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RE: Court battle over Police Face recognition

was this where a guy was going to be fined for not letting his photo be taken?

there was conflicting reports over this the other day, one was that his offence was hiding his face, the other was that it was the foul and abusive langue hurled at the police - hence public disorder offence.

the trial seemed to have some success, and it did capture some wanted people,  but there's that argument if you have nothing to hide then why hide but what if the recognition gets it wrong?

Assassin's Creed Unity Vs. Review Bomb <3 Notre Dame

Valve wasn't 'really sure what to do' following Assassin's Creed Unityreview surge

The system first took effect when a wave of negative reviewshit Borderlands games after it was announced that Borderlands 3 would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but did not trigger when a large volume of positive reviews hit Assassin’s Creed Unity weeks later to praise the game’s recreation of the Notre Dame cathedral.

Ubisoft opted to give Assassin’s Creed Unity away for free on its Uplay store following the Notre Dame fire as a way to give players a way to explore Ubisoft’s in-game recreation of the cathedral, and donated $500,000 to the restoration effort as well. Valve says that the promotion ultimately led to more players buying and playing the game on Steam as well as the positive reviews began to flow in.
Genius tax deductable charity donation and free advertising and nice gesture all rolled into one :)

RE: Toy Story 4

yeh there was a sneak peak of that new character, I guess Hasbro were more than happy for their toys to be used, but maybe Evel Knievel was more complicated. If there isn't already there probably is an explanation out there with lawyers at the ready ;) It could be as simple as it being a toy based on real person didn't "fit". Never did have one as a kid, despite that being my wish when we pulled the wishbone on Christmas day :(

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RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

Have I Got News For You



Game of Thrones fans launch petition demanding season 8 remake, as the show about zombies, dragons and a boy who can turn into a pigeon has become a bit far-fetched of late.

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RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones Season 8

makes me glad I don't watch it, but as a friend said on twitter:

Wow, imagine if these GoT fans had to deal with what us Star Wars fans went through with the prequels.

this is good as well:

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RE: Friday Night Dinner Series 6 confirmed

we couldn't get into Mum, I think for me it was like the IT Crowd i.e. this is a normal average day, this isn't funny :( (weirdly though, I loved The Office)

RE: Friday Night Dinner Series 6 confirmed

Channel 4 serves up sixth series of Friday Night Dinner

The new six part series will shoot late 2019 and transmit next year on Channel 4.

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RE: Louis Theroux returns to BBC Two with three new films about LA

not watched it yet, but a new one was on last night

Mothers on the edge

Louis Theroux returns to the UK to spend time in specialist psychiatric units which treat mothers experiencing serious mental illness whilst allowing them to live alongside their babies. Immersing himself on the wards, he meets women who have been admitted with a range of serious conditions - including depression, anxiety and psychosis - often triggered by birth or the strains of motherhood. As he follows the patients and their families both in hospital and recovering back at home, Louis explores what lies behind their recent crisis and discovers the immense challenge in caring for two people in the most vulnerable state of their lives.

a friend of ours was in a similar situation, she fine now, looking after her kids but was quite horrible when she was scared to ask for help as she convinced herself they'd take her kids from her, took some convincing to persuade her to get help as they woudl want to help and keep family together.

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[VIDEO] Final Fantasy VII Remake

I loved ff7, probably would have done better on my degree if it hadn't come out during my final year ;) Played over 100 hours, got my gold chocobo, beat the secret bosses etc :)

Big Brother spying on how you play games, and choices you make...

Quite interesting, and disturbing:

Devs reflect on the privacy risks surrounding how games subtly collect data

Polygon has published a story exploring potential privacy concerns surrounding data collection both in and relating to video games. The full story talks with a number of developers and data experts on the kind of information collected by those in both games and adjacent industries, and points out some of the risks surrounding exactly how personal and identifiable some of that data can be in the wrong hands.
The dangers of in-game data collectionCan your choices come back to haunt you?

He knows what you like, what you don’t, and more importantly he understands why. He knows what motivates you, what stops you from achieving your best, what turns you off, and everything in-between. At least, when it comes to games. He’s spent years surveying more than 200,000 gamers through voluntary questionnaires, gathering information about their ages, their likes, their dislikes, and their preferred genres.
And he sells that knowledge to developers. Some change their games based on this knowledge so you’ll buy them, play them, and tell others to do the same.

Maybe I will get the Amstrad out my parents' loft after all :(

RE: [VIDEO] Disney to buy Lucasfilm

I guess they're not sure they'll make much money and haven't had much publicity recently, so they've announced more Stars Wars films ;)

The press release says that “three new as-yet-untitled Star Wars films will release on the pre-Christmas weekend every other year beginning in 2022.” Officially the dates for these three movies are: December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024, and December 18, 2026.

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RE: Anyone else having trouble with Firefox Extensions?

some ppl have said they had problems but they're back up and running now, adblockplus posted on facebook that their hands were tied and there as nothing they could do to sort out Mozilla's mess :(

RE: The First Purge

meh, it was ok, as far as origin stories it didn't really tell us anything new, in fact the missus and I were both getting a bit bored at the beginning, but once the talking stopped and the silly violence started we were entertained :)

It's a bit like the Romero zombie films, yes, all the political social commentary is all well and good, but stop sitting around chatting and do some killing!

Just remembered, there's the tv series as well!

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RE: [VIDEO] Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

usually loads of post production houses are involved, but they'll already have their next projects planned!

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RE: [VIDEO] Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

on the radio this morning after the poor reception of Sonic they're going to redesign him and change his appearance in the film!

RE: Goodnight Chewie

yeh, it's nice isn't it, you're not likely to get ppl being nasty/slagging him off, but all the anecdotes, pictures from his estate etc do seem to show what a genuinely nice, humble bloke he was.

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RE: Goodnight Chewie

"Peter Mayhew was a kind and gentle man, possessed of great dignity and noble character," said the actor. "These aspects of his own personality, plus his wit and grace, he brought to Chewbacca. We were partners in film and friends in life for over 30 years and I loved him. He invested his soul in the character and brought great pleasure to the Star Wars audience."

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RE: Goodnight Chewie

do I wear my Chewie T-Shirt today, or tomorrow? I guess today, I have plenty of other Star Wars t-shirts for tomorrow :)

RE: Music streaming.

old versions of winamp worked, the new version is out soon, but beta is available, it got leaked, so they made it officially available

RE: Music streaming.

Snaps says...
"If you buy do you buy CD or just download?"

I buy CDs still, funnily enough if you buy the cd, you get the autorip at Amazon so you get the Cd in the post but get mp3s to download and it is often cheaper than buying the mp3 album!

RE: Music streaming.

spotify - use app or browser, and massive choice of old and new stuff

I just use free service

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RE: [VIDEO] Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

I remember after work me and some work mates went to see A Bugs Life, probably a group of 6 of us in our early/mid 20s, a lady walked in with her 2 kids, walked out, walked back in again looked at us and asked "Is this A Bug's Life?" :)

[VIDEO] Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

not very often a trailer has as many likes and dislikes in the thousands!

I liked on comment, "this and Detective Pikachu this year - we could have the best and worst video games films ever in one year" :)

RE: [VIDEO] Avengers 4 Endgame

id like to see it, but I've missed so many it will have to wait :(

The film reviewer on the radio loved it, but said his only criticism was that if you haven't brushed up on all 20 odd films before hand you may be scratching your head at different points :(

Surely though that list is wrong, it's like star wars, you have to watch them in order they were made, not set? Maybe that's true if there's no 'i'm your father' moments ;)

I read an article of someone who did a cinema movie marathon of all of them in lead to new one! Said he slept through parts of the not so good ones:)

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