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RE: Choices E-Rental ....does anyone use them

Been using them for 3 months. Excellent range of DVDs and normally send out ones near top of list. Good selection of preorders as well. Sometimes can be slow with turnaround, but most weeks I get through 5 or 6 DVDs (joined to the platinum service).

RE: England Cricket team need help!

We live in a multi cultural society and the English cricket team reflects this. You should be proud not taking the p***.

RE: Lee Bowyer

Bowyer is a racist thug and should be banned from life. Every week, he is involved in some stamping incident. I hope he ends up playing in Div 1 as he`s a crap player anyway.

RE: Bourne Identity R1 for less than £12!

Yeah, I`ve ordered a few times from them and they took about a month every time! Thet`re not the greatest but if you`re on a budget, it may be worth waiting for.

Bourne Identity R1 for less than £12!

Head over to dvdsoon where you can order this for less than £12. Only problem is dvdsoon are notoriously slow and you may have to wait two weeks before you actually receive it. Also, the Accidental Spy is less than £10 there.

RE: The Pledge...£7.99..incl p/p

you are spot on. The film is very average and dull. Before anyone insults my intelligence, I dislike Star Wars Ep. 2 and enjoy films like Memento, Ring, Boiler Room, Blade 2. Avoid the Pledge, it is deadly dull

RE: What did you think of THE TWO TOWERS then?

I though the Two Towers was OK but nowhere near as good as people are making out. The first 2 hours were slightly dull (and yes, I have read the books and love them). I wanted more action and less build up. The Helms Deep battle was rumoured to be much, much longer yet in the cinema, it lasted about 10 minutes. Hopefully, the extended DVD will shows us a lot more. Overall, a great film and very pleased with Gollum and Treebeard. I;ll probably see it again and enjoy it more next time.

RE: Wanted: A bunch of Horror movies wanted! Tradeing or buying.

I have the Wicker Man Pine Box and Night of the Living Dead 30th Ann Edition. Both are limited editions and brand new, factory sealed.

RE: Where can i get the cheapest playstation 2 games?

Blockbuster had loads of good games for £30 inlcuding Blade 2. Star Trek Voyager, Ratchet and Clank.