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Certificate: 18
Running Time: 104 mins
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Content Type: Movie

On the case:
Jon Voight , Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox play 'weekend warriors' who set of in two canoes down a mystery-laden Georgia river -  and discover a widerness of terror. Director John Boorman sets them - and viewers - on a knofe edge of survival. Adapted by James Dickey from his novel and nominated for three Academy Awards, including best picture, this 'absolutely first-rate piece of movei making' (Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times) draws us in with the irresistible force of a raging current.

Special Features:
4 part 35th Anniversary Retrospectivive with the films' stars.
Commentary by Direct John Boorman.
Vintage Featurette The Dangerous World of Deliverence
Theatrical Trailer

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7 / 10
This is the film with the famous 'Duelling Banjos' music very near the start.
In fact it is a 'duel' between a guitar and a banjo. There a variations of the tune throughout the movie that well fits the action and occasionally inaction.

Lots of exciting scenes of the 4 'warriors' shooting the rapids, interleaved with mounting difficulties in reaching their destination.

I enjoyed it and will play the duelling banjos scene over and over again.
posted by David Shepherd on 20/2/2011 00:12