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Good Morning

In a few hours will be getting ready for
surgery need all your prayers friends. Hey I must says you gents been good
even if we didn’t always agreed.Bye
hope everyone has a lovely holidays.
Brooky 💋

RE: Happy Holidays

Awww 🙏 thank you , finally resting got up so early making Thanksgiving dinner
Now read here nice to heard from you all.
Ready to watch that new tv program called Evil it’s about a group of professionals investigators what’s true or false about what’s a miracle or paranormal or fake or illness or EVIL 😈
It appears to be somewhat interesting.on channel two CBS bye

Happy Holidays

I know I’m a bit early to say happy holidays but Today I got news after Thanksgiving I am about to have another surgery next Wednesday so gathering all my personal things into order . Praying that
everything comes out okay 👌. Also want to say thank you for letting me be here which I have enjoyed chatting with all you ladies and gents. Wish me luck
Byeee Brooky 💋

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Ok so you are entitled like I said before
to your own opinion of me , like I have my own views and really you think I’m
Upset hell no don’t be silly 🙃.

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Ok like I said we all have opinions here
and your well entitled to judge me as I judged the older girl, oh yes I did say ladies are upset they cannot sue Him because of his apparent suicide because that’s how I heard it on the tv.And my mother died in2013 at the age 89 due to a fall in the shower a woman said her hand slip and she was late in catching my mother my went to hospital the X-rays didn’t pick up no broken bones sent her to a nursing home for rehab and two days laters she died btw my father hired that woman. And now that lady has a full time job working for my father she even open a website under their both names as if they are a couple. Do I speak to my father absolutely Not!!!

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Rob I have no opinion on Prince Andrew,
Only because I don’t want to discuss him, my grandmother had an old Spanish saying Tell me who you hang out with and that tells me who you are. I don’t judge people on money or power, However I left my parents home from an abusive father who beat my mother a lot which she prefer to stayed with him because she didn’t have to work and she rather put with his lousy temper then go out into world n work for a living. I made have struggle working but it made me stronger and made good decisions , plus
I know it’s not easy but I survived.😃Plus my father abused me also I left to show my two younger sisters you will make it out there You don’t need to put up with that!!

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RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

Number one I was not accusing all the ladies number two Yes Epstein was a s*** among others things, I was speaking about one Lady who was older and knew what she was walking into and went along with lying about her age and didn’t
Complaint until this went public. So you could disagree But I don’t feel bad nor did she !!!! So there😉

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

What I find that the young ladies are sadden because they cannot sue Epstein
now cause his apparent sucide. Why they weren’t so young they didn’t know
what they were doing. In fact they did get paid didn’t they? I watch on tv Doctor Oz
had one of the ladies who was being recruited , told to lied to Epstein her age, because he likes them young, She was close to be Twenty yrs old. Now she is 😢 crying for years the affected her life
so badly in making bad decisions, she fell as a victim? Reallyyyy???? When that happen she never complaint at all, only until now .

RE: Are We Ready for the Holidays

You lucky stiffs😎 So no ideas for 15 n 13 yrs old boys eh??? Ohhhh damnnnn
Oh well I just give them the money in envelopes., plus a box of homemade cookies 💖

Are We Ready for the Holidays

Well just speaking for myself and daughter and I picked today for Christmas shopping for my grandsons. Each year gets harder purchasing for boys, I had one child me daughter girls you could shop til you drop every year. But boys are easy to please but harder as they get older. Plus I was missing second day of impeachment hearings. Which I did got some update after dinner news. So any ideas 💡 for boys ages 15 , 13, well 5 yr old was very easy . , to purchase for Christmas gifts.Helpppp

RE: What am I doing

Thank you Rob but I will hold off for now because , I’m thinking after the holidays closer to spring to purchase a new computer thinking 🤔 getting an 🍎 Apple computer. I just thought if there was something I was doing wrong that I could post pics here. So thank you for letting me know.

RE: What am I doing

iPhone 8

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RE: What am I doing

Safari , and google , is this what you mean? I feel so stupid maybe because I am😞

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RE: What am I doing

How do you clear it? Plus what about signing in?

What am I doing

What am I doing wrong Rob Everytime
I come in reviewer I have to sign in? I didn’t have to before. And can you help me post pics please

RE: [VIDEO] Servant

Sorry cannot see it, don’t want nightmares.😱

RE: [VIDEO] Servant

😱Omg I was so scared for that Babyyy
You very well know I won’t be seeing that film. Me Nervessssss!!!!!!!

RE: Birth Chart Calculator

Thank you, not that I have an exciting
life and need to know what’s left of my
future. so your psychic eh ?

RE: What’s going on here

Really is that all? Why I don’t see the regulars posting?

What’s going on here

Am I behind in discussions ? Or has there
been an update or a different site elsewhere? I notice hardly anyone chatting, or posting? Rob am I being left

RE: Horror movie sounds

How brilliant is that!

RE: What`s a good brand of fridge freezer these days?

I heard that brand is excellent , but USA
Carry some brands I don’t know if you have it therein the UK. Kitchen Aid,
Mag Tag good brand and Whirl Pool.
Well enjoy shopping 🎃

RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Well glad Mr Sanders is recovering well, and I wish him a great recovery for him and his family.

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RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Omg I hope Mr Bernie Sanders stays home and enjoy life. To me that would be a sign time to move on and live Bernie and listen it’s time to hear babies cried and you enjoy holding them.👶🏻

RE: [VIDEO] Omg What’s Next ?!

Thank you so much in informing the latest news, I hope they get the correct information and they could proceed the process of impeachment and hope for better leadership. Pray for USA 🇺🇸

Omg What’s Next ?!

Can’t believe what’s going on the tv ,Just
Saw the CNN channel a whistleblower has stuff on the Trump! Hey what have I missed? Tell me

RE: Fancy going to Mars

Oh really!!! Lol

RE: Bond, James Bond

And little Miss Perfect is a double agent ..,eh?

RE: Paracetamol shortage

Well from USA New Jersey notice some
Spanish extra virgin olive oil certain brand not on shelves or online sad 😞 about it. I hope it’s not political😡.

RE: Twitter problem

I didn’t understand how Twitter worked,
I asked for help there and all I got was weirdos . So I deleted it, so many odd
people or maybe I just t don’t want to be bother or I’m just getting old. Here is ok this is the only place I chat. Hope you will get help.