Review for The Penguin Book of Limericks

8 / 10

I was looking through my shelves of books, and as often is the case, I stumbled on one I wasn't looking for , but seemed relevant.

It is one of those very useful books that I dip into every now and again - usually as I am looking for some inspiration about a specific topic. Either I find something that triggers a useful thought - or I am amused.

My edition was published in 1983, and the political limericks are way in need of updating, in fact there is no separate part of the book for them. However I did find one that struck me as appropriate to the present day with the return of a Tory Government - with a tinge of Liberal Democracy. It reads:

Said Tebbit I don't understand 'em.
If they really want jobs, they can land 'em.
    If a work-seeking tyke
    Has no luck on a bike,
He can double his chance on a tandem
(by Gerry Hamill)

Here's a challenge for fellow reviewers to add there own limericks about The Coalition, as it drives us towards the big society! It will be quite a feat to get Osbourne, Cameron and Clegg in the same verse!     

I didn't manage that, but here is a first draft!

Our leader Dave Cameron has spoken.
He said society is broken.
    So he broke it some more
    And sold out the poor,
But taxed the bankers - a token!

We can send the best selection to Penguin!

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