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RE: Fist of Legend - Region 2 release

The Di$ney R2 version is dubbed and no original language track. I think the film is letterboxed and not anamorphic as the Region 1 version wasn`t. If you want the original language, anamorphic print but you can understand French subtitles then buy the R2 French HK Video 2 DVD release, complete with the Disney dub version and the HK version. Unfortunately no English subs!! :-(

RE: Battle Royal (Tartan release) edited?

This could also be the age old fact that the R3 is NTSC and the R2 is PAL whichs mean that the R2 has a higher frame rate thus the shortened running time.

RE: DDDhouse - beware of customs.

If you get caught by customs I do remember one person on a forum saying that they complained to Customs and they refunded them some of the charges when they sent them the invoice with the true value of the DVDs on it.

RE: Whats up with Play???

Unfortunately it could be just you, as I can access the site!

RE: DDD House questions...

I have ordered a number of DVDs from DDDHouse and they usually reach me in about a week.

The picture quality of the DVD depends on the film i.e. Shaolin Soccer, Legend Of Zu both have good picture quality but there are quite a few which don`t. Also, sometimes the English subtitles can leave a lot to be desired, but most of the time they are very good and understandable.

DDDHouse merchandise is very much legit.

Shaolin Soccer is very funny and OTT fun. At the price you are getting it from DDDHouse there is nothing to complain about and it has some cracking special features to boot (all with subtitles or English translation). Top Stuff! Anybody used them?

Just wanted to know if anyone has used HKFlix as they seem to have a good range of HK DVD, even some that DDDHouse do not stock.


RE: In The Mood For Love Tartan 2 DVD Edition

I had already checked here but the review is still of the French version and NOT the UK version.

In The Mood For Love Tartan 2 DVD Edition

Has anyone got the Tartan 2 DVD Special Edition of In The Mood For Love? I can`t find a review of this edition anywhere, all I can find are reviews of the French edition.

I am thinking of buying it but given Tartan`s rubbish picture quality on most of their DVDs, I want to be sure that I am getting good picture quality. So, does the Tartan 2 Disc boast the same great picture that the French has (and features), or should I buy the French version/ wait for the R1 version?


RE: movies you like which no-one else does...

One film I find hilarious, but no-one else I know seems to, is Happy Gilmore.

RE: Terminator: Special Edition R1

My point is that we, in the UK, shouldn`t have to wait to see what the US disc is like. Every region should be treated the same by the studios, if they can put all this stuff on the discs in one region why can`t they do it for the rest? It`s almost as bad as bringing out a film and then replacing it a few weeks later with the Super Duper Nifty Special Ultimate Collector`s Edition.

But at least R2 has more features on the Traffic DVD than R1. So now, maybe we`ll all have to buy R2 for once!

Terminator: Special Edition R1

I have just read that for the American version of Teminator, Jimmy Cameron has recorded a new interview which has been edited into the existing documentary, and he has also recorded an audio commentary for the deleted scenes. So, once again the UK is stiffed with a high price for the DVD whereas, the Yanks will get the DVD cheaper and with more stuff on it. Then the major studios have the cheek to complain that the UK and other countries are importing too many DVDs!

As many people have stated: the film is more important than the special features, which is true, but it would be nice for the studios and people like Jimbo Cameron to get it right, not just for the US.

What is the WORST extra you have found on a DVD?

I`ll have to say it was the "alternative ending" on Scream 3. What a joke.

RE: Chasing Amy

I haven`t got around to buying the animated series yet. But I suggest that you get the original film first, as you can how the Kevin Smith films started.


The Phantom Menace on DVD. Then they bring out.......

So, Lucasfilm have finally announced The Phantom Menace onto DVD. But whats the betting that a a year or so down the line we get (just like Universal are doing) some kind Ultimate Dogs Danglies Special Ultra Edition of the film. Next they will bring out special edition of the other films and then of course like the recent videos, they will basically repackage the same films year after year, and pass them off as an even more "special" edition by putting on a special five minute featurette about Jar Jar Binks on them.

Cynical? You betcha!


RE: Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy is Criterion Collection disc, as far as I know this is the only "special" edtion of the film available. Judging by the fact that you have Dogma and Mallrats, it seems that you don`t own the classic that is Clerks. If you haven`t got this I suggest you get the Miramax Collectors Edition ASAP.


RE: What`s the worst film ever?

I would have to say that my worst films are:

Species 2
Halloween 3
Independence Day