MAGIX announces the release of Video Pro X4

From January 10th until 13th Las Vegas will be hosting the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Every year, the world's largest convention of consumer electronics attracts, in addition to the crowds of fans, important exhibitors displaying their latest technology. Each January in Las Vegas the tradeshow typically hosts previews of products and new product announcements. Therefore, MAGIX is pleased to announce the release of its next version of the ground breaking video editing software, MAGIX Video Pro X4 (US release date: January 31).

MAGIX Video Pro X4 is simply a great solution for professional video editing: the multi-award-winning software, which is geared towards the unique requirements of professional users, offers an unbeaten range of powerful post-production tools. Thanks to the new MAGIX Hybrid Video Engine, MAGIX Video Pro X4 leverages the efficiency of AMD's multi-core CPU and GPU technology, while incorporating acceleration through OpenCL™ for AMD Radeon™ Graphics.. As a result, performance is increased by up to 350% in comparison to previous versions during the output of AVCHD footage.

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"With AMD we found the perfect partner to enhance our video products with a faster and more convenient workflow. Our professional video software, Video Pro X4 and our consumer product, Movie Edit Pro MX, are our first video editing solutions fully compatible with AMD graphic cards and OpenCL", says MAGIX CEO Jürgen Jaron. Multi monitor set-ups are the future and MAGIX together with AMD gives every user the possibility to use up to six screens in video editing with a single  AMD Radeon™ HD graphics card and AMD Eyefinity technology. This gives the user more space for implementing ideas and "we have also found out that the benefit in terms of speed is huge: The processing of video effects like colour-correction, transitions and scaling on the GPU leads to great improvement in real-time video effect editing."

In 2012 MAGIX has no booth at the CES, but will be present on site with the MAGIX Vice President of Sales and Marketing in North America, Markus Gunn.

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