UFC Ultimate Fighter Season 9 United States vs. United Kingdom

8 / 10

So who would win in an MMA fight USA or UK? Well this season of Ultimate Fighter UFC wanted to find out with two teams Team USA coached by Dan Henderson and Team UK coached by Michael Bisping.

If I'm honest there is a reason why other elimination-type shows (e.g. America's Next Top Model, The X-Factor etc.) don't release DVDs of an entire season and it's simply because not a lot happens. I mean we all enjoy the audition process and the final two or three shows, but unless something truly memorable happens, it all just fades into the mists. That is what watching The Ultimate Fighter is like. If you are following as the show is progressing week by week it is fun to see who is getting better, who is getting worse and who is simply not improving at all. But to watch  all thirteen episodes of this show is quite a chore and maybe they should start releasing it more as a two disk highlight of the season with matches or other noted moments on extras.

That being said, this is a fairly good show, the 'auditions' episodes are great and really set the tone, but somewhere in the middle the show just devolves into just another reality show. Obviously, the fighting is a little rough at times and nothing like the professionalism you get from a UFC PPV match, but there are still some good fights throughout. The finale episode which is almost like a mini PPV and here is included in full with all the preliminary bouts that were not on the aired showing.

At a whopping seven hundred and forty nine minutes you are certainly get your money's worth when buying this set. If you are a fan of UFC/MMA or even just want to see what it would be like to train and compete then this is the DVD for you.

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