I don't remember hitting eject...

... but I've just been unceremoniously jettisoned from my comfort zone.

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I've been reviewing DVDs for Rob's sites for... wha... 2 years now (genuine moment of surprise preceded by finger-counting), and after 100-odd reviews, I've kinda cracked how to pull apart a DVD and lay its guts out for all to see. But lordy, trying to review anything else results in clumps of hair on my desk and wild sceaming normally associated with the morning on the toilet after the night before with all the cheese. I can honestly say I didn't enjoy writing up this rather crappy review of Crisis Core, because reviewing a game is so damned alien to me.

With a DVD, the formulaic-ness (word?) is expected. Narrative, direction, editing, performances and technical specs. But with gaming, there are so many facets to consider depending on the type of game, that, for me anyway, it all started to congeal into a wordy mush. In the end, I chopped a few thousand words off, stuck it up and revelled in its naffness as a) a much-needed games review for MyRev and b) a learning experience.

To be fair, I look back on my first DVD reviews with a pang of horror, as I'm sure many of the team do. It's a learning curve, you get better as you go on and you can't expect to develop a style first time out. I felt my DVD reviewing experience was of little use in this instance, but at least it's more informative than a GameCentral review.

Oh, and I lied. I reviewed Beyond Good and Evil years ago on Amazon, but only 4 out of 150 people found it helpful so I try to pretend it never happened.

The bastards.

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