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RE: [VIDEO] 50th anniversay of moon landing

My girls have been learning about it at school recently, not sure if it's because of anniversary or they would anyway, but what is interesting, is they've been telling me all about Michael Collins, no, I had never heard of him either, quite sad that he isn't mentioned at the same time as those guys who had a jolly on the moon surface while he did the hard bit :)

How Michael Collins became the forgotten astronaut of Apollo 11

RE: [VIDEO] Watchmen HBO series

Robee J Shepherd says...
"What's the lol for?"

My guess is Alan Moore not being mentioned, but that may well be deliberate, I think he hated his attempts to work with Hollywood on his first 1 or 2 adaptations to film so much, he threw all his toys out the pram and said he wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of them going forward and no association with them.

RE: The Trump Presidency

Dalek posted this on facebook, not sure where it came from

There are no dumb answers.... just a dumb dumpster fire of a “President”.
(Hint: they are both correct)

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RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

ta, maybe I didn't do it last year, but did the year before?

RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

supporter is a bit strong, follower, unless we beat one of the big guns, then a life long avid Saints fan ;)

dkuk2000 also needs to start the Fantasy league team, just like my team, I'll show up to make up numbers, but won't perform ;)

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[VIDEO] RE:The deeply concerning advent of Deepfakes

Mandela Effect just went into overdrive ;)

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RE: Big clampdown on car tax evasion

that would explain the car I drive past on the way to work which has had a sticker on windscreen and dvla clamp on it for last couple of weeks :(

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RE: Women's World Cup

I've asked this elsewhere...

how long would a penalty shootout last between England Men's and Women's?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I work with someone who voted leave, who says if they knew now, what they thought they knew then they'd have voted remain. I'm not sure that's the same as opinion being changed through debate though, I think it's just waking up and seeing the incompetence :(

RE: Fallout 76 (PS4) £10 @ AO ebay

as expected, first time she went to play it it spent hours downloading and I stalling updates, it's done that a few times since, and I mean literally hours.

She has fun playing for a bit, but then the server gets disconnected for a bit so can't do anything.

She also struggled with no pause, as it's an always on internet game, but that's her ;)

Saying that, she is sticking with it, certainly had my money's worth, so can't be too bad ;)

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RE: Women's World Cup

missed most of the first half, but liked what I saw :) That third goal was a belter!

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

wouldn't that involve all the companies, (actually there's no that many really is there?) working together to create a standard, you know like we had/have with video tapes, recordable DVDs, HD discs ;)

RE: Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4: This thing is a PC, says board's creator Eben Upton

getting more and more bang for your pound :)
you can get it with 4gb ram now and quad core!

Trolls 2: World Tour

I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed Trolls (The Sound of Silence bit really cracks me up) and the soundtrack being on in the car lots wasn't too annoying, so kind of looking forward to this, Ozzy Ossbourne is in it!

RE: The Next PM

on the plus side, at least Rees Mogg isn't one of the last two?

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

agreed, chemistry was great, several genuine laugh out loud moments, just like the good old days :)

Fallout 76 (PS4) £10 @ AO ebay

£10 I thought it's worth a go to see if they've ironed out a lot of the early problems. At the weekend a mate said he picked it up for £18 on XBox and said it was ok

it's free on "everything" for a week

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RE: Pensioner TV Licence Fees will be means tested from 2020

its a bit like the situation with the heating allowance the elderly automatically get, some need it, some don't. My mates mum gives the money to him to treat his kids as they don't need it.

As the report says, there's a lot of older ppl who have saved their entire lives for their twighlight years, and are luckily comfortable enough to not need hand-outs.

Maybe means test it for everyone, but the admin costs may outweigh the saving ;)

RE: Hope Solo.....

Gross over generalisation but I guess the difference is, women like to dress up, men wear a suit and tie when they have to ;)

So the usual football pundits have been to Burton, Moss Bros or Saville Row depending on how much has gone on fast cars etc

The lady commentators have gone for fancy dresses as they want to look their best for TV perhaps :)

Certainly nicer to look at than Linekar and friends, and talked the same amount of rubbish ;)

kind of like where I used to work - dress down Fridays, most of the blokes looked like they were modelling for Superdry and Abercombie and Fitch, the ladies ready to go out for Friday night

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RE: Good Omens

ive not read it, but missus is big fan of Gsiman, so was excited about this, but also worried, she'll be pleased early reports are good :)

The Virtues (new Shane Meadows drama)

started on Ch4 a few weeks ago, only seen first episode so far, as you'd expect, not cheery viewing, you're sat on the edge of the seat in parts thinking "well they're having fun at the moment, when is it going to go wrong?" but I think that's normal for his work :)

we'll watch the next one, even though I still don't understand how nothing much happening can have me so gripped and in suspense :)