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RE: Notre Dame is on fire

Extremely 😞 never got to see it.

RE: Top Boy

Oh well I guess I just won’t get to see it.
Maybe they might put it on pbs network
Over here.☹️

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Hi sorry for all of this nasty stupid news in what’s going on here.Will we ever really see those Mueller reports wonder wonder for the real truth☹️

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Melania made it clear she doesn’t need pity or people saying poor Melania. She
is a strong Lady and guys come on she knew who she married. We all know how he treated his first wife n second wife. Really you think he was going to change his MO ways. I cannot type here
What I really think of him, I met him years ago in New York City. I am not attracted to him or his deep pockets.Eeeww!

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

I think I would dance to it😜

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Wonder if Melania would back up Hillary Clinton? Now that would be interesting

RE: It was my birthday

Oops 🤪 I truly thought you were being funny. New York humor. It has been hot
In New Jersey too, staying indoors being 😎 cool.

RE: It was my birthday

You bad,lol😮

RE: It was my birthday

Thank you all, so Alfies how was France?

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It was my birthday

Yes it was my birthday last nite.Getting
old my friends each day pass I hope I will at least get me ashes there. Feeling
a bit 😞 sad.Had family over the weekend gifts n cake it was lovely.But
not home yet.

RE: [VIDEO] This is....??...just watch it.

I felt like it was me with all my
tumbles I have face and more. Ever felt
regrets, I haven’t yet only wish I could
of hide my feelings more.Sometimes is
No good I think it gives the wrong
Impression and misinterpreted and it ends badly.But no regrets.

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RE: Only I could.........

Can’t get a refund better yet another season flight?

RE: Good News

Sadly I read somewhere Hillary won’t run again.,,, So who the hell is there
worth voting for? I cannot believe all
The stuff I am watching on tv with Trump and Russians and his Remarks
and organizing another meeting with the Russians. This is getting too weird and scary.

RE: Good News

EwwwHitler, well years ago I worked
In a large bakery and there was a co-worker she was born Germany, plus
During WW2 her dad was a Nazi
Officers . Anyway I was new at this bakery and the first thing she ask me if
I was Jewish? So I look straight into her
Eyes and I said from the sound of your voice your German yes but no I am an American Catholic proud we won both wars , you still p*** eh.? She never bother me again.🤓

RE: Good News

Not feeling sorry but sadden by his manners not all Americans act that way.
One thing being direct another being
totally callous and a bully.Yes I was born in Brooklyn, New York and I could hold a good nasty dispute and come off
like a trunk driver, but was taught when n where. And yes I am proud I voted for
Hillary first n last time I voted.why my last time to vote because it was tamper so easily,lost faith in the voting system.

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Good News

To my friends in the U.K. hubby went for second opinion all is good., the doctor cannot understand why would a physician assistant take it upon reading to a patient a test that shows nothing.Another good news hubby isn’t
going back to our old doctor thee end.oh by the way hope you guys still like us Americans and don’t judge us wrongly,
due to Mt Trump.

RE: [VIDEO] A bit less happy

Thank you,will take a look on you tube.

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

Right or wrong , conspiracy or
Whatever..,it shows a massive disregard
and respect for humanity if it’s a massive
amount or even one life . If the shooter kills himself or hides to live or says he or she is mentally ill. Label it call it killings call it murder. ,, just the same dead.

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

I have very little to say about this,so little and
Cannot say why is this happening.
Wish people just have a heart for
Humanity and refrain from violence. I cannot see
What reason or excuse gives you the right
In walking in with killing intentions and
What damn reasons? I lost my auntie by a stranger took her life away and tossed her in a dumpster as if she was garbage.

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RE: Hopeful signs from Twitter

I hate Twitter 😡

RE: [VIDEO] Sir Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke..

Yes I saw that karaoke was so good I join in n sang with them🤗.wish Ringo was there.
Wish I was there.

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Bravo simply lovely with huge wow!

RE: Don’t you Dislike

Thank you for your research on that matter.
Hubby doing well very little discomfort,
Must take it easy for a bit about two weeks no heavy lifting and no tango.Anything new with
You ladies and gentlemen? I still dream about going to England 😴.,Seeing you’re lovely
country and castles.oh yes your pubs 💂‍♀️.

RE: Don’t you Dislike

No Snaps I haven’t but have you?

Don’t you Dislike

Well hubby in surgery for leg vein surgery
Second leg and I am waiting in waiting room where there is no tv no music.which I immensely dislike. Magazines for men hunting 🤔really.Oh there is a sign Please Refrain from using your cell phone in our office.As you
See I did not😈.

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RE: Live your life!

Sorry for your lost, we are in the age of
Dropping like a fly at any given time.
Also have lost friends and family thru
illiness or they moved to a far away location.
If you don’t have anyone holding you back
Go for it travel before it’s to late. I am glad
years ago I took a break away to travel to England no regrets ever.Been dreaming
Wish I could go again but sadly not doing
So well.

RE: ANOTHER mass shooting in America

I am so sick n tired this keeps happening!
And why this keeps going on and no
Serious measures hasn’t taken place.And
These people aren’t crazy , Most likely
they just want to get negative attention
and get away with it.Just tell me how
Many more kids are going to die?

RE: Royal Wedding

Please Trump red ties are made in China n Mexico!