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Hairy Biker dies

Par Mizan (Competent) posted this on Saturday, 2nd March 2024, 08:49

TV Chef Dave Myers dies of cancer aged sixty six RIP.

He was one of the amazing biker duo and I loved their TV shows traveling the UK and other countries. They were 'down to earth' guys and brought recipes that were tasty and heart warming food, rather than 5 star Michelin stuff you get in stuffy expensive restaurants.

Many TV chef's are obnoxious with anger management issues and too full of themselves. The Hairy bikers were the opposite of that. They were your everyday fellows, happy in their journeys, talking freely with those they meet on the road and loved the food they made, though could be a bit unhygienic at times with their poking of fingers and used spoons to check the food, but hey, who at home does the same? LOL.

I do feel sorry for his co-star Si King as that's the end of the duo and I suppose also the end of his career. That is always the problem with a double act when one goes first. Anyway they had a good turn.

RE: Hairy Biker dies

sj (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 2nd March 2024, 13:14

Yes, this was really sad news for me too. Always seemed such a nice guy and really thought he'd come out the other side and was on the way up.
There was an episode recorded not far from me late last year and was only recently broadcast too.
A really touching comment from his bezzy mate, Si King I thought:
"My best friend is on a journey that for now, I can't follow."
Bastard disease.


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