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Ho to Make Politics Wok for you


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Your children's schools, crime in your neighbourhood, housing, your local hospital, the wind farm outside your town, or the rising cost of public transport - these are all political issues. But with party politics a turn-off, how can you make a difference?

Why should we vote? What do politicians do and why does it matter? Are you a Diehard voter, a Bloody-Noderr or a Tactical? What can your MP do for you? And why do they avoid answering direct questions?

Self-confessed born-again voter Daniel Blythe, described by The Times as a 'sharp, observant and energetic writer', covers the best general elections and the most underrated politicians. He explores the biggest political U-turns and betrayals, the part played by newspapers, and what manefestos really mean. He provides guides to how best to make your vore count, how to protest or be a local activist, and why you should care about by-elections.

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5 / 10
Following the General Election of 2010 there is plenty of material to add for the next edition! The challenge might be to get it out in time for the next General Election.

Given the state of the Nation's Finances, the  potential for wobble in the Lib-Con Coalition, I think the author should be getting ready soon.

We can be sure that there will be no election until one of the Millibands becomes the leader of the Labour Party!
posted by David Shepherd on 8/6/2010 15:10