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RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

early reports very good, but conflicting running times reported - someone said 38mins, I thought it was supposed to be an hour - that's one way to put ppl off their rum ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer

at least the music is good

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The Book of Mormon (play)

Currently in a queue to get tickets (ouch the theatre is expensive £15-£75)

but it's leaving London going on a UK tour, 3 weeks at my local theatre, I'm told it's brilliant, but never could justify the expense of going to London and getting tickets.

price vary on day, and time, I think I'm going to book a day off work and go mid week afternoon.

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

apparently we have a longer wait than a week ;)

Disney+ available in the UK & Ireland on March 31, 2020.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

anyone else remember the Have I got news for you tub of lard episode;)

I guess the 2 women above have got some free publicity from the incident, which was probably the original point.

RE: [VIDEO] Christmas adverts 2019

I don't remember seeing that before either, but made me laugh :) (at and with)

RE: The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010


and Levis

in on the act now, kerching.

I've got 2 star wars t-shirts from previous Adidas partnerships, but they are more like normal star wars t-shirts :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Some "supporters" are just strange though aren't they? Like after Saints lost 9-0 I didn't threaten anyone, or wish ill on anyone, but some ppl do. Funnily enough I said to my neighbour, they should be ashamed, and give up their wages to charity, which is what the players, and some staff are doing!

I guess in the old days ppl used to write hate mail, if they were really angry, but that involves a certain amount of effort, but social media makes it easy to step over the line without thinking.

One of the American chat shows has a segment, where he gets celebrities  to read out horrible tweets they receive, it's amazing some of the things ppl tweet, but does show that some ppl you wouldn't necessarily expect to be able to take it on the chin can, even though they shouldn't have to.

RE: [VIDEO] Movember

And so it begins.... Movember UK #Movember2019

haircut was Tuesday afternoon - so they can race again Rob :{ )

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RE: [VIDEO] Boston Dynamics Atlus does parkour

the end is nigh.... SPOILER:

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RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Took the girls to their first proper gig this afternoon , or rather Shlomo took them on a Beatbox Adventure.

I saw him years ago, when he special guested at a Mike Patton and Fred Frith gig, and he's been on Jools Holland.

Currently he's doing matinee "kids'" shows, it was brilliant, the missus, the girls and I all loved it. He's so charismatic - explains where beatboxing comes from, and rather than just stand there for 45 minutes doing it, he demonstrates techniques, gets the crowd to do it, does a bit more, we are now officially superstar beatboxers :)

it's only 45mins, but tickets were £10 for adults, and £10 for kids, so can't complain :)

afterwards he was sat at his merch stand, signing merch you bought, doing photos with ppl, and if you didn't buy merch he signed ticket stubs :)

RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

the good thing about last night:
Pérezis in my fantasy teams

the bad thing
so are Bertrand and Gunn :(

I went next door to watch it, after 20 mins I was regretting getting wet walking that far. Saints defense has looked ropey all season, but that was just embarrassing, don't get me wrong, the finishing was excellent, but it's easy when your defender is miles away (literally and figuratively) :(

also probably the first time when i've known how many shots on target we had at end of match! (3)

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RE: Tidying up photo backups...

try this thread:

i can't remember what the software I used could/coudn't do but i remember it could do a lot, good luck, I think I probably have a similar probem, on one of my external hard drives there's a 


folder in that folder there's 2015 2016 2017 etc folder

however there's also folders called "mumanddad" "Cornwall", "Wales" etc so probably duplicates

RE: Tidying up photo backups...

hmmn, you may find that you have the same image, but not the same image :(i find that say I take a photo on my phone - it's auto uploaded to drop box
if i then share that photo on instagram/facebook/whatsapp/twitter (I assume similar things for ) I see there's a smaller file size copy of the photo which is used for that.

i noticed on my pc that I had several photos all look the same - different file names due to different format of date/time, and different file size :(

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

Lizzo - Cuz I Love You

Interesting album - she's been getting a lot of good press, and wowed crowds over the summer with festival performances.

So I liked a couple of singles, and this is one of those rare treats, where some of the album tracks are better than the singles!

Crybaby will appeal to the Prince fans, the album is a nice mix of hip hop, funk, soul, pop, as is often the case with hip hop, it's quite odd hearing the colourful language when you're used to the radio edit!

RE: [VIDEO] The Official Title For Star Wars: Episode IX Revealed

I don't watch them but a guy at work was saying it is amusing to watch them after the film to see how close, but usually how way off ppl were with their theories :)

I have a few theories but I'll keep them to myself :)

[VIDEO] RE:The Official Title For Star Wars: Episode IX Revealed

Odeon are doing triple bill

6:00 force awakens
9:00 last jedi
00:01 rise of skywalker

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RE: [VIDEO] 70's adverts

the other day I was wearing a black shirt, black trousers, and a black jumper, the missus made a flippant comment about the Milk Tray man - which ended up explaining the adverts to the girls, and then us realizing, in today's world, sneaking in to a lady's room to deliver chocolates would be frowned upon :(