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    Review for Man Under Table

    In Man Under Tableau, Guy is a guy who like most people in LA is writing a film. His life or his interactions are all with people in the film industry, pitching ideas, making a film and interweaving with surreal montages.

    However all I can think after watching was...

    What did I just watch?

    After twenty minutes I sat hovering over the Stop button, but stopped convinced that something/anything was going to happen. It did and it didn’t. The film is a tableau of surreal montages and interactions with various characters. The film felt like a film art installation, the kind you would sit in for a few minutes and then walk out. This is something I wish I did.

    This is possibly one of the worst films I have ever watched. Not so bad it’s good, so bad I want to contact the filmmaker’s and ask for eighty minutes of my life back. All of the actors, including Writer/Director and main star Noel David Taylor are awful. Timing is all over the place and it was neither dramatic or comedic, I am not actually sure what I was supposed to feel, other than confused and ultimately bored.

    Visually, the film has his moments and as I say as a ten-twenty minute art installation it could have been interesting. Instead it was just eighty minutes of nonsensical tableaus of nonsense. This is not a film I would wish on my worst enemy and it is definitely not a film I would watch again.

    The film can be watched as part of the Arrow Streaming Service £4.99 a month/£49.99 Annual Subscription.

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