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    Review for VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly

    10 / 10

    VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly is a perfect DVD for young children. Even if you do not have strong religious beliefs, the main teaching from this show concerning friendship and sharing is something that all children could learn from. This is a fun DVD full of entertaining and silly songs that if your child isn't singing... you certainly will be!A while back I reviewed a Children's DVD of a show called Veggietales. Despite the Christian overtones I thought it was great and though it obviously wasn't aimed at me it certainly wasn't a show I would mind watching with my niece, nephew or now with my new daughter.

    The show features Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber who have adventures which all have to do with morality and good Christian beliefs through story and song. The mix of animation and songs is not a new thing. Ever since the Seven Dwarves sang 'Heigh Ho!' songs and cartoons have been a part of kids films and shows. VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly is a collection of eighteen songs sung live on stage. This is done with a use of costumes to recreate the characters from the show, which is highly effective and the use of human singers and dancers too.

    Songs include The Waterbuffalo song, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and the Veggietales theme. It also features wonderful covers of old songs including Footloose and a hilarious parody of Girls Just Want To Have Fun as Gourds Just Want To Have Fun. One of the highlights was a Backstreet Boys parody called 'Got No Bellybutton' which I could not stop laughing at. I was upset that The Hopperana song was not included, as this was one of my favourite parts of the last DVD, but can understand if that was too recent a song to be included. As you can tell the show has a lot of humour in it and reminded me of The Muppet Show with characters arguing about what Top Ten they were doing which was fun. This humour makes the Christian overtones of the show a lot more palatable.

    Though it is scattered throughout the show, the main message is about friendship, sharing and according to Larry that if Bob is not out getting ice-cream, he's out getting cake! This live is show is very entertaining and watching the crowd, you can tell that they are really enjoying it too. The way they were able to bring these characters to life is effective and the show does not feel patronising or that they are talking down to children. The DVD features a 'Singalong' option, backstage look and a trivia game. All are nice, with the rest of the disk dedicated to the show's back catalogue and their work with World Vision with lots of idea on how to help and share.

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