Reasons Noel Gallacher is a Tw@ - #79

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As my good friend The C.H.U.D always says, unless they sing, recite poetry, work on Radio 2 or are Jenna Jameson, celebrities should keep their mouths shut AT ALL TIMES.

Eurogamer's industry and trade arm - which is better than Next Gen but worse than MCV - has done the world no favours by jumping on a BBC news story in which Gallacher, muffle-owner and guitarist for the world's fruitiest soft drink Oasis, expresses his celebpinion (new buzzword, folks!) on the current spate of knife crime fear generously whipped up by the consistantly irresponsible British media.

"If kids are sitting up all night smoking super skunk [cannabis] and they come so desensitised to crime because they're playing these videogames, it's really, really scary", said the Weller-wannabe as he picked up his Silver Clef award.

Yeah, me neither.

Now, Noel is as perfectly entitled to his opinion as the next person, but the angle of my gripe comes from people, celebrities or not, who, with little knowledge of or interest in the games industry, are quick to blanket-blame gaming for anything for the simple reason that it's about the only thing these disengaged mouthpieces know that kids do nowadays. Apart from taking drugs and stabbing people.

So there we go. Mild rant. I'm off to smoke crack and play Manhunt to calm my nerves


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Well, what do you expect? This git shamelessly copies songs and passes them off as his own on a regular basis. His opinions don't count as, like his songs, they're all hopelessly unoriginal 'copies' of stuff he's heard elsewhere. Ignore him and (hopefully) he'll go away...
posted by Stuart McLean on 9/7/2008 20:58
Who is Noel Gallacher? A Scottish relative of Noel Gallagher perhaps?
posted by Rich Goodman on 14/7/2008 19:16
This is my blog and in my blog, spelling mistakes are cool.

In fact, they're encouraged.
posted by Matthew Smart on 11/8/2008 00:07