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    Review of A Question of Sport: 2nd Edition

    6 / 10


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    It`s that time when Xmas stocking filler DVDs flood the market, and the number of DVD Games on sale this year has increased again. Once again I ask you to picture the scene....

    It`s Christmas Day, everyone is well fed and sleepy after gorging on the monstrous Xmas dinner. What to do next? Watch the Queen`s speech? Unlikely, as it will already have been leaked to the tabloids. Play a game - yeah that`ll stave off boredom until Doctor Who starts. The actual game has evolved over the years, from charades to cards to board games, to computer games and now DVD games.

    This then is in fact the 2nd edition of the classic TV show A Question of Sport to be released as a DVD game. A Question of Sport is a national institution, and has been since it was presented by the legendary David "errrrrrrrrrrrr" Coleman. Often parodied (including by myself and some friends several years ago), but never bettered.

    The format of the game is simple, like the TV show. You either play in single player mode, or as two teams against each other. You select answers as you go and the DVD player keeps score. It features the same rounds as the TV show, picture board, mystery guest, home or away, what happened next? and the one minute round. Everything is presented by Sue Barker.


    Simple 4:3 presentation which looks absolutely fine, and just like the TV show.


    DD2.0 stereo. Nothing much else to say about it.


    Nothing (but what were you expecting anyway?)


    Do you enjoy trivia? Do you enjoy quizzes? Can you always beat the teams on A Question of Sport? Even since the days of Bill Beaumont, Emlyn Hughes and Willie Carson? If so then this is your chance to prove your mastery of sporting knowledge.

    You either like DVD games or you don`t. I think this could be a handy gift to help stave off the rows about what to watch on TV instead of the Queen`s speech. It`s a bit of sports trivia fun and it`s just like the telly.

    The only problem with my copy was that all the answers in the first and last rounds were exactly the same, so I got to identify Roman Sreble three times on the picture board and identify the correct spelling of Hicham El Guerrouj as many times as possible in the one minute round.

    I`m sure that`s just a technical glitch with the review copy and the release version will be fine.

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