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RE: Tinker Taylor

mbilko says...
"now started it aint half hot mum, never to be shown again I would guess on tv"

A friend met one of the cast of that programme a while ago, he was very very  very bitter that it's not on all the time like Dad's Army so he hasn't earned any money from it.

RE: Euros 2021 (Men's)

half of me wanted Adams and Armstrong to do well, half of me didn't, don't want them to do too well though, or they'll be off ;)

RE: Euros 2021 (Men's)

shame about Scotland, I'm glad Che Adams and Armstrong got to play, Adams made an impact when brought on, Armstrong quieter than when he plays for Saints.

Good goals by Czech Republic though.

RE: Euros 2021 (Men's)

Philips was very good, a bit too good so noone else seemed to bother much ;) actually that's unfair, Stirling and Mings helped out when needed.

I didn't see the Wales game, but one of the comments was along the lines of "If Bale was anyone else he would have been substituted". You could say that about Kane, if the commentators hadn't said "Kane's hardly been in the game" every now and again, I would have assumed he wasn't on the pitch.

Dogtanian reboot

because we've all been wondering about that. I think we've got the whole original series on DVD, another of those impulse purchases from the Play sale, probably still in cellophane I think!

RE: Euros 2021 (Men's)

When they resumed Gary Linekar apologized that the camera showed the first aiders performing cpr etc rather than immediately cutting away, but that it was out of BBCs control. Showing Eriksen's wife in tears seemed bad taste as well, but as some people said, you can change the channel.

I guess it's the TV equivalent of rubber necking.

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RE: Windows 10 update warning

makes sense, you could spend that much on a usb hard drive, but if that died, or you got burgled you'd be screwed.

RE: Windows 10 update warning

at very least save docs to onedrive or dropbox so they're backed up on some-one elses computer.

depending on how tidy you are with your pc, then backing up can be pretty quick and easy, if you don't want to automate it.

i.e. if you put all your docs in my docs etc just attached a usb hard drive once a week and copy to that, some come with software to do it for you.

you could even use something free like easeus to image the whole pc once a week/month by hand or automatically

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

this Kevin Smith produced reboot looks better than the She-Ra reboot CBBC show.

RE: [VIDEO] Space Jam: A New Legacy

yeh, but the Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs already and if Lebron is too old/injured now to play, he needs the cash from acting. I think only half of the $96m he earned last year comes from actually playing basketball, the rest is endorsements.

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RE: Raising the age of smoking to 21...

yeh, the bloke who used to sit next to me at work smoked, I'd turn his tobacco over so I didn't see the picture as I walked past!

I remember an old house mate did one of the seminars about giving up smoking, the talker started off by saying something like "there's no point me telling you how bad it is for your health or how expensive it is, you know that, so that won't help you give up"

RE: Raising the age of smoking to 21...

There's dodgy dealings with cigarettes and tobacco now, well maybe not right now, but ppl bringing in loads from overseas to sell down the pub.

It's been a while, but I remember at uni there was often kids hanging around the shop asking us to get them cigarettes.

This seems a nice idea in theory, but I don't see it making any difference.

The kids who hang around in parks late at night will be comitting 2 crimes that will go unpunished.

Did putting the shutters down so you can't see the cigarettes make a difference? Maybe some ppl forgot to buy them as they didn't see them but just made an extra trip?

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RE: [VIDEO] Breakaway super league...

or put up merchandise, season ticket and prawn sandwiches prices ;)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

my elderly next door neighbor had first jab, at his GP, walking distance.

He had phonecall to tell him to get his 2nd, and told him where he could get it done, not the local GP any more! he knows fully well, that if he asked me to take him to wherever they can give him 2nd jab, I'd take him.

However, he has said "stuff them, if they don't want to give to me".

I drove 20 mins away to get my first, the missus had her first 5 mins away, but I drove her to where I had my first for her to get her 2nd. Bus there would have taken 40mins each way! I'm getting my 2nd, where she had her first!

I saw that some Boots are doing them, but there seems a lot of "luck" involved in when you ring/go to the website. First time I tried it, it suggested Isle of Wight, which admittedly isn't too far as the bird flies, but not really practical. I know a couple of people who have driven 30min or so to the next town to get seen.

My parents had no problem getting their second ones done near by, but mum drives.

So, I wonder how many ppl are getting let down/annoyed/confused by the system, or are just being stubborn?

The Covid center where I'm going to next is 5 mins as I said in the car, but I have no idea how you'd get there by bus, you may have to get 2 or 3.

So, there could be a lot of people who "can't" get their 2nd jab, or maybe won't make the "effort" thinking one is enough?it's not as if I live out in the sticks, I don't live that far from city center.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Si Wooldridge says...
"I don't want it to be me vs everyone else, but hard when there is such a consensus here. "

It sounds weird, but yes, you seem "unlucky". On this forum it seems either you are very much in a minority, OR, the ppl who share your opinion are less vocal than you.

There's probably another forum which isn't about politics, but the current subject is, where the multiverse Rob feels he's getting ganged up on.

RE: [VIDEO] Mare of Easttown

I think I only heard about this the other day as I saw a social media link to an article I dismissed as stupid click bait as it said something like "billboard shows Kate Winslet with no makeup"!

that trailer makes it look pretty good, added to the queue :)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

would you be happy to unfriend anyone who wasn't vaccinated?
do you mean in real life on on the net?

I was a "friend" with a friend of the missus, on facebook, but more to see epics of her kids playing with our kids etc, a few years ago, she was a bit Bandi, posting all sort of conspiracy junk, links to ads to healing crystals etc, so I stopped following her as it wasn't worth scrolling through the crap. However, having said that, she wasn't the sort of person I'd normally have been a real life friend with.

Now real life friends, it's hard to say, they're all for the most part sensible human beings, and as far as I know have had/or are waiting to get their jabs, I can't imagine them not getting it.

So I suppose, if a real life friend was posting anti vax crap I'd suggest they stop, point them in direction of real info, and stop following them if they persist, and if they wanted to me meet up, I'd explain why not and say no.

I mean, you can have friends with different opinions, if they want to be wrong, that's fine ;) BUT if they're spouting harmful BS then I guess that can hurt a friendship, but then again, depends if a real friend or an acquaintance. But then that can apply on line and real life, there's ppl I've never met in real life, but I value/trust their opinion/like them more than some real life ppl I know.

RE: Peter Rabbit

More of the same, which is good if you liked the first, not if you didn't :)

the missus, the kids and I laughed and enjoyed it, probably not as good as the first, but pokes fun at itself and some of the voice actors which is nice.

Again, the work on the animals is amazing.

RE: [VIDEO] Leverage:Redemption

I used to enjoy that show, I don't think I saw the last series, but have it here somewhere, I wonder if I need to watch that first? I'm guessing not :)

Clarkson's farm

I'm sure like "Top Gear" some situations are real, some embellished, but with that in mind could be amusing.

RE: [VIDEO] I thought we were on a break? Friends reunion

I'm about 1/2 way through, the old clips still make me laugh, some of the other stuff is interesting when it's them on set chatting about old times, Corden with them on the sofa is a bit annoying.

Not sure if "Chandler" is playing "Chandler", or due to his addiction problems he seems awkward and not so happy to be there as the others

RE: [VIDEO] This Star Wars watch brings the power of the Dark Side to your wrist

I don't think I'll be putting these on my wish list, mixed bag, I guess they know chuck a Star Wars logo on it, and they'll sell to some one who just has to have em all:

RE: [VIDEO] Steam console revealed at CES

maybe a new steam console:

Valve Is Reportedly Making A Steam Handheld PC That Sounds Like A Nintendo SwitchQuote:
According to new reports, Valve is working on a handheld PC to play Steam games.