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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Had an email from the kids' school today saying a member of the school community has tested positive for COVID 19.

Getting a bit too close to home now. They've said that people who have been in contact with this person must stay at home for 2 weeks, but the school is open as normal for time being. It's half term next week, which is probably a good thing.

RE: [VIDEO] Everton 2020/21 Season...

you should probably blame that shirt, it's horrible ;)

Do you have to wear away kits now when playing away? You can buy the 3rd kit this season for Saints, which I don't think normally happens, so I'm guessing they expect that to be worn more if the 2nd short collides with home team's shirt?

I was quite surprised at the result, I didn't go next door to watch it like I would have done before this season, maybe it's good I didn't, I usually seem to bring bad luck when I watch :(

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

yeh, but you hadn't heard of redtube or some site like that ;)

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RE: [VIDEO] RIP James Randi

I think some UFOs may well be alien visitors, I like to think of it a bit like David Attenborough et al, watching from a distance, but every now and again gets a bit too close. Often doesn't interact, but occasionally does.

I'm not suggesting I think they're lizard ppl who have infiltrated government, but I reckon if/when we find life on another planet, we'll keep our distance and watch for a bit, and then we'll say hello, and they'll tell us to p*** off as they don't want us messing up their planet as they've seen what we've done to ours ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Movember

yes, I'll be doing it, sadly none of my coworkers, or office neighbours have responded to my email, I'll send another reminder next week, I guess that's partially because we'll all working from home :(

I remember a couple of years ago one of the younger lads only did it because the guy next to him was doing it. 

As I said in my spam to them, getting men to talk now is probably more important than ever, with some people enjoying working from home, but others not enjoying the isolation, can make things even more difficult for those that struggle.

On the upside, some people may prefer to have a teams/zoom/email conversation than in person.

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RE: [VIDEO] RIP James Randi

I'm unfamiliar with him as well, but that sounds really interesting.

RE: Refereeing

it would be much simpler if the footballers had great big rulers strapped to them which stayed perpendiculer to the touchlines. Obviously the ruler would have to be strapped to the part of their body closest to the opponent's goal.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

apparently so, and then deleted it! Ice Cube has been keen to point out he doesn't support Trump, so his reply showed he wasn't too happy.

I just saw one of Trumps daughters put her foot in it as well, at a Pride event.

Do you reckon Trump sometimes wishes his kids didn't try to help? ;) Actually no, he's probably a believer in "no such thing as bad publicity".

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Google says people use it because they choose to rather than being forced.
Sounds like the argument MS use?

Might also be useful if an article like that suggested some of the alternatives like duckduckgo and startpage.

I remember watching I think it was Hawai 5-0 when MS had clearly paid for some heavy handed product placement, it's the only time I've heard some-one say, "let me bing that".

that might be twice this week the Trump administration has done something not bad!

The other was working with Ice Cube!

This was quite interesting, Ice Cube got slated for working with Trump's administration, he eventually explained he offered to work with Trump and Biden, Trump's ppl  were open to the idea, Biden's ppl said "if we get in".

Now, you could argue that Trump wanted to get some positive press to win support from Black voters, and that he's tried that before with Kanye, but it's interesting nonetheless.

RE: [VIDEO] short films that are WWAW

it's an advert, is that allowed in this thread, I think there's been others....

RE: The Next Starfighter?

I remember the title, but remember next to nothing about it, I think I liked it though as a kid.

Krull I'm sure was brilliant when I was a kid, when I "made" the missus watch it when it was on TV a while ago, I had to apologise, as it was bad, I had only remembered a small bit at the end, and though that was more frequent :(

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

KKK ‘social visit’ cards left at Biden supporters' homes

Joe Biden supporters in Tennessee have been targeted with Ku Klux Klan business cards in an apparent attempt at voter intimidation.

“We don’t believe that it’s targeting specific races. We believe that it’s targeting certain neighborhoods that would even be predominantly white,” said Brian Crews, the deputy police chief. “I think most people just view it as trash.”

Despite that statement, Mr Crews said residents should report any other sightings involving the Klu Klux Klan to the police department.

It comes three weeks before a presidential election in which president Donald Trump has labelled Black Lives Matter activists as “thugs”, endorsed Confederate symbols, and refused to denounce white supremacists.

I'm guessing you probably wouldn't report it to the police, in fear of that leading to a "business call"?

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

ages ago, I read about the US chicken deal, and how we'd get cheap US chicken, treated with chlorine which would be bad, but it did seem a bit scaremongiry, and at the time I wasn't sure if it was just propaganda, anyway:

the original article is quite old, and it links to this:

there's a difference between changing the standards, and lowering them.

They could just be different, not better, not worse, just eating chicken will make you smell like you've been in a swimming pool ;)

RE: #PremierLeagueIsCorrupt - pay per view football

yeh, but if you wanted to watch the other match, you'd have to pay £15 on top.

I don't get Sky Sports, last season and before I used to go next door to watch Saints, but he watches every premiership, championship, lower league match he can. He's funny, he'll say, oh I got bored watching top teams in Premiership, I watched that league 2 match, much more exciting :)

to him it's v good value for money, I get what you're saying, someone liek me, who just wants to watch Saints, Sky and BT sports isn't worth getting, but £15 still seems bloody steep, I mean what's a film to "rent" £5? at least you can read a review of that so can get an indication if it will good or not in advance ;)

There's ppl there saying they pay £60pm, they get a lot more than 4 match pm, you get 4 on a Saturday don't you?

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#PremierLeagueIsCorrupt - pay per view football

I was curious on twitter when I saw

as a list of trending stories

Premier League to introduce pay-per-view fixtures on Sky and BT Sport

All matches to be shown live until end of October
Five games per matchday will cost £14.95 each

ouch, especially as a while ago, they were making more matches free for anyone to watch. Considering it's a known fact that some pubs use illegal streams to show all matches for their team, and a lot of people at home do, do they really expect this to be popular at such a high price?

I guess they would normally argue, that like a bib boxing match ppv you could have some mates round and make a night of it, but I don't think you can currently argue that point?

Still no decision on what happens to season ticket holders.

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RE: [VIDEO] Very Bad Santa...

looks interesting, reminds me of the American Dad episodes with Santa where it all goes very strange, and violent :) 

Loved Walton Goggins since The Shield :)

btw loved the Bad Santa films

RE: Summer 2020 Football Transfer Thread

Gunnersaurus: Mesut Ozil offers to pay wage of Arsenal mascot

made me laugh when i heard it on the radio, as a soundbite "Ozil to pay Gunnersaurus wages" without context is odd :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

are they from that "can you spot a troll" quiz that got posted earlier ;)

RE: Summer 2020 Football Transfer Thread

yeh, i remember him being a good kid when he played for us, and then went to Arsenal, I wasn't bitter, anyone would have done the same thing, and he always showed respect when he came here and scored a few :)

RE: Summer 2020 Football Transfer Thread

Everton big spenders:

Ben Godfrey 25-30m!!!

rumours Theo Walcatt coming back down here! Some bitter fans hate the idea, I'd be happy for him to come back.

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

they do that once or twice a series don't they? Chris does something like a 1 minute round up or the best family car, best hatchback, best suv, best company car.

As someone who knows nothing, and cares v little about cars, that's plenty :)

an hour of someone driving a ford mondeo from home to school, then Tesco, then home, then school, then doing that in a zafira, then a touran. followed by them driving from birmingham to milton keynes, and back again in each of those cars doesn't sound like something I'd watch.

RE: [VIDEO] Monster Hunter (the movie)

what about Mortal Kombat, oh, I see your point ;) Wasn't the first Resident Evil film good? I forget how many more of them I watched before I gave up ;)

But it's nice that they can still give each other films to direct and "act" in, maybe there's a Uwe Boll inspired tax loop hole they found?

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