the sky while on a plane is
getting ready to land and you look to see
this new country your going to visit yet
I look with amazement and said I am home.
Am I truly home?

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Your State of Mind

I am just not sure what to feel anymore,
With being on lockdown , postpone my surgery,
my daughter getting stressed out her middle son scared
to go back to school And to top it off I cannot
get involved. Tired hearing the news with
Everything whats going on People being
so destructive and angry . Would it be selfish of me to wish I could just get away on vacation.But
no where to go because its all over so sad.
I am getting depressed

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi all today in my State of New Jersey
the count confirmed with coronavirus
In Ocean county which includes my area
Total confirm 9,041 total deaths:781
still nerve wrecking total as in the whole
State of New Jersey confirm:164,830
Deaths:12,252. And now they start to open some businesses,and no vaccine so far. I am
so worry for my grandkids and my daughter.
My prayers to all.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well been watching cable movies on our
large screen tv plus got to rent a film we
were going to watch at the theater just when
the shutdown took place, its with the actor
Oh damn can’t remember his name anyway
its called Ordinary Love it was a nice film
which my hubby said he was glad he didn’t spen
Tickets money on it , what he doesn’t
Know until he gets cable bill it cost Twenty dolla
Cause its a new film.😏
Oh the actor name is Neeson last name

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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Amar I see almost a resemblance of Robert de Niro in Taxi , the best thing about hair it grows
back. I cut me bangs ., it came out eh ok I guess.
But I was a bit nervous.

RE: [VIDEO] Little Richard has died

Alfie I thought he died years ago too,
we must be getting mixed up with
someone else.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Has anyone here was being treated by dentist,
Just before coronavirus out break and
My followups been postponed due the
Shutdown now being reschedule over n over
Now get this just before my appointment
I get a phone call they asked for my email
they want to email me a questioneer my medical
History and any new medical issues I said
Mail it but I had to reschedule my appt and
fill it out. I got it today just open it So many pages
Questions if I had symptoms of coronavirus
Or if I have been tested n results. I haven’t even called out sick since I have been going to them.
I am just overwhelmed.

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RE: Hello.

Helloooo there 42%er , how are you?..,
long time

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I am very sadden with what’s going on with coronavirus and I tune in the news just to know plus also to engaged with the latest news , praying for a anti virus shot.But not to sound off
Selfish but there are times I tune in to watch a reality court tv called Hot Bench, don’t
know if you see it in the UK but at times is very
good but everyday the Mayor or Governor
Of New York comes on to update information on
anything to do by this virus, at times it cuts i
So rudely interrupted I get upset cause it
happens everyday just when the trial is getting good ?...,well maybe i mignt get to see it on re-runs, maybe

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RE: Kim Jong Un dead?

Hi just heard it on CNN also not clear
yet . I am totally surprised 😮.Poor Trump
wonder if he will write him a get well letter.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Yes better safe than sorry. I am thinking of postponing my surgery altogether .Only
because which is worst if things go
Wrong and I catch that damn virus in
hospital. And my family gets it boy
tonight I am so depress right now.Can’t
Even think straight all I hear how many are dead
and more to died .No cure no protection for the kids.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

No new hobbies but thinking get back
On jewelry making like necklaces and maybe
Earrings. Been making homemade pizza’s,
homemade breads hubby loves.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I wore it also before it was order be for everyone to wear it in public.