Review for The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

7 / 10

The Ultimate Fighter is America's Next Top Model for the UFC. That's really the best way to describe it. It often baffles me when men will mock women for following Tyra and her search for the next big thing (and really how many of them have become household names) and then will watch a show like The Ultimate Fighter which does exactly the same thing.

This year, UFC Legend Georges St-Pierre pits his team against the cocky Josh Koscheck. Each week we see the best that these hopefuls have to offer and each week we eliminate one until we have The Ultimate Fighter.

Other than the team leaders, there is nothing really different from last year (or the past eleven years for that matter). Although there is some great action from each episode, this does feel like a show that is just spinning its wheels and going through the motions. Appearances by Kimbo Slice and previous Ultimate Fighter contestant and coach Forest Griffin are nice, but these moments are few and far between. This is a shame as it really should be a great stepping stone to becoming a UFC star, but really when I look back at those who have won in the past and very few of them have gone to be main event stars.

At over fourteen hours long I can't say that they don't give you value for money. Though I do wish that for future sets they would cut the six disks down to maybe a two disk 'Best of' moments, because at times this show can be a little too much. If you did follow the show when it aired you may enjoy the fact that the set includes everything and as I say there is some great stuff here to watch.

If you are interested in UFC or MMA in general or maybe you are an MMA amateur and want to see what it takes to become a star, then this is a great season (as they all are) to show all the hard work, sometimes good luck and determination that goes into getting that contract. It will be interesting to see if we will be seeing the winner of this season in a main event in the future.

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