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Vixens Trilogy Box Set, The (Russ Meyer) (UK)

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Is she woman ... or animal?
Certificate: 18
Running Time: 0 mins
Retail Price: £29.99
Release Date:

This box set features three of the best-known movies in the filmography of the godfather of the `breastploitation` movement.

Vixen! (1968): Is she woman ... or animal?
Vixen (Erica Gavin) and her bush pilot husband, Tom (Garth Pillsbury), live in the remote Canadian Northwest. A young, robust woman, Vixen eagerly finds ways to temper her fiery libido while Tom is off picking up passengers in his plane. Also a racist, she takes pleasure in ridiculing conscientious objector Niles (Harrison Page), a black American friend of her brother`s. When Tom brings Dave (Robert Aiken) and Janet (Vincene Wallace), an attractive young couple, to the lodge overnight for a fishing getaway, Vixen takes carnal advantage of each of them. Tom, meanwhile, is oblivious to his wife`s libidinous activities. Later, when Tom gets a seemingly benevolent customer who wishes to go to Toronto, all seems fine. But when the customer turns out to be dangerous, Niles might be the only one who can help, proving Vixen to be unfounded in her prejudice in the process.

Supervixens (1975): Too much...for one movie!
In Russ Meyer`s `Supervixens`, Clint (Charles Pitts) works at Martin Bormann`s filling station to provide for his beautiful but excessively nagging wife, Superangel (Shari Eubank). When a neighbor calls the police after hearing a domestic squabble between the two, the call is answered by Officer Harry Sledge (Associate Producer and Jonathan Demme regular Charles Napier). Harry takes a liking to Superangel and comes back the next day while Clint is working. Though Superangel attempts to seduce Harry, he is unable to perform, leading her to ridicule him. His violent temper leads him to murder her in the bathtub, which results in Clint being framed for the murder of his own wife. Hapless Clint then goes cross-country in an effort to clear his name.

Beneath The Valley Of The Ultravixens (1979): From the minds of Russ meyer and Roger Ebert...
Junkyard worker Lamar (Ken Kerr) is having a strange marital problem--there`s only one thing that can turn him on, and it`s rather uncomfortable for his wife, Lavonia (Kitten Natividad). There is a chance that effeminate dentist/marriage counselor Asa Lavender (Robert Pearson) can help him, but it seems that he likes Lamar just the way he is. If Lamar doesn`t get help soon, though, Lavonia may go through every man in town to get her own satisfaction. Luckily, buxom radio evangelist Eufaula Roop (Ann Marie) may be able to help Lamar before it`s too late...

Special Features:

Directed By:
Russ Meyer

Written By:

Erica Gavin
Garth Pillsbury
Harrison Page
Jon Evans
Vincene Wallace

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