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RE: Update on Vaccine

Oh you and my hubby have the corona- haircut
Lol but he looks ok better clean up than
looking like I need a hair cut so bad. I took
My time cutting, its been years since I last cut his hair. Now I need to get my ends trim.
I had dental appointments which the dentist
had canceled so they call to reschedule
but first wanted for me to get tested . Obviously
I understand but I rather wait for the vaccine protection.

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Update on Vaccine

I was watching CNN this afternoon and
Saw Anthony Fauci talking about
what we should do and about vaccines
Updates we should have a vaccine about
The end of this year or the beginning of New Year
And to continue no socializing and wear masks.
Telling when you don’t follow these safety
Steps , As you hear the numbers of the spread
Will climb in high number like Texas and Florida and Arizona high numbers.
When you disregard safety measures
People will get sick n some will died.
How are you my friends in the Uk?

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Rob I try to watch but I’m out of the
area. I was curious 😦

RE: Your State of Mind

Thank you Mark I have but friends and family
Oh look look on whats on the tv you have
To tune in on the tv news or CNN. I am just not
going to say a word to no one. Today appears to
look lovely weather will do some gardening. Later give myself a facial, seems wearing the masks on cause some skin breaks outs.
A lady must keep whats left in tip top
shape., you Brits say ! Tata thank you

RE: Your State of Mind

Hi thank you all for responding, I will take
advices, I have a habit of feeling empathy
With what’s on the news with deaths due
To coronavirus and tears seeing that man
Saying I can’t breath dying in front of us
and the policemen not moving his knee away
I cried out loud ohhh no he killed him.
So much sadness and destruction.
Wish all this will stop.

RE: Your State of Mind

I do agree totally agree with you, but
I do my best because to show to my family
this will pass and life goes on. But when
Your going through this hard time and
Your damn if you do or not and family
gets out of line You just want to disappear
And look at the sky while on a plane is
getting ready to land and you look to see
this new country your going to visit yet
I look with amazement and said I am home.
Am I truly home?

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Your State of Mind

I am just not sure what to feel anymore,
With being on lockdown , postpone my surgery,
my daughter getting stressed out her middle son scared
to go back to school And to top it off I cannot
get involved. Tired hearing the news with
Everything whats going on People being
so destructive and angry . Would it be selfish of me to wish I could just get away on vacation.But
no where to go because its all over so sad.
I am getting depressed

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi all today in my State of New Jersey
the count confirmed with coronavirus
In Ocean county which includes my area
Total confirm 9,041 total deaths:781
still nerve wrecking total as in the whole
State of New Jersey confirm:164,830
Deaths:12,252. And now they start to open some businesses,and no vaccine so far. I am
so worry for my grandkids and my daughter.
My prayers to all.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well been watching cable movies on our
large screen tv plus got to rent a film we
were going to watch at the theater just when
the shutdown took place, its with the actor
Oh damn can’t remember his name anyway
its called Ordinary Love it was a nice film
which my hubby said he was glad he didn’t spen
Tickets money on it , what he doesn’t
Know until he gets cable bill it cost Twenty dolla
Cause its a new film.😏
Oh the actor name is Neeson last name

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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Amar I see almost a resemblance of Robert de Niro in Taxi , the best thing about hair it grows
back. I cut me bangs ., it came out eh ok I guess.
But I was a bit nervous.

RE: [VIDEO] Little Richard has died

Alfie I thought he died years ago too,
we must be getting mixed up with
someone else.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Has anyone here was being treated by dentist,
Just before coronavirus out break and
My followups been postponed due the
Shutdown now being reschedule over n over
Now get this just before my appointment
I get a phone call they asked for my email
they want to email me a questioneer my medical
History and any new medical issues I said
Mail it but I had to reschedule my appt and
fill it out. I got it today just open it So many pages
Questions if I had symptoms of coronavirus
Or if I have been tested n results. I haven’t even called out sick since I have been going to them.
I am just overwhelmed.

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RE: Hello.

Helloooo there 42%er , how are you?..,
long time

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I am very sadden with what’s going on with coronavirus and I tune in the news just to know plus also to engaged with the latest news , praying for a anti virus shot.But not to sound off
Selfish but there are times I tune in to watch a reality court tv called Hot Bench, don’t
know if you see it in the UK but at times is very
good but everyday the Mayor or Governor
Of New York comes on to update information on
anything to do by this virus, at times it cuts i
So rudely interrupted I get upset cause it
happens everyday just when the trial is getting good ?...,well maybe i mignt get to see it on re-runs, maybe

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RE: Kim Jong Un dead?

Hi just heard it on CNN also not clear
yet . I am totally surprised 😮.Poor Trump
wonder if he will write him a get well letter.

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Yes better safe than sorry. I am thinking of postponing my surgery altogether .Only
because which is worst if things go
Wrong and I catch that damn virus in
hospital. And my family gets it boy
tonight I am so depress right now.Can’t
Even think straight all I hear how many are dead
and more to died .No cure no protection for the kids.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

No new hobbies but thinking get back
On jewelry making like necklaces and maybe
Earrings. Been making homemade pizza’s,
homemade breads hubby loves.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I wore it also before it was order be for everyone to wear it in public.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Funny My daughter order our face masks online and a few in drug store before it was in demand and I wore it also before it was order for. everyone to wear it in public. I did notice a few people looking at me ,now I wonder who is talking now.

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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well Our Easter Sunday morning was
me baking a bundt cake for daughter
and grandboys and some sugar cookies
We drove to their place only to drop off
the bake goods, we chatted a bit outside
Over six feet between us chatted about 15
minutes. Driving back home I got to wear
my peach jacket and me new shoes,
hey not complaining things could be much
worst and so far health good.
Just can’t believe this is happening.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I wish I was younger and in better health,
I truly miss working in the ER it made me strong
In spirit helping the patients and doctors.
Maybe I am good in some way in protecting
my family and I wouldn’t want to burden
anyone. Blessings to my ER friends😘

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Bandicoot, you bad lol be nice to your lady, hey wash her hair better yet give her a massage with some nice music like singer Kenny Rodgers singing Your my Lady😘

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RE: Stuff to do.

Ohhhh Snap What I meant some people
Go on UTUBE and earn money or get job offers , thats what I meant was it worth going on Utube. Sorry you misunderstood.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well been in home for lockdown for13
Days now , got to see my doctor on FaceTime . I was more nervous talking
to him but I had all my questions written
down so I asked him its ok to wear mask in supermarkets n rubber gloves he said yes but don’t stayed in the store too long
Plus when you arrive home remove all the clothes off n go n shower, , because most people don’t even know they have the virus plus in a popular arena its in the mist. So tomorrow morning when hopefully its not crowded will pick up my groceries.Hope I find most on the list.
Seen some interesting films on cable .And reorganized my kitchen pantry,it needed it. Team up with hubby done so fast it was fun. Oh Bandicoot sending get well wishes for your wife , take care

RE: Stuff to do.

Has anyone here went on Utube? If so
was it worth it?

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Andrew Cuomo's bluntness? Hehe well
He is the A New Yorker sadly he has Coronavirus.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Hi Si I live in New Jersey but in Ocean
County the township of Jackson. But North Jersey towards
New York is where numbers are high but everyday its not so great. Plus there are areas is good but it changes.Its like a roller coaster. , but not in a fun way.
Sorry had to correct a few mistakes typo
Just woke up type without me glasses,

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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well this lockdown it isn’t new to me,
I have done this for different reasons health issues or recovery from surgery,
Or mourning a friend or family members
no longer with us. I just think this lockdown feels a bit different because you could kill someone without knowing
Or find out in the news how so many have gone, so sad so sad, I should count on my good times I have had and think n pray for this will pass and thank god to give us strength we will learn more about
Ourselves and others , just hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.Glad you Brits have such wonderful senses n humour.🌻

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I am worry for my daughter, spoke to her this morning and she went off crying saying ,Mom I heard this morning news
They predicting over one-hundred thousand will died in New Jersey, How can they say that? I told her to calm down
Do what you need to do and don’t go out and keep boys clean and yourself and stay home. I actually couldn’t even answer her question, how they predict that. I just don’t know what to say.