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RE: Alexa

Is that true about listening to your own private conversations in my home?Reason why I asked thinking about getting one for hubby’s birthday gift? Has that been totally confirmed? I think I did asked my daughter about that and she said no really mom! Tell me all this way I don’t feel so ill informed.

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RE: Peter Rabbit

Hi Bandicoot, you disappeared , heard about the horrible fires in Australia, hope you and your family are ok. And thank you getting the usa Date for Peter Rabbit.
Love ❤️ the first one, hope the second one is just as good or even better!

RE: Peter Rabbit

When ? This year ? In America???

RE: [VIDEO] Multi tasking

Lovely talented young lady , nice to be young, no no I’m not bitter being my age, Just it goes so fast time I mean.No regrets
Well maybe one or two but none I cannot
speak badly about.I miss working at times. I only speak here and don’t muliti task well with housework 👩🏻‍🦳

The Latest Update

Well had a few more tests done like an Upper GI and ultra sound today abdomin and liver measurements, few more tests and evaluations , heard most likely surgery will be sometime in June , Well trying to adjust all of this and hope everything works out. I just hope I will make it to 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England , you know I truly
want to go there.Anyway thats my update .
Goodnight off to bed.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

Yes I have notice I think 🤔 for what I notice in the British awards one night it’s
A more serious award ceremony and maybe the Americans wanted to make some changes or testing to see their ratings and see what happens as far as opinions.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

😂 oh please I am not deaf , but my left ear 👂 has a ringing thing going on for years lol omg 😳 I would look like that after two hours reading subtitles and trying to keep up with the actors movements.

RE: Bush fire hell in Australia

Sorry my grandson click on dislike a teenager being rude sorry Rob

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

I wanted 1917 to win 😩, and I won’t
Sit and read subtitle for two hours missing the actors action plus me just listening n relaxing the damn flick ! Not my ideal of going to the movies , ok ok maybe I’m just getting old👩🏻‍🦳

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RE: Kirk Douglas 103 and out

I just hope it wasn’t him , being her sister Lana didn’t mention his name years ago , although maybe she has to consider
what her mother told her sister to keep it a secret. I will still watch his films and Natalie’s, but not Mr Wagner’s!!!

RE: Kirk Douglas 103 and out

Oh dear this is news I hadn’t heard about.
Now thats sad for her mother to tell her daughter not to say anything about it. And how it affected her in so many levels,I am so sorry for her, how things were done. I liked Kirk Douglas now I am having second thoughts.

RE: Kirk Douglas 103 and out

What about Natalie Wood? What happened? I hate when I missed something. Hey Kirk lived good real good so wicked☺️

RE: Hello again :-)

Skirpy I shall pray to my Saint Anthony
Of Padua to assist you to your new career 👍. It might take a bid time but keep positive.

RE: The Trump Presidency

Oh Pete I am not surprised since Hillary
lost to that Creepy Idiot!!! I don’t think
voting is out for me.And me being look
down by those idiots, being from Spanish
family, and we all know how he loves us.Can’t understand why theysent me that rubbish in the mail , expecting me to support him Realllly!!!!👎

RE: Hello again :-)

Oh dear are you entitled to take some personal days off ? Or hire an assistant to pick up some of their slack which can give yourself more time to concentrate in the more important things? I don’t know
what you do exactly , but it sounds like it
could get somewhat stressful. I use to work in bakery stressful n hard on your body. I found after work excercise and a shower and nap refresh me. Good luck

RE: Hello again :-)

Go on love to hear all that drama, tired
hearing about Trump and Harvey Weinstein . Its been a long time since we heard from you.😀

RE: The Trump Presidency

Damn damndamn I am so totally p***ed I wish I could just walk into that so call impeachment trial and show them this illegal piece of paper to those Republicans and read to them what disgusting garbage I got in my mail!!!! Which of all my years in this world I never ever got this from Any Presidents!!!

This item was edited on Monday, 3rd February 2020, 23:15

RE: The Trump Presidency

Well Peter I just got that letter from RNC and one of my friends call their 800 phone number and it says to fill it out immediately , I rather not but who could put a stop to this ?

RE: The Trump Presidency

Read this: RNC Fundraises With Fake ‘Census’
Lachlan Markay
Updated May. 02, 2019 12:09PM ET
Published May. 02, 2019 11:39AM ET

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos Getty
Welcome to Pay Dirt—exclusive reporting and research from The Daily Beast’s Lachlan Markay on corruption, campaign finance, and influence-peddling in the nation’s capital. For Beast Inside members only.

The Republican Party is fundraising off the 2020 census—by pretending to conduct its own “census” that aims to dupe people into contributing. An "imitation census" mailer from the Republican National Committee solicits money for President Trump's reelection. (Montana Department of Commerce)
An "imitation census" mailer from the Republican National Committee solicits money for President Trump's reelection. (Montana Department of Commerce)

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RE: The Trump Presidency

Ok listen to this we were out visiting friends over the weekend got home late last night me hubby went to get the mail , and he hand me a letter addressed to me. I am sooo odd with this letter.That I just couldn’t believe for my eyes what I read.
Hey I am not kidding about this. I wish someone here could show me how to copy n paste it here. Oh maybe I shouldn’t. ?? But I google it about this letter and I am not alone , so how can I use the one I google n show you ?

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RE: The latest news

You gents are soooo wicked Really!!!
Btw I just could imagine how you were in school in your youth. But do take what I said checking your blood count for your iron levels , it could happen at any age., Seriously.

This item was edited on Sunday, 26th January 2020, 01:13

RE: The latest news

Thanks a lot Robee 😝, Now I remember I wanted to ask you Robee I haven’t I know I don’t come here as often as before I asked you about someone here before I haven’t seen here for a while
but I did not remember his name but now I am less stressed he is from Australia I think Bandicoot was his name here? He ok?

The latest news

Hello everyone been so occupied with my health n doctors episodes. Well I was in the dark not knowing what was going on with my body , all I felt like a very old lady out of breath who ate alot of crush ice , had tummy aches and felt weak n sleepy during the day n up at night. , couldn’t stand the sun at all , mention to all my doctors . Their respond was go to sleep at night your blood work says your good on paper😮, Well went to a new Doctor order a huge order of blood work .Well the following day he got a call from the lab and the doctor call me to rush to hospital ER Sat. So I got ready n went got a transfusion of blood stayed over following day Iron infusion . Went home
following 5 weeks as out patient getting5 more Iron infusions. Turns out my body wasn’t absorbing iron, which occurs to some people. What bothers me none of the other tests didn’t catch it. So letting you all get your blood count check, I was lucky got caught or else I would be dead.

RE: [VIDEO] 1917

Saw it on Saturday very well done, sadly it put you there going thru every step those solders mission. I felt so sad afterwards.🌺

RE: Harry & Meghan stepping back from being 'Major Royals'

But Getting back to Princess Diana I
do recall an interview she did saying about predicting her death would appear like an accident and she was accusing her ex Prince Charles and the few times he verbally threatened her. But with Meghan ok she is 1/2 black but also white what is the big deal? It doesn’t bother her hubby or the Queen , So for those Idiots Snap out of it!!! Get a life!!!or a damn hobby!!!

This item was edited on Friday, 10th January 2020, 04:14

RE: Harry & Meghan stepping back from being 'Major Royals'

Why this change? Did I missed something someone said or did? Sorry
It’s hard keeping up with all the news, I
thought Megan and the Prince are happy,
did something happened for them to make this move ?

RE: [VIDEO] Dracula

Oh it has a sense of humour😃

RE: Happy New Year

Happy New Year all everyone here and the ones use to be here 💋💋💋💋

RE: Whats happened since you joined? 18 years today...

Well I know I have been here longer than my profile says because I had issues getting back in here for some odd reason.
But since I have been here had had two jobs , became a Nana of three boys, been to Florida , went to Disney World , voted for the first time and lost to Trump!!! Had two surgeries headed for a third one in the new year, Enjoy coming here👩🏻‍🦳

New Year Wishes

My wish for the New Year that my friends from years til now could be better than ever great friends coming here to chat a bit because time is getting shorter for some of us. In other words forgive and be friends and have a good time.
Plus wish for a good President and
World peace ☮️ And most of all a toast
To good health to all.🌹💋