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RE: [VIDEO] La Brea

don't these things always start off well, and then just end up being "meh", maybe Lost has ruined it for everyone ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Chucky

I know I've seen the original, but don't remember much about it, not sure if I saw any of the sequals, I think the missus had some of them but we threw out all our VHS tapes ages ago.

I'm intrigued by this though.

RE: Help

well that was a thoroughly depressing way to spend a Sunday evening, I guess that's the point, just 2 hrs :(

Reminds me of Band of Brothers, I had seen it before, the missus hadn't, the penultimate episode episode where they go to the concentration camp, as it ended, she just about managed to say "can we watch something funny now".

I might have to watch a Ted Lasso now!

RIP: Jimmy Greaves: Ex-England & Tottenham striker dies aged 81

Former England striker and Tottenham's record goalscorer Jimmy Greaves has died at the age of 81.

Greaves began his career with Chelsea before spells at AC Milan, Spurs and West Ham.

He scored 44 goals in 57 games for England and was a member of the 1966 World Cup-winning squad.

Use to watch Saint and Greavsie with my dad every Saturday lunch time

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

they were amazing, it was a smaller venue than most of their current shows which helped, not sure what a gig at Eden Project would be like!

tickets sell out for their shows very quickly.

funny thing is he mentioned that last time he played here, was in a pub, and only 7 people were there, "don't lie to me, none of you f***ers were there, it's just like the Sex Pistols story, where thousands of people claim to be at a gig only a handful went to" :)

this was at full capacity, 700, but the venues on the tour proper I think are a couple of thousand?

RE: Women's World Cup 2023

£15 well spent :) Not sure how much attention I would have paid at home, but in a nearly half full stadium (deliberate so that the side the cameras show looks full :) ) it was an enjoyable way to spend an evening.

I had good seat, 9 rows back between 6 yard box and half so could see all the goals :)

The quality wasn't always brilliant, well actually, similar to what I saw on the Olympics, similar team I think, some excellent passing, and excellent crossing, but finishing was poor, should have been more!

yes, we should have score more than 8! 2 of them were own goals

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

the case says

but I can't see the ones I have there, mine look more like the Vic Firth ones here

ER20 rang a bell (no pun intended), googled it and found them

looks like they get rebranded as different things

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RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Robee J Shepherd says...
"What do concerts sound like wearing ear plugs?"

good, and if i had been wearing them my ear wouldn't still be ringing :(

I don't use those cheap foam things, but proper musicians ones, you can still hear it properly, I think mine were about £20, like a of of these things, you can spend pennies, or get custom ones, my mate in a band has custom ones, they took a mould of his ear so they look wierd :)£20 seemed a reasonable price for something that doesn't get used much any more, rather than £100s

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Lol, I got my ear plugs ready last night, put them by my car keys, but still managed to forget them :( I forgot bhow annoying ringing ears are :(

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

wow, Idles were awesome, when half through the 2nd song, one of the guitarists starts crowd surfing, you know it's gonna be good :)

The played a few old songs mixed in with new stuff and the crowd was just loving it the whole time, and the band seemed genuine when they stopped between songs to thank us for support etc over last year or so. This gig was an added extra one, you only got a ticket for by buying the new album at a local independent record store.

the other guitarist did a bit of crowd surfing and playing, standing on the crowd and sung some Celine Dion and other love songs for a bit, while the other guitarist surfed the entire length of the venue, got up on the balcony, and after a tiny bit of persuasion from the singer agreed to fall backwards onto us, rather than just stage dive off the balcony :) (he passed his guitar down first)

And the drummer is f-ing amazing, seeing him live, I don't know how he kept up the pace for 90 mins, they don't do slow songs.

RIP: Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

Home computing pioneer Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81Quote:

Creator of the landmark ZX Spectrum and the less commercially successful C5 died after a long illness

RE: Help

yeh, looks interesting, Stephen Graham often chooses roles that are thoroughly depressing but good :)

there was a bbc2 thing a while ago which looks sort of similar, James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan, funny in places, and then reaching for tissues at other points, was sort of good, bit too close to home to be enjoyable in places.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

so, I need to know, should I be listening to Nicki Minaj's advice on the subject? It's hard to know which tweets are fact, and which aren't ;)

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[VIDEO] Star Wars Hunters

was announced a while ago, android, ios and switch, now 2022

you can pre-register interest to get stuff at launch, it's free to play, no doubt if you want to rank high you'll have to whale, but hopefuly like SWGoH you can enjoy yourself for free :)

Looks like a more light hearted "fun" Star Wars game than we usually get, also interesting it's set in the universe, with generic/new Star Wars characters rather than using names we know and love, so far.

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RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

I saw Tony Hadley a few years ago, the company my missus used to work for hired a local venue, he was so good, didn't just do his songs, but other 80s classics, very charasmatic and amusing, he was brilliant.

I'm seeing Idles on Thursday, looking forward to it, just had email asking ppl wear masks, and proof of covid jabs/negative tests required on entry.

RE: [VIDEO] The Afghanistan abandonment

playing Devil's advocate, I guess it depends if you see it as being brainwashed from an early age, or a different way of life, way of thinking, religious belief etc.

You hear about modern Western women meeting a Middle Eastern man, they fall in love, she adopts his customs, as it's the only way they can be together.

Don't get me wrong, I hope that doesn't happen to my girls, they seem to feisty, obnoxious and pig headed for that, I mean independent strong women ;)

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RE: [VIDEO] Womans US Open Final

wow, i'd be bricking myself, maybe they're too young to really be afraid :) or as they just said, perhaps as the match gets to the end nerves will show?

RE: What were you doing on 9/11?

I worked in London at the time, our offices were a 3 story house in zone 3, I worked in a room on top floor with 2 other blokes, the boss worked in the middle floor, he came running upstairs and told us to shut up and listen to the news on the radio (we had radio on for background noise).

He was freaked out, he had been there a week before on holiday!

I remember everyone trying to find out what was going on, but bbc and every other news site just timing out!

Journey home on the tube was a nightmare, i think they closed loads of lines as a precaution.

I also remember there was a band who had to change their album cover as it was going to show an explosion of the two towers, and the Spider-Man trailer got changed as that showed the towers.

I still have The Metro from the following day somewhere.

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[VIDEO] RE:What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

I saw some grumblings when NIN posted about this, it was produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Die hard NIN fans can be a "funny" bunch, Reznor has moaned before that he's v opened minded about music, but sadly his fans often aren't, and it depresses him when he see bands he's hand picked as support act get booed!

Anyway, heard the song on the radio the other day, love it, you can hear it's almost NIN light with a female singer :) gave the album a go on spotify and it may be a grower as a few so so songs, but also a few really good songs on it.

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

I can get cracking with this now I've finished Mare, 2 episodes in ( I had started Star Wars Resistance, but well, that's not very good I hear it picks up season 2)

RE: Up to £100 Refund when betting on Spurs this Saturday

yeh, good old days when bargain buckets had regular posts forcing me to spend money, before hotukdeals took the spoils ;)

i remember the days when i couldn't go on internet at work, so would log in here in morning over breakfast, and when i got home, there would be a page or 2 of new messages to read! before facebook and twitter i guess

there was that gremlins game as well,

oh, good old days, cdwow, play247, amazon was just books, then games, cds and dvds

RE: [VIDEO] Mare of Easttown

wow, just watched finale. last night watched penultimate episode, wanted to watch last, but it was getting late, and saw it was a bit longer than normal so thought I'd save it :)

as it turns out it's longer cos there's a short "making of" at the end :)

anyway, really bloody good :) thanks, the score was really good as well, helped with the suspense, quite stressful at times!

[VIDEO] The Wire star Michael K Williams found dead

Omar's not coming any more :( Actually gasped when I saw this headline :(

American actor Michael K Williams, best known for starring in HBO drama The Wire, has been found dead in his New York apartment. He was 54.

US media quote law enforcement sources as saying he died from a suspected drug overdose. This has not been officially confirmed.

He was excellent in the Wire, such a great character,  think I first saw him in Alias, where he was great.

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RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

My dad voted leave, I voted remain, i remember saying to him "I hope you're right, and I was wrong"

RIP: Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding dies aged 39

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, 39, who had breast cancer, died on Sunday morning, her mother has said.

Harding revealed in August 2020 that she had been diagnosed with the disease, which had spread to other parts of her body
terrible, in someone so young, a reminder we all should check ourselves at any age