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Off topic Can someone tell me if THE DVD FORUMS are down ?

Anyone know if they are down ?
Cheers Darren

RE: Bush Digital TV for 49p

Well the moneys been taken from my account :o

RE: NOKIA 7600 back again 39.99

This may be a stupid question(mobile numty) but if i get this phone unlocked can i use my T-Mobile contract sim in it?

For Sale: Fore Sale: PC C&C Red Alert Yuris Revenge Mission Disc Still Sealed

Bought by mistake looking For £10 + p&p
£18 at play
cheers darren.

Whats happened to th dvd forums.

anyone know i cant connect and i`ve got the shakes:-)))))

RE: What are these

who said the kodak site was hacked ?

RE: Onkyo txds595

Got one from when they were £300 (now £350). For the money this is a brilliant amp.Sound quaility is exceptional. and it is beatifully built to last. Nice learning remote too.I use mine with the quadral surround 1240 and the difference in quality from my old kenwood dd/dts reciever is huge. Btw the new marantz amps are worth investigating too.

RE: Amplifier/receiver

i got one of these a while back and i must say it the dogs b*****cks
it just purrs quaility baby :-)))))))))

RE: Range control with home cinema system

my pioneer 530 has drc (dynamic range controll) so when you listen to it at low levels the voices are raised a bit.

RE: What`s the first site you log on to when going online ?

im afraid its the dvd forums to check for bargains.then this site. then ispreview

RE: America`s finest-What are your top r1 discs?

Superman, the opening intro is awsome this is the dogs bollox

fightclub, allround excllence

t2 ultimate, what else can i say

galaxy quest, another spiffing soundtrack and an ace film


What about the sequel "Super gonads midget bashing 2001" is that on offer too? is it anomorphic?

sorry couldnt resist.

prologic question ?

i`ve noticed that when i list to movies in prologic mode i can hear garbled dialogue in my rear speakers. eg i was just watching dogma on sky and i can here it quite loudly. is this a problem with my amp (kenwood 5050d)or is it some thing to do with my speakers(quadral 1024`s ) or is it some thing else? help appreciated

The Spankster

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RE: Which Amp to buy?

yea but what are these speakers like are they any good? considering some myself.
btw the kenwood amp has had some good reviews check out

for a review.

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RE: Question about Dolby 5.1 speaker setup?

whats the Eltax Stargate X.1 Sub + 5 Satellites like with the kenwood ? i see qed are doing these for £109. I could do with a new system upstairs to go with my proline £60 woolies special.

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RE: I`m famous - well sort of...

I was on the simple minds waterfront video near the front.All those years ago sigh!

RE: Richer Sounds Online is Crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do DERBY, so everyone in notts lives near me in derby oh btw notts sucks big time baby :-)))))))) anyone used this canadian based supplier some of the prices are excellent. but are they reliable?

cheers the spankster

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RE: Most impressive overall Original Score?

come on what about chariots of fire. Jurusalem as it runs into vangelises soundtrack at the start is very moving .its good to see the brits whoop the yanks asses as well.

RE: Ezy 2001

My Appologies it was my mistake

RE: movies you like which no-one else does...

southpark the movie is awsome. Uncle Fu**a should have wone an oscar for best song.:-))

RE: Ezy 2001

it was £17.99 i think. i presume they got their pricing wrong

ezy 2001

At least im now going to order it yippeeee

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RE: movies you like which no-one else does...

Its a mad mad mad mad world. One of the greatest films ever made.

RE: Customs, £10.42, sopranos

How much did it say the set was worth on the label from ezy?

RE: 2 for £20 via p&p)

Rugby as well (best of 3 and its 1 all) ?

RE: ezydvd! again!

if you ask nicely they might send you a boomerang with your order :-)

RE: Hannibal

region 4 hannibal has the alternate ending and its out 3 weeks before the R1 which does have the alternate ending so does R2. so i guess its down to price.

RE: Ezydvd boxsets and customs

Grip What ?Dont talk bull***t they dont have teams of custom officers reading every forum etc.You`ve been watching too many bond films.and yes the only people who probably read this forum are bargain hunters. also if you search the forums about customs there are plenty of threads about which etailers get around customs and how. Just look at the (Importing Box set from EzyDVD) thread as an example.

nice to get an argument going, the forums have been a bit dull lately.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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