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RE: Ceefax rest in peace.

my dad uses it and my elderly next door neighbour - 2 ppl who don't have the internet, can't remember last time I used it, probably on holiday when couldn't get internet on phone.

I guess that generation are the ppl that will miss it the most, but Excel has told someone it's not worth the time and effort to maintain

RE: [VIDEO] Paracetamol shortage

Loads of shop's own ibuprofen and paracetamol in my Tesco today, maybe Brexit isn't happening, of they ran out of warehouse space for profiteering?

RE: [VIDEO] Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

Yeh, I saw "walk the line", then got the Def American CDs, then the older stuff, was all I listened to for a while a few years ago! All the covers of alt rock songs are genius.

Recently I got a nick cave greatest hits, took me ages to work out where I knew one song from, then realised it was a Cash cover I was more aware of!

His two autobiographies are interesting, written at different periods in his life, do his outlook on rock n roll decadence changed

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RE: Android malware on the loose

I didn't install it, but that Age face one was very popular recently

RE: Android malware on the loose

he 24 apps in question were noted as being:

• Advocate Wallpaper

• Age Face

• Altar Message

• Antivirus Security — Security Scan

• Beach Camera

• Board picture editing

• Certain Wallpaper

• Climate SMS

• Collate Face Scanner

• Cute Camera

• Dazzle Wallpaper

• Declare Message
• Display Camera

• Great VPN

• Humour Camera

• Ignite Clean

• Leaf Face Scanner

• Mini Camera

• Print Plant scan

• Rapid Face Scanner

• Reward Clean

• Ruddy SMS

• Soby Camera

• Spark Wallpaper

The apps listed above have all been removed from the Play Store by Google.

RE: [VIDEO] Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

One of the greatest cover versions ever, rare example of artist making the song his own: Why did Johnny Cash cover Hurt?

RE: Women's World Cup

Took my dad to Saint Mary's last night, first time I've been to an International, (he saw England twice donkey's years ago at old Wembly) are they all like that ;)

one of the hoarding adverts was for Ladies England Germany in November

Tickets will go on sale to members of the Lionesses Supporters Club at midday on Thursday 6 June, before going on general sale on Thursday 13 June. Advance ticket prices are £10 for adults and £1 for kids.
Hopefuly they'll keep price nice and now for the proper matches down here, I don't want to spend £100+ to take the girls for them to get bored after 5 mins :(

RE: Paracetamol shortage

we could do a swap, my Tesco had loads of paracetamol but no cheap ibuprofen :(

RE: Brexit

i don't think there's much for any side to be happy about really :(

RE: Twitter problem

what if you use twitter in a browser, that's what i do on my phone (puffin browser)

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

the new Tool album - Fear Inoculum -so far so good\m/ \m/ :)

actually seems to be worth the hype and critical acclaim!

Nice doom/sludge/stoner/prog, heavy, but also catchy in places

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RE: Apple Watch 3 screen popped out

They did, I won, doesn't feel like winning, but there we go.
I remember going with a friend to see a solicitor, I was there for moral support for my mate having issues with work. The solicitor warned him something like

"it's not like the movies, or TV, it's hard work no matter how right you are, if you win, there's no jumping up and down to celebrate, it's exhausting, even if you win, you'll feel like you've lost, but it's your decision, but the way you're sat, there's nothing wrong with bringing someone here, it's good to get different input, but that suggests court may not be best for you".

a few letters were exchanged, my mate "won" without going to court, seemed easiest solution.

Well done for having guts to do so, I'm guessing they know most ppl won't be bothered.

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RE: [VIDEO] The All New Doctor Who Thread...

I remember at primary school when we were introduced to the school library, I didn't know where to start, so the librarian asked me what sort of things I liked, I must have said Dr Who, and she found a Terrance Dicks Dr Who novel for me.

weird what things we remember, and what we forget isn't it!

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

still only playing SWGoH (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes)

What was originally a way to kill 10 mins here or there now absorbs a lot of time being in a guild, raids etc.

Still enjoying it, I'm mostly FTP, (free to play) but there's a lot you can do for free as long as you're content to never be a contender for top 100 arena.

RE: Heat and IR (I'm back)

how difficult would it be to try the units in another room?

how about unplug them all from the wall power, and try one by one?

it's electronics maybe unplugging them from wall overnight and plugging back in again in morning may help?

that may be what you did but wasn't 100% sure.

try changing the batteries(sorry couldn't resist), or better than than roll them in your fingers a bit, or pry out the little spring with a screwdriver.

actually, have you been using cheap poundland batteries - some ppl swear by them, but I've had the batteries leak in a few things, sometimes they don't completely leak, but enough to get some debris on the contacts so you may need to gently file/sand them down. (borrow a nail file, or scrape with a scree driver)

Honestly I'm not clutching at straws, but you never know

RE: Cable question

is that plugged into the wall, or plugged into a pc/laptop?

it takes over twice as long for my phone to charge when plugged into the laptop as it does plugged into the wall, but I don't think that's to do with cable.

RE: Frack off

you should be a politician, that was quite believable

RE: Morrisons to put price of bags to 30p

I've never had a problem using Tesco bags in Sainsbury's or vice versa, or walking out of the shop just carrying some bananas I bought at self service.

One time I bought a vacuum cleaner and nothing else in Sainsbury's, as I left the shop the security guard said 'excuse me sir, I didn't see you go through the till can I see your receipt please.?'

So I showed him receipt and said ' I'd have to have a pretty big pair of balls to walk off with a vacuum cleaner.

He thanked me, and said "you'd be surprised"

When I do big shop, I hang carrier bags on hook on back of trolley( I leave emoty ones in boot of car now, as I used to forget to take them), and when paying bag them and put in trolley. The only slight inconvenience is they used to be able to scan and bag if you were still putting things on conveyor belt.

When I've left bags in boot, I've walked out pushing trolley full of things, never been questioned.

Maybe you just look shifty ;)

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RE: [VIDEO] El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

I remember "Jesse" and "Walt" "blew up the internet" (well they didn't, a few Breaking bad fans got over excited :) ) a few months ago when they both simultaneously posted on twitter:

RE: [VIDEO] Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

it won't be on them though will it, hence all the Marvel stuff going from Netflix, Disney's new streaming channel will have all the new Disney TV, loads of old Disney TV, and all Disney and Pixar films, Marvel Cinematic Universe etc and new marvel shows

[VIDEO] RE: Star Wars spin-off series The Mandalorian

and more ker-ching

Return of the Jedi: Ewan McGregor to reprise role as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ewan McGregor is returning as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a new Star Wars series for Disney's upcoming streaming platform.

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

even little things can't be manufactured cheaply enough here.

Apple used to proudly make their machines in USA, but the factories there couldn't manufacture enough of a little screw - i wasn't sure if i was remembering it correctly so a quick google:

i think we'd have a similar problem.

I still think Europe want a good deal, Italian and Spanish farmers must export a lot of tomatoes, strawberries etc to us, my parents have always bought UK ones as "they taste better" but i think most of us want the quality/price ratio to be right.

RE: Mirror less DSLRs

one of the Currys near me had gone as bit like Dixon's used to be and actually have at least one knowledgeable camera expert, you may be surprised if you go there and ask.

RE: Car Insurance question

it should be a year exactly, normally it states very clearly the start date and time of being date 00:00 and then ending a year later 23:59. you'll need to ask them, it must have said when you bought it