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RE: Apple Watch 3 screen popped out

I'd recommend using John Lewis if you can. Prices are normally competitive on apple products and often have a 2 year warranty.  Used them for an apple Tv, homepod and iphoneX.

RE: [VIDEO] Best April Fool`s gags?

Hard to decide which i want to be real the most..

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RE: Money well spent

He was the first name that came to mind when the story of the injunction broke. He just comes across as a POS.

RE: Metro 2033 Free on steam (24 hours)

That reminds me i haven't finished the sequel yet. I have them both on the PS4 remastered disc.

RE: [VIDEO] Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3

I can’t watch on virgin. They moved it to a higher subscription level than I’m on. Not happy about it and I don’t like using other sources.

EDIT: chatted to them on Twitter and after initially being told that this is only for the top tier subscribers they have now confirmed that anyone from More and up will get Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 via On Demand and it is now working 🙂

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RE: [VIDEO] Ash Vs. Evil Dead tv series

Fuming, season 3 has now been moved to the full house subscription level, so I’m not able to watch the new season on demand as I have done in previous years.

RE: Poundlands cheeky elf adverts

It was the busiest shop when I was in town yesterday. Cheap and crappy decorations flying out the door.

RE: Famous people in bit parts before they were famous

Gerard Butler in Tomorrow Never Dies as leading seaman 1.  Hugh Bonneville is in there too.

Vincent Schiavelli also turns up in Starsky and Hutch , but 2 years after One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, so not sure how famous he was and if it counts.

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RE: What Christmas movie will you be watching today ?

The Grinch right now. Its a Wonderful Life, Frozen and a few others on NowTV during this week.

RE: [VIDEO] Plumbus X

Sure there is a Trump joke in there too.

RE: [VIDEO] Plumbus X

I think that second video should make it clear. But it was made up for Rick and Morty and their multiverse cable television shows.

So its a nonsense product that doesn't exist with no real defined use.

RE: Famous people in bit parts before they were famous

Jeff Goldblum in Starsky and Hutch as a movie director. Although it was a few years after Death Wish so maybe he was already one of those 'Hey it's that guy' actors.

[VIDEO] RE:Plumbus X

How the Plumbus is made

RE: [VIDEO] Avengers: Infinity War

You mean bearded Cap?

Black Panther not out yet. 

Plus spoiler at the end if you haven't seen Thor:Ragnarok. Which I haven't..

How has Bucky got his arm back? 

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RE: [VIDEO] Charlie Brooker`s Weekly Wipe

Will that mean 2017 didn't officially happen and we can just forget the whole sorry mess?

RE: [VIDEO] Can I connect two routers

you only need cat5e rather than 6. although both will work not worth paying extra unless you plan on 10gigabit later.

RE: Fastest road production car

4 minutes to travel the same distance I drive to get to work at max speed. Normally takes me that long just to get on the motorway.

[VIDEO] RE:It's that time again - Christmas ads 2017

John Lewis' Moz the Monster. Left me feeling 'meh!'

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[VIDEO] It's that time again - Christmas ads 2017

M+S have recruited Paddington this year.

Aldi have Kevin the carrot again


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RE: How to sell an old car

Mine has 2 beer holders in the front, although most people tend to use them for coffee cups too.

RE: [VIDEO] Trip to the cinema

Just do what I do and go to the Monday morning first showing.  Normally  2-3 other people in there, sometimes as many as 5.   Then there was that time I watched a movie all alone.

Plus if you time it right you'll be out and at Waga Mamas before the lunch time crowd arrive.

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Base game. bought it on a whim just before the weekend.

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Its good fun Rob, scoping out an enemy base with binoculars, but not being sure where they are when you go in so you have to take each corner slowly, make your shots count, watch your back etc.

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Ghost Recon: Wildlands. With some self imposed limitations. No HUD, no fast travel allowed. No stealing cars from civilians. Can only change weapon loadout at a weapons box.

RE: Pretty good. Pret-ty pret-ty pret-ty good.

Anyone else had this foisted on them yet? ;-)

RE: iOS 64 bit apocalypse

I was asking for a friend :-) Updated my Mini2 to the new Ipad 9.7" a few weeks ago with a 3 year warranty from John Lewis.