UFC 100- Making History

9 / 10

I am not a UFC fan, but if ever there was a PPV that might change my mind, it would be this one. Although it's still not my kind of thing, I have got to admit the action on the two disks that make up UFC 100 is solid from top to bottom. Now, for me personally this event was sold on one thing: Brock Lesnar. A former WWE Champion it seemed he would try UFC and fail, but he managed to become the UFC Champion by defeating UFC Legend Randy Couture at UFC 91. Now he had to prove he was worthy of that belt by defeating the man who defeated Lesnar in his UFC debut at UFC 81 Frank Mir. Mir at the time was the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship after defeating Nogueira at UFC 92 and this fight was also to determine a new Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

One of the reasons I'm not a big fan of UFC is the violence, although as a WWE fan it seems odd that I'm quite happy to watch people put through ladders and cracked across the head with steel chairs, but the sight of someone legitimately pummelling someone until they bleed or submit is a little off putting. The other, which is clearly highlighted in a number of fights is that unlike WWE who can pace their matches to last a significant time, these fights can be over in a heartbeat and in some case in less time. Of the six preliminary bouts, of which only Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien is worth watching really, only three of them actually make it beyond round two. In the main card, which is fairly strong including an almost forgotten, but wonderful fight between George St-Pierre and Thiago Alves for the Welterweight Championship  none of the matches are boring and the Lesnar vs. Mir match lives up to the hype.

This two disk set should have been a bit more special if I'm honest considering the company reaching 100 PPVs when only a few years before it seemed that they would go out of business entirely. The second disk should have been some highlights from over the past 100 PPVs, but no doubt UFC will cash in on this milestone soon enough. The extras of behind the scenes footage is nice, but nothing that will watched more than once.

UFC 100: Making History is a great DVD set for MMA fans. The card is fairly solid and though I'm not a fan, this disk is certainly a good way to change someone. Let's see what UFC can do for their next 100 PPVs!

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