Review for UFC 127: Penn Vs Fitch

7 / 10

Michael Bisping is the great British hope of UFC. Since winning UFC's Ultimate Fighter he took that opportunity and ran with it. He hasn't exactly covered himself with title belts, but he has notched up an impressive three Fight of the Night awards. Here saw him face off against Jorge Rivera and it is a fight that is almost better than the main event.

I say almost, because in that main event, we have BJ Penn.

BJ Penn is a former Light Heavyweight and Welterwight UFC Champion and is so good in the octagon that he is destined to be in the UFC Hall of Fame. I love watching this guy fight as there is a fluidity and an intelligence to how he attacks and defends. This is all displayed perfectly in this fight against Jon Fitch. I had no idea who Fitch was, but he looks like he will be a main player in the UFC in the future and is already ranked as Number 2 Welterweight.

As with many UFC PPVs, after you get passed the main events many of the rest of the fights are nothing special, though some are as good as the main events themselves. Of the ten other fights Brian Enersole against Chris Lytle was a great fight and Mark Hunt's fight against Chris Tuchscherer was probably one of the best and hopefully Hunt is able to maintain that momentum for the future.

UFC 126: Penn vs. Fitch is a good DVD to add to the collection. It does not just rest on the main events and each fight is worth watching and that is always a good sign for a UFC PPV.

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