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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

But what about Prince Phillip??

RE: Easter Day

Well feeling a bit better just my insides feel a bit sored, I never felt this way after an Endoscopy, they said this Endo-flip was a bit agress-
ive in more ways . Can you believe I had
the is procedure this passed Monday and
Only this evening my surgeon called me
to tell me he hasn’t received the results
yet but he slip and said Well it wasn’t a non-
bleeder hernia , How did he know if he didn’t
Get results eh?? Any way he told me to
Schedule a morning next Friday!! Ehhh
It’s is only day he isn’t in surgery.
Again I wait🤕 Yes again to wait for a morning appointment and find out what he has
Plans for my gut n hernia . Has anyone
here ever had a stomach n hernia surgery?.

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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

Was Prince Phillip well liked? Just wonder I
I myself never heard much about the royals,
Only Queen Elizabeth very shy n reserved.

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RE: Easter Day

At times Mark I do miss working, but
with this pandemic no! I use to have two different jobs one as a cake decorator and second
In hospital as a medical tech in the -
Emergency dept , I feel bad I couldn’t
be out there , My family its time to retired plus

I have health issues, yes I heard from
My old friends from hospital some have
passed on catching the virus, some left
their jobs because in the beginning things
Got so rough seeinging this nightmare
take over so fast and hearing our stupid bad
President we had for 4 years just gave us little faith in humanity. But now we have new President
And serveral vaccines to save more lifes praying
for better things to come.

RE: Easter Day

Oh hi Mark thank you for responding, Home recovering from procedure, did not
like it at all plus hubby wasn’t allowed
in hospital due to pandemic,it was a bit
nerve racking but made it thru, Wonder
what are results . I guess I will get results
soon enough.So how was your Easter?

Easter Day

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Day.
We had a good day, we had an early day
Because Hubby n I are going to get up very early
Going to hospital Appointment at 6:am
For Endonscopy flip its a more envolve
Procedure to hiatus hernia is located , same day out patient but nerve racking. Say me a prayer
Friends please, Wish I could have a drink
But hubby said No! Oh well its going to be a long
nigjht. Byeee

RE: Vaccines Part 2

Well I say congrats to you !!! I felt that
Just this past Sunday when I got my second shot
But when I was told I most likely after 3 or 4 months I might need to get another shot
I was surprised. I did this because I am way
Passed due to get my hiatal hernia surgery
Plus stomach surgery I have so much fear
Because its causing bleeding eternally for over 2 yrs and made me anemic. , which I needed
Transfusions and iron infusions. In a week in a half will have a procedure to
location ,flipo endoscopy . Wish me luck.and after two weeks later hiatal hernia n stomach surgery.
I asked Doctor what cause all this Doctor
Said he read my history and my jobs I had,
Heavy lifting plus stomach issues built up
Acid reflux plus scar tissues, whoopee!!
Very nervous ! Bye friends wish me luck!

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Vaccines Part 2

Hi friends had to open Vaccines part 2
notice no one was going back to first
one Vaccines, Anyway questions
I asked the person gave me second shot
How long will this shot protect me ? Months or one year like a flu shot? His respond was 3 to 4 months , they still working on it! I said to myself
Does this mean I gotta stand on line again?
Oh come as you are thing!? Please say what you heard?

RE: Vaccines

Good evening it’s actually midnight here your
It’s morning for you, well finally got second
Shot of vaccine , oddly this shot got a delayed
Reaction fatigue , headache bad attitude
Like leave me alone.stayed alone all day, as evening approached I felt a bit better. Now friends
When you got your shots did they tell you
How long the vaccine will protect you?
The one I got I was told it will last 3 to 4
months. Does that mean I have to get on
A Line again ? Ohhhh nooo!

RE: Vaccines

I can’t hardly wait for the second shot
This Sunday on 21th. I just hope this nightmare
Is over. For the whole world , I keep praying
That some people really change their minds and
Get their shots n wear their masks. I might
Have to get bigger candles and pray harder.
It’s a bit cold here gotta raise the heater on.
Good night 😘


Hello friends, how are you all , wondering
If the distribution of the vaccines working
out well there? Here in New Jersey finally
Getting some positive news for some.
It took my daughter getting up at 5 am
Sitting in front pc and dialing CvS Pharmacy
To find one and to schedule appts for whole
Family. Mates we got lucky 🍀!!!! Blessings to
All prayers you get vaccinated!!!Share your

RE: [VIDEO] The room next door

So damn funny and so damn true lolll

RE: Honey I'm Home

Oh Mbilko , so glad to hear from you,
And happy to know your doing well
recovery from your stroke, you just never know
When things like this going to happen.
I myself haven’t been in here only because
trying to get by day by day.And truly
upset with this virus and how it has pull
us away from our plans.And hearing about
the other virus that has enter in your country
UK hearing in the news about how somewhat
different. I am so totally upset it has taken me years trying to go to England and also Spain
Just before the pandemic came here to USA,
Finally got Hubby to get passports to
finally make plans for holidays.
And now hearing what’s happening in the UK
truly upsets us more me . I hope 😁 and pray
We will get there👌

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi all , I was tested last Sunday results in —
Yesterday all good negative clear yayyy.
But it was done for some other procedures like stress test n echo cardio test. For another
Procedure which I might postpone. How are you
Missed our chats.Mean everyone in here
Ladies ngents😉

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RE: I ******g hate people.

Ohhh sorry that’s awful, did you report
It ? You never know they might catch
him . I live in the suburbs and since this
pandemic robberies have went up and
We have added motion lights and cameras outside our home , do we feel safe? no
hardly but I seen in my camera a few odd strangers jumping the fence.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi there sad to hear about lock down .
We also having to keeping distance also.
Oddly I am adjusting but I wish this
Nightmare was over, no more deaths,
people happy, but it isn’t. My prayers
to all my friends in Wales n England , I meant to say all over the World. Hope to visit either
In person or spiritually.Take care❤️

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RE: What Christmas movie will you be watching today ?

Robee I saw it it was funny hope you enjoy
It. I don’t feel like being festive this year at all.
There was a lovely lady singing Christmas
Songs which I was saying to my husband
Oh she has a strong good voice, suddenly
I felt overwhelmed with sadness I started
to cried none stop, because of all the deaths
of coronavirus innocent people..
Feel to much sadness 😔

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Ohhhh gee, I have allergies as it is ,wonder
If that’s the same we are going to get here in
New Jersey? Hi everyone miss you all.
Been trying to keep busy and at the same time
Trying to stay away from negative news.
Which at times is unavoidable.Not applying
to anyone here, just at times didn’t have
Much to say, boring Brooky😔.So I am back!!

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RE: The irony of ignoring bullying in Anti-Bullying Week

Well I worked in New York and New Jersey as an Office Temp , its an office job where you worked on temporary assignments, some can become permanent positions., and I saw male n females
bosses bullying I was so surprised that I
decline jobs cause of their behavior. ,,,
That happened during 1960’s thru 1980’s
I am so happy being retired 😀.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Yes I have heard Australia has it under
control but one must have the vaccine
for all to be done with this nightmare
that has killed millions and millions .
Please lets all pray for this will end
and life will come back in full strength.
Amen 🙏

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I don’t think a normal person would have handle this pandemic so stupid. Leaving things up in the air saying it’s not so serious. Plus saying he is now immune it’s nothing I feel great.
Calling some people in Florida if they don’t vote for him they are communists. Wait who
Is his friend that Russian Leader duh,
Now how funny is that!!!😂

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

I want to say something but I cannot only because
I will get a damn headache over that
Idiot!!!! I have 😶 no words

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Hi 👋 I see our news travels Sadly what
Went on last night entertain the world
how stupid and a liar is our President,
I am so sad what went on last night was so demeaning, and disgusting,
This same thing happened to Hillary Clinton
And thats How he became President with this horrible behavior of that Man called Trump!
Pray for us and the United States.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Oh Si or Robee can you help me post photos here. Now be simple you know how slow I am 🤓

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi there, just wanted to say hello and touch base.
Well it’s scary now so many are working
as you mentioned but as long there isn’t a vaccine
It’s dangerous sadly learned three old friends have
died due to virus I am very sad .For one of the first timed she kept her boys home on virtual learning at home. But I think they will eventually
break out n go socializing and I cannot have them
Come to visit us due to our age. I think now that my daughter finished with her surgery. She won’t need us. You know how some famlies operate.

RE: [VIDEO] Earthquake

Oh that was cool!! But that tops it but nothing
like that happen in New Jersey, lol!!!
Well off to bake this cool cake called
Plum cake, but with a twist to it wish me luck,


Ok ok don’t laugh friends yes New
Jersey USA felt a 2.1 or 3.1 from various
areas in New Jersey and as far Pennsylvania
To north Jersey .
But what really bothers me I was up in my
bathroom and I didn’t feel a damn thing.
Yet there were people in my area saying ohhh
I felt that their dogs were barking.
I cannot believe it!!!Go figure🙆🏼‍♀️

RE: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

Totally agree a shocking year of sadness.
But at least we are here to talk about it.
Miss you all👩🏻‍🦳

RE: No Power due toWeather

Its 6 am now just got up again ,
No Power!
I mention to hubby are we going to purchase
A generator he says its not too often it happens here! I wanted to scream no I held it in
like a good wifey😡. Now I like to know what
kind of cafe am I going to have? Thank
God I have gas cook top. But maybe I should make it weak to keep calm.Oh years ago
it took us about 6years to have all the trees chopped off. Don’t get me wrong I like trees
but at a distance because our first years
we got a biggest rude awakening
In the Fall season raking leaves like three or four
Huge lawn bags full. 😡!! So thats what happens
To newly city homeowners. I replace trees for shrubs n flowers . It looks lovely.🥰
We are ok but I wish I was in my England😔

No Power due toWeather

Hi it’s Brooky reporting from New Jersey,USA.
Well it happened yesterday warning
Tornado warning high winds hard rain
plus high humidity wewere told to go the
lowest partof your home to take cover, so
we did that’s my husband n I. We brought
In all loose pot of plants n some garden furnishings.At that time it started winds n rain
It got so dark, I was a bit nervous but we
still had electical power.So we sat to watch
Tv and tune weather channel.after a while
Started to watch a film towards the end
lights started to flicker on n off, puff power
Off😡.after a while it came back on even
When the storm was at it’s peak we sat and watched another film.Rain stop wind calm
Down sun came out so pretty n bright, film
was getting interesting we both looked at
each other ready to comment on the film
like oh this is getting interesting
Puff Puff gone No Power no tv we both
laugh your kidding,what the hell just when
Everything calmed down,,,no way!!!!
So we sat n had lunch after a longwhile
Daughter called inquiring you still don’t have Power yes Emilyyyyy we done! Now your
Reading its 2:53am Wednesday no Power!
We heard maybe later or maybe in a
few days!!!!😡