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RE: [VIDEO] New Amstrad CPC games

In that case, I'm out. It won't be the same if I don't have to sit through 30 minutes of loading screens and fax-like screeching.

RE: [VIDEO] New Amstrad CPC games

Do these still need to be loaded using a tape deck?

RE: [VIDEO] The Walking Dead: Season 7

I'm on nights tonight, fortunately. It's on fox at 2:30... sooo damn excited for this!


RE: New Year 'detox'

Yep... it's all a load of tripe. Just cut the crap that you put into your body and replace it with healthier alternatives. No need to spend money on fad products. Since new year I've completely cut out Coca Cola, I was previously drinking it pretty much every day, sometimes over a litre a day. It's worked wonders for me. I'm getting cravings for it quite frequently, I don't drink tea or coffee so it was really my big caffeine source and would be quite useful on the night shifts, but I generally feel better for it - I no longer get the daily bouts of acid reflux that I had before for a start, and I don't feel anywhere near as bloated. I've also swapped fast food for home made salads, which are just as quick to prepare and far cheaper. How long I'll keep it up for, I don't know... but I'm starting to reap the benefits of it already, so I'll carry on for as long as I can. Detox? Rubbish. Just eat healthier.

RE: Gis a click

That's not too bad - best of luck!

RE: Gis a click

I joke, of course.

What's the prize anyway?

RE: Gis a click

Read... Didn't think much to it though so voted for another ;)


Anyone played the PT "demo"? Turns out PT stands for playable teaser, and it's actually Silent Hill (or Silent Hills, as the new game is to be known). It comes with an interesting warning about not playing if you suffer from a heart condition. I took that a bit lightly, wondered how bad it could be... but wow... glad I don't suffer, because I swear I'd be dead now for real. I'm only a short way in to it, not even finished it yet as I had to come to work, but there were several points thought "there's no way on this earth am I walking down that corridor", and others where I wanted to turn it off altogether but for the sake of my own mind needed closure. It is without a doubt the scariest game I've ever played, scarier than pretty much any horror film I've ever watched - and I really don't spook easily. I don't want to spoil it with teasers, but if you've got a PS4 and haven't played this yet (and you're not a sissy little girl like myself... or maybe even if you are but enjoy the adrenaline rush), I can't recommend it enough.

RE: RIP Robin Willliams

So very sad. Not sure I ever saw an interview where he wasn't smiling. Such a big character, his passing will leave a massive void. RIP.

RE: A Touch of Cloth

Maybe I'm being too picky. I don't really know how it could improve after all... Did you notice the sign changing in the bathroom?

RE: A Touch of Cloth

Was a little disappointed this time round - don't get me wrong, it made me laugh, but feels a bit overdone now, and has lost it's original spark.

Am I on my own with this? Or maybe just getting old?

RE: one plus one

I wouldn't say it's entirely google free - comes bundled with a load of it, but simple enough to remove. It doesn't come pre rooted, but can be done quite easily. I'm not too clued up on that stuff though.

This invite expires in 6 days, if you can make use of it you're welcome to it.

one plus one

Anyone interested in this phone? Got one myself, its pretty impressive for the price.

Check out for the specs. I've got a spare invite if anyone wants it.

RE: A Touch of Cloth

Thanks - can't wait!

RE: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Took my two to see this on Friday while the mrs was at work, they both really enjoyed it (age 6 & 8).

Although they didn't understand all the historical references, they did get some of them - and the 8 year old asked me about a few of the others afterwards, so he ended up learning something too.

Thoroughly enjoyed it here - not as much as the Lego Movie though!

RE: Homebrew - beer, not piracy...

I'm still brewing lager, admittedly haven't done any in a few months after stacking up on San Miguel through a cracking deal at Tesco - 72 bottles for £26... x 3... glug. I've still got some homebrew in the fridge though, seems to keep pretty well, and I've mastered the fizz now too, well, when I say mastered, it's certainly fizzy, but perhaps too much so, need to get that under control! Really easy to do, just as Choagy says, make sure everything's sanitised or it'll taste & smell like crap, and not do your insides much good!


Love my PS4. No faults with it, yet. Only thing that took me by surprise (but I should have known about) was the mic being always on.

There's me minding my own business, happily whistling along to the music on Assassin's Creed... when suddenly another bloke joined in... and another... and another... kinda comical.

RE: I'm going to hospital today

Wishing you all the very best smurfette, hope you make a speedy recovery.

RE: Loan company call harassment

If she can get an address, send them a letter similar to the third one here:

Hope that helps. Failing that, have a peek over at consumeractiongroup forums - they'll definitely have the answer.


Gone for the killzone bundle with camera and 2 controllers. Got another of the same coming, which is going straight on eBay, hopefully will be able to offset some of the cost of the one I'm keeping. That said, eBay is flooded with them already!


I've gone for it, perhaps foolishly, only time will tell. Had my Amazon (*gulp*) preorder in since around July I think and am clinging to the hope that it's been manufactured elsewhere, with slightly different parts. I'm hoping for the best, but nevertheless prepared for the worst. If it fails, I'll probably just return it to Amazon as faulty, get my money back, and wait  a while. Will update next week...

RE: Any storm damage near you?

Just outside Portsmouth... we've got a fair few trees down locally, lost a couple of fence panels in our garden, but no major damage, reading the news there are some that have fared a lot worse. I worked the nightshift on Saturday night, and didn't sleep before / after, so when I got to bed last night I'd been up for 40 odd hours. Strangely enough, I slept through the whole thing!

RE: Cheap things from Amazon to get free shipping?

Try this site: As an example, top of the list at the moment, 5 folder dividers, 22p, dispatched & sold by amazon.  

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RE: Libel case by the McCanns (Madeleine McCann case)

My view on this (for what it's worth) is that if the McCann's were in the slightest bit liable, they wouldn't have pushed the UK government to get Scotland Yard to conduct their own investigation, and they'd not be suing for libel. These just aren't the actions of a guilty party.

RE: Video editing whizz needed - no rush!

I see where you're coming from Jimbo, but really not sure I'd be able to sit still! And the broken mic idea... I quite like it - thanks!

RE: Video editing whizz needed - no rush!

Thanks - not sure about before the end credits, I like the idea, don't get me wrong, but I'll be totally beside myself during the film!

Video editing whizz needed - no rush!

Gonna be looking for someone to edit together a couple of bits of video for me, any of you able to help please?

Booked to take the kids to Disney next year, not telling them anytime soon but plan on sitting down with them in front of a Disney film the night before, but cutting in with my own vid after the classic Disney opening bit and announcing it then (unless anyone has any better suggestions?).

Anyway, if you can help, let me know and I'll be in touch when I've recorded the video. Cheers!

RE: Spare Dead Space Steam key

Nice offer!

Any of you guys want a free steam key for Battlefield 3? Drop me a PM... I`m not gonna use it.