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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Viewtiful Mark says...
"Now the person who said this apparently said, hey, you can take this with a pinch of salt. I'm just a guy on the internet. However to me, if this is true and we accept it for a brief moment, what on earth is really happening here?"

you/the person you heard it from has been listening to Bandicoot too much? be honest, was it bandicoot who told you this?

RE: Browser change

not helpful, but Edge works here as I would expect like other broswers wirh regards to remembering history, passwords etc

RE: [VIDEO] Tenet (2020)

released 12 August now, with cinemas opening this month, starting off with old films,

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir

No other country will be able to buy remdesivir, which can help recovery from Covid-19, for next three months at least

The US has bought up virtually all the stocks for the next three months of one of the two drugs proven to work against Covid-19, leaving none for the UK, Europe or most of the rest of the world.

Experts and campaigners are alarmed both by the US unilateral action on remdesivir and the wider implications, for instance in the event of a vaccine becoming available. The Trump administration has already shown that it is prepared to outbid and outmanoeuvre all other countries to secure the medical supplies it needs for the US.

RE: Superman's cape for sale - can I borrow some money please?

yeh, a mate has some of the glass display cabinets to show of his lego star was models, but display cabinets for Haz Mat suits etc!

I guess some of this stuff is ust kep in storage lockers, ppl just like to have it, I can't talk, my parent's loft is full of my childhood star wars toys etc!

Superman's cape for sale - can I borrow some money please?

Christopher Reeve's Superman Cape Can Be Yours—For a Sky-High Price
There’s been no shortage of memorabilia from the Superman film franchise starring Christopher Reeve, but a new item being offered by Julien’s Auctions could be considered a cut above other film props. It’s a cape worn by Reeve for sequences in the Superman movies, and it could fetch up to $40,000 at auction.

The auction house is also offering a space suit from 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey ($200,000 to $300,000), a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am used for appearances as KITT from Knight Rider ($100,000 to $200,000), and hazmat suits worn by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad ($500 to $2000).

I get in trouble when an amazon box turns up with a blu ray, or another usb cable, but a car transporter with KITT? Wow, to have that much disposable income.

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RE: [VIDEO] Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11

I'm a series or 2 behind, but in any case:

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed for an eleventh season!

“Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are. One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.” –Larry David

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RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

this gets a lot of play on the radio

really like it, I think I first heard her on Jools Holland last year, listened to the Grey Area album a lot. Kind of funny hearing the "proper" version after being used to the radio edit. bit like when you hear the proper version of "Paris" by Kanye and Jay - Z after knowing the radio edit :O

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

We'll do a "lessons learned" excercise, so when this all blows over, we'll know what to do next time, and it won't be a problem, oh :(
Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

So far, it hasn't posed a big threat, but Prof Kin-Chow Chang and colleagues who have been studying it, say it is one to keep an eye on.

The virus, which the researchers call G4 EA H1N1, can grow and multiply in the cells that line the human airways.

They found evidence of recent infection starting in people who worked in abattoirs and the swine industry in China.

Current flu vaccines do not appear to protect against it, although they could be adapted to do so if needed.
it never rains but it pours, these viruses are coming along like busses.

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RE: [VIDEO] Liverpool, reigning European Champions, 2019/20 Thread

made me laugh Saints official replying to Liverpool Fans twitter account:


Southampton FC



You've had enough from us...

Quote Tweet



· 3h

Hey @SouthamptonFC, congrats on your win today. Just wondering if you’d consider letting us have @IngsDanny back at Liverpool? We’d happily let you have Lovren back in return.

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

i saw the 'highlights'.

You took advantage of our sloppiness first half, probably should have done so a bit more.

Then second half was businesses as usual for us, great attacks until the goal is in sight then it's stage fright :(

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

the speech at the end is beautiful, arguably his finest work.

Olympus quits camera business after 84 years

I think like Kodak, they assumed their name would be enough to survive on, and never really got the hang of making good digital cameras, and then with so many ppl happy to just use smart phones that was the end.

Margarita Pracatan: Cuban singer beloved of Clive James dies at 89

She can carry on entertaining Clive James now, a name I haven't heard in donkey's years (well actually probably heard it mentioned when Clive James died), but still remember watching her on Clive James, never quite sure what was going on :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Pie Thread!

made me laugh...

Jonathan Pie



So from July 4th, you can’t hug your gran but you *can* go on Nemesis with her at Alton Towers. Seems sensible.

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Played a bit of Marvel Strike Force over the weekend, good fun if you like these games. What has become painfully obvious is, is that the "best" game, is the one where you know/like the toons.

i.e. I'm not going to switch from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes to MSF, or Disney Arena, not just because I'm so invested in my roster, but because I know/care about the toons more. I've collected some toons in Marvel and Disney, but I don't know who they are, so it's hard to "care" about them.

Also most annoyingly, you can tell that the Star Wars developers know they have the "Biggest" franchise, as there are certain aspects of the other games which are so much better, not just from what I've played but from some of the youtubers who comment, some "defecting" to cover non star wars games due to various soap opera style antics with the Star Wars developer Capital Games.

There's a few games which use the same engine for a fantasy game, but I can't see myself being interested in random dwarf/troll whatever against someone else.

it's bad enough using a team of 5 different Clone Troopers, trying to remember which one does what ;)

RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

I know you mean, it was like watching a friendly, or when you have the World Cup on in the initial group stages and you're watching 2 countries you have no knowledge of.

The empty stadium looks weird, i thought the crowd noise was ok, seems to go up and down at the right points, but is not "aggressive" enough at times.

I guess the person who presses the buttons for crowd noise is new to this as well, maybe it's like VAR, will take a while to work properly?

On the plus side, Pick is my new favourite channel, much better than Sky, BT or BBC ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

damn, should have made a film:
Unsubscribe: The $0-budget movie that ‘topped the US box office’

But on 10 June, one box office-topping movie was watched by just two people, in one cinema.

Unsubscribe, a 29-minute horror movie shot entirely on video-conferencing app Zoom, generated $25,488 (£20,510) in ticket sales on that day.

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RE: The Premier league 2019/2020

Handy list to see which matches are on TV:

Saints official page just says BT or Sky, this site also says the ones on Pick, BBC etc

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020


Have I Got News For You


Premier League’s return hailed a success after Arsenal’s defenders manage to stay two metres away from Man City at all times.

I'm sure you'll laugh back this time a week and a day's time :(

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ANyone use film cameras still?

got a daily email from 7-day shop and it advertised camera film - no idea if it'sa  good price or not

Star Wars: Squadrons

spot which bits are in game, and which aren't ;)

PS4, XBone, and PC

I guess it's a spiritual succesor to X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter

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[VIDEO] RE:What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

Fontaines DC are certainly one of the better bands on R1 at the moment, really like this song, and the Later with Jools Holland version is nicely different:

RE: What We Do In the Shadows

Started again Thursday night on BBC2, they're showing 2 episodes back to back.

Both were v funny, welcome return.

He didn't want to give too much away, but Mark Hamil was very excited to be in an episode coming up as he's a massive fan of the film and show :)

RE: [VIDEO] Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

couple of bands I love doing covers of "classic" songs regarding current times;;