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RE: Horror movie sounds

How brilliant is that!

RE: What`s a good brand of fridge freezer these days?

I heard that brand is excellent , but USA
Carry some brands I don’t know if you have it therein the UK. Kitchen Aid,
Mag Tag good brand and Whirl Pool.
Well enjoy shopping 🎃

RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Well glad Mr Sanders is recovering well, and I wish him a great recovery for him and his family.

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RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Omg I hope Mr Bernie Sanders stays home and enjoy life. To me that would be a sign time to move on and live Bernie and listen it’s time to hear babies cried and you enjoy holding them.👶🏻

RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Thank you so much in informing the latest news, I hope they get the correct information and they could proceed the process of impeachment and hope for better leadership. Pray for USA 🇺🇸

Omg What’s Next ?!

Can’t believe what’s going on the tv ,Just
Saw the CNN channel a whistleblower has stuff on the Trump! Hey what have I missed? Tell me

RE: Fancy going to Mars

Oh really!!! Lol

RE: Bond, James Bond

And little Miss Perfect is a double agent ..,eh?

RE: Paracetamol shortage

Well from USA New Jersey notice some
Spanish extra virgin olive oil certain brand not on shelves or online sad 😞 about it. I hope it’s not political😡.

RE: Twitter problem

I didn’t understand how Twitter worked,
I asked for help there and all I got was weirdos . So I deleted it, so many odd
people or maybe I just t don’t want to be bother or I’m just getting old. Here is ok this is the only place I chat. Hope you will get help.

RE: Something missing

Do you have family there? Or a lot of friends? You lucky stiff you get away for months wowww.That’s a long holiday , if I disappear for 3months I be marked missing.

Something missing

Is there a country or a place you find so lovely and you want to go there or even
rest there your last days ?

RE: Chuffed

Congrats are in order to one grandpa from yankee nana

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Please I can’t even keep up with what’s
Going on here, I am gathering as much
I can as far what they talk on CNN but
When I went to the UK channel I was totally lost , I just hope no war is brewing. We are living in hostile and
violent crimes against one another. I am going to pray a bit more frequent with all my heart.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Ok I know what your going to think of me as the dumb American that doesn’t
Read well at all, but it’s not that it’s most likely I just haven’t kept up with Uk political news , forgive me, but can you explain to me what the hell is going on there and what’s Brexit?

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

We will never know the truth.

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

This is so unfair that Epstein got murder,
Or permanently shut up.we will never
Know anything just that these ladies will get more money for their efforts .

RE: Oh My God

Yes but there is so much hate over skin
color , religion, and for years n years where your parents are from , I have witness that since I was a child in Catholic school. I admire a Saint Anthony of Padua ., listen to this my next door neighbor you have Saint Anthony statue in your backyard ? , Are you Italian? My respond was Well I am Catholic and so is he.

RE: Oh My God

So many died, children saw people getting shot in front of them , why because they are Spanish , it’s not right
A man drives out of his way , goes to El
Paso to kill Latino. Not because he was abused by a Latino but just because they
work. , and exist . My parents are from Spain and Puerto Rico , I was born in Brooklyn, New York and years ago it didn’t matter even if you were born in New York I was look at as Latina to some less but good to clean homes or cook food in hot kitchens or sewing in factories. My skin is white but that doesn’t matter even I knew dark latinas that didn’t want to be my friend. , go figure , But I love people no matter who they are or how they speak or look, I just wish people stop hating and look beyond life is beautiful.

RE: Oh My God

Ok I understand what your saying .,,
And I know it’s not the way you want to live I am just so upset hearing how many people are dead and more who went with that attitude live let’s live and look what happened. Sorry I’m very upset . From little school kids in Connecticut to now at a club., what’s next? N why ? The crazy’s or racist either way you’re dead.

RE: Oh My God

I was going out with hubby to a flea market not saying where at all, but it’s a
public place now not going . Staying in
Why take a chance really, fear fear going to stayed in.

Oh My God

What’s going on with all these shootings
It’s horrible you live in fear, no place is safe!!! Who are the shooters? Those cowards those heartless cowards? What’s going on?
It’s was 7 am I put tv on only to hear
this awful news, I don’t want to jump
Into conclusions about all these shootings , only why ? Why is this going on?

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RE: Getting Older

No way I would never buy a home at that area. I can’t even swim 😮

RE: Getting Older

😮 wow sorry I haven’t kept up with
Your political news there. With what’s going on here political and another shooting, plus lol we just had a storm caused a blackout but we got power back on in two days other areas got hit
Much worst. I must read n update news in United Kingdom.

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RE: Getting Older

And..,that would be...?

RE: Getting Older

I know love your British sense of humor 🤪 plus hubby saw that Yorkshire Airline video he laugh out loud 😝
And thank you all lovely chats made
Me day!!!💋

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RE: Getting Older

Relax gents , lol when I said London
all over museums , Cathedrals, churches
Shops, Harrods , Big Wheel and I know
Wales n Scotland is in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 , true I know a bit of history.

RE: [VIDEO] The Irishman

Is it a new flick coming out this fall?

RE: Getting Older

Oooohhhh I can’t stop laughing!!!! Thank you I needed a good laugh!!!🤗

RE: Getting Older

London , Wales, Scotland🤗