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RE: Changing my free Antivirus recomendation

what re ppl using these days? I don't use the missus' laptop much, but when I do explorer often crashes, bitdefender is the problem according to eventviewer, so it's going :(

may just use the MS one, haven't done research into it for a while

RE: Louis Theroux returns to BBC Two with three new films about LA

Love Without Limits

that was interesting, kind of thought the people wanted to have their cake and eat it, wanted the best of 2 world/families, and their partners let them do it out of risk of losing them if they didn't :(
Maybe it's one of those things unless you think that way it's hard to understand?

Choosing Death

The people wanting to end their life due to medical conditions etc. was sad, but understandable, but that part of it wasn't that unusual, what was more interesting was the group who help ppl commit suicide, but don't actually help them, as that would be illegal, but offer advice on how to do it, what to do. Grey area, and hard to see exactly what their boundaries are and their "rules".

Not watched the other one yet

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RE: [VIDEO] Movember

no itchiness at all, I only get that on my neck if I don't shave a week.

I'll miss it Monday morning on my walk to the office from the car ( I have to park 10 min walk from work) when my top lip feels cold!

RE: [VIDEO] Movember

last day of #Movember @MovemberUK @Movember

RE: If Star Wars Episode IV was anime

Mine have seen a bit of Star Wars Lego cartoon, and enjoyed that, but I don't think they could watch a whole film yet, they don't normally sit still to watch all of their films, do this could be quite nice father daughter bonding time :)

Funnily enough, the other day I was playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and I was looking at Darth Maul:

T1: that's a baddie.
Me: how do you know that?
T1: he's got a red light sabre, and his face.
Me: what colour do goodies have?
T1 and T2 in unison: green or blue

So they're getting the basics :)

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RE: Chance of wining lottery decreases tomorrow

I play it every week, it's only a few quid, I know fully well, I've extremely unlikely to win big, but on those rare occasions I get an email to say I've been lucky, it gives me a moment of joy :) I've won a tenner a few times, 50, 60quid a few times, I'm certainly down on what I've spent over the years, but it's not as if I'm not feeding the family by spending money on it.

i remember at an old job in the risk register they put down lottery, just in case the syndicate won! And another they said that if they wanted to run a syndicate they couldn't have everyone from same team, so there had to be several syndicates with teams split up between them.

RE: Star Wars™: KOTOR £2.79 @ Google Play Store

not played it much, but seems good, touch screen works fine.

£2.99 on Apple now

20p difference, another reason Android is better ;) *ducks*

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RE: [VIDEO] Ricky Jay RIP

didn't know the name but recognize the face, as you say, from Deadwood.

I love those "simple" card tricks. My first job when I graduated was in an office which was situated in a 3 story town house, there was 2 or 3 of us in a room.

One of the more senior guys, was in the magic circle, every now and again, he'd come in the room and show a card trick, or something he had learned/bought at the weekend.

I remember one time the boss walked in, as we should have been working, but he was mid trick, the boss looked at us, shook his head, and said " nevermind, I'll come back later" :)

Anyway, I'd be a foot away from the guy, and I never saw how he did these card tricks, or the ones using little gadgets. a couple of times he wouldn't let me touch them, other times he did let me look at the deck of cards :)

I had a Paul Daniels magic set when I was a kid, I remember there was a pack of cards in there, and they were slightly angled, so that when you asked the volunteer to pick a card, you'd turn it round when you put it back in, you'd shuffle the deck, then it would "easily" slide out, unless you had dropped them and had several the wrong way round :)

RE: [VIDEO] Movember

haircut this morning, my barber pointed out my mo was longer than my head hair now.

1 week left to mo

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[VIDEO] RE:Cover Versions (Beware - Old Fogey Music)

At work the other day we were talking about cover versions, and how some are bloody good, and you don't know they're covers (Soft Cell's Tainted Love being an obvious example). On another forum someone mentioned NIN's cover of Hurt. I had to tell them NIN was the original, Johnny Cash covered it, and did such a bloody good version ppl think it's his song, cos he made it his own.

Anyway I got a Nick Cave greatest hits the other day, I'm only familiar with a few songs, but  I had it on in the background the other day, and thought, "that sounds familiar".

So it turns out the rather excellent "The Mercy Seat" which I had heard on Johnny Cash's American III is a cover :)

I had never heard the Nick Cave version before but like NIN Vs. Cash, both versions are brilliant in their own right!

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RE: [VIDEO] The Lion King

It does look stunning, but I'll be honest, I don't see the point, other than to show off what they can do with CGI these days.

I never really understood the love for the original cartoon, it's ok, so maybe that's why I'm not that interested in this, but it seems to me a bit like that Psycho remake which was done scene for scene exactly the same, this trailer shows at least one scene which they've "shot" the same way but why? It's not a re-imagination of the same story is it, it's the same story, but "live action" instead, because they can?

I think I've got the dvd or blu ray that the girls were given as a present, if they want to to see this new version I'll just chuck the old one on. Now if they want to see Toy Story 4, I'll happily take them to that :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Movember

Robee J Shepherd says...
"It's as long as your head hair now!"

I'm going to sulk now, but you have a point, I'm due a haircut, but maybe I'll put it off  for another week or so :)

Star Wars™: KOTOR £2.79 @ Google Play Store

I hear it's v good, and works well on the phone, but some saying it needs a blutooth controller, but some say the ingame controls are great with touch screen.

RE: RIP William Goldman

even if you've seen the film a hundred times, read the book as well, best couple of quid I've spent in a charity shop :)

RE: Cheap energy suppliers

I recently switched to outfoxthemarket from Avro, just due to price, change went ok, unlike change from British Gas to Avro where BG continued to steal money from me for several months :(

Octopus can f off though, ringing me out of the blue when I'm TPS registered, complaint filed so hopefully they get a big fine, put prices up, and you switch to someone cheaper :)

RE: Stan Lee RIP

Rassilon says...
"I hope Marvel have banked a load of cameo's, as the movies will feel smaller without them."

A while ago at work we were talking about how sad it was to read the stories of his ill health and rows he was having with various ppl, some-one said that they had read that he started filming the cameos ages in advance as he didn't know how long he could do them for :(

RE: [VIDEO] They Shall Not Grow Old (Peter Jackson's WW1 colourised footage)

i had intended to watch the first 30 mins then go to bed, but stayed up to watch the whole thing, can't remember the last time I watched a non sporting event 'live'!

I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, but it was very good, and I can see why it's been sent to all secondary schools. Reading about the trenches, and bodies is one thing, but seeing the footage was quite a shock :(

As said above the treatment on their return home was unbelievable, but the interaction between both sides of soldiers was interesting.

Definitely WWaW

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RE: Free steam keys.....

lol, this is could be like one of those posts on HUKD where someone posts a link to an eBay seller for Windows keys, then there's a mixture of posts some saying thanks,  some warning that it won't activate, some warning that that the police will barge your door down for piracy ;)

Not that I'll use one (no time, I picked up the 2 KOTOR games for a couple of quid recently, never played them before) but thanks for the offer :)

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RE: Christmas Ads 2018

I wonder if it wasn't an already released GreenPeace cartoon if it would have been ok?

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