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RE: [VIDEO] No Mans Sky

Si Wooldridge says...
"Currently trying to finish Mass Effect 2...

Although I've got a fair few games planned out, actually was listening to IGN podcast the other and they were highly recommending playing these through, but blasting through Mass Effect 1 on easy mode (as not a great game, but good for the story to have your decisions from there).Any thoughts on that?

RE: Jonah hex (cowboy/fantasy DC comics)

I must admit I never watched it due to the critical reaction being so mad.Will try and check it out.

RE: Making a Murderer - Netflix Docu series

I take it everyone who liked Making A Murderer has listened to the Serial Season 1 podcast?On the off chance you haven't it's definitely worth checking out, there's about 10 episodes I think, but if you like Making A Murdered, it's definitely up your street I would say.

RE: How's it going guys

Good to see familiar faces about still, I honestly can't believe how long it's been.

Even since logging back in on Wednesday I was shocked then, I thought it was yesterday I did it! 

RE: How's it going guys

sj says...
"Welcome back mate - as long as you don't talk as much s*** as your new manager! "

This can't be guaranteed.

dkuk2000 says...
"The Return of our Fantasy football god ;)
Welcome back."

Do I get to keep the trophy yet?

RE: [VIDEO] Stranger Things (Netflix)

We absolutely loved this.

Rather than just be a homage to thing from the 80's like say Super 8 or others have felt, the tone and everything actually encaptured how all those great 80's films feel aswell.

RE: [VIDEO] Sense8 (Netflix)

I really intended to crack on with this, saw half of the first episode and was quite enjoying, but have just kept forgetting to go back to it.   Will need to carry on, once I finish the other shows I'm currently watching.

RE: [VIDEO] Porno cast confirmed? -That`s the sequel to Trainspotting not some film I`m making :o

Hopefull it will be good, they've apparently gone pretty far away from the books and done their own thing.The first film I would say only has one real scene of violence, that's probably "necessary" to show how unhinged one character is.Like RJS said, it's not that controversial really.

RE: Deadwood- Worth a watch?

We actually watched back through to episode 7 of Deadwood a few years back, but it's one we've constantly not got around to carrying on with.

With the film apparently coming, it definitely gives it a bit more incentive to finish it through.

How's it going guys

Hey guys, how's it going?

Long time since I've been on here.  Mad few years with weddings, kids etc, which also means less time for forums. Every time I came to log on, I couldn't get on and thought the password was with a dead email account, but I've just come on now and thought it might be with another old one, that I'd regained access to and I'm back in.

RE: The Self Destruction Of Manchester United This Season

pat-w says...
"I know it happens as most grounds, but I still think its unsportsmanlike behaviour."

I 'd say it's not just most, it's all grounds surely?

Can't say I've ever seen a penalty shoot out where that hasn't happened (even at World Cup with mixed crowds).

RE: The Self Destruction Of Manchester United This Season

sj says...
"Having said that there are far too many average (even poor) players there and I'd say without the two top players (RVP and Rooney maybe even more so?) they're ordinary at best."

Depends on your judgement I suppose.

Similar could be passed on Everton, Liverpool and Spurs, outside of their top 2 players being missing.  

Even City and Chelsea have struggled in past few season without their top 2 players, but obviously their squads are over and above everyone else. 

Mata is an immense signing from Utd's point of view.  Think it may spell the end of Kagawa which is a shame, but unfortunately he can only really play the number 10 role effectively, whereas the other options are Rooney, RVP, Mata, Januzaj (even Fellaini), so I can kind of see sense in selling him.

He's a brilliant player though, will do well wherever he goes if he plays the number 10 role.  We'll possibly make a profit on him as got him for £18million as only had a year on his contract.

Last night was just typical, I said during the match it'll go to penalties and we'll lose.

Worst thing is the De Gea mistake his body was actually in the right position, it's not like the ones where they are slightly off or don't get their body behind it, was just complete shambles by him.

After equalising and then them having the wind taken out, I got a bit optimistic, especially when Gardner missed, but then normal Utd at penalty shootouts prevailed     

We got lucky on the Champions League one against Chelsea, but that is the only time I can remember us winning a shoot out under Ferguson!  (Not that we had many and I'm sure we did have a couple).
League cup would have been good to have a shot at winning, but won't define the season.

Performances with the first choice team back in the league (even if don't end up getting top 4) and also in Champions League are what's going to matter.
Moyes still making mistakes, but confidence is the main thing now.  Doesn't take long to build that back up and if he can get passed this horrendous patch, then the rest of his Utd managerial career will be a breeze!

RE: The Self Destruction Of Manchester United This Season

I didn't see this thread the other day.

It's not been good at all, but it's also far from a disaster given how bad the results have been.

5 points behind Liverpool and they have to come to Old Trafford. Win that and there's 2 points in it (also need to overtake Everton/Spurs inbetween).

RVP, Carrick and Rafael injuries have massively not helped, as 3 of our key players.  

Rooney's injury on top, together with other injured players hasn't helped (ie Nani has massively been missed, as inconsistent as he is, he's still a very good player, which would have made difference a few times potentially).

Fellaini may be already classed as terrible signing, but he got the hand injury and tried to play through and his performances were average (same with Joe Allen last year).  He'd definitely have made a difference at times also.

Valencia has regressed horrendously and Cleverley just isn't good enough.

Moyes has made mistakes, but we're not at the point of no return yet.

I'm still waiting until the end of the season until making judgement, as Champions League place is far from impossible (if we hadn't lost to Spurs, we would still be a dark horse for title).  

League Cup semi final is only a one goal deficit with the home game to come (it's obviously low on priorities, but if you want to laugh at Sunderland loss you can't then disregard a win).

Champions League we have a relatively good draw compared to the other English teams to make it to the quarter finals.

Most players coming back from injury imminently and performances have been a lot better recently and Moyes is learning which players to bin off completely.

I don't think it's ludicrous to think that Moyes could even lift the trophy this year.  Chelsea and Liverpool were far from their greatest teams when they won it and both were languishing down in 5th in the league.

Would be complete meltdown if Utd do finish outside top 4, Liverpool get it and then Utd win the Champions League to "nick" their spot.  Although the rule was changed after Liverpool's kicking off in 2005, I'm sure the counter argument would around in those circumstances

RE: Justified - Season 4 UK coming soon

I'd missed it had started back up last week, will have to get involved.

One of my favourite still running shows.

Agree that I much prefer shows to not outstay their welcome and have proper defined endings (think Sons of Anarchy although having that in place, has actually overshot itself).

Has Boardwalk been confirmed to be on it's final season? (I'm only part into the last season at moment and need to catch up).

RE: Laser eye treatment

The risk from the procedure that I had, was that my prescription may have gone a little bit stronger.

Not sure on the risks for others, or other kind of treatments etc.

RE: Laser eye treatment

I was one of the ones who'd had it done in the original thread too and 5 years on and mine is still going grand.

Since then my brother, his wife have had it done and now my fiancée had it done last year.

She had it done with Optimax, as Ultralase had cancelled her original appointment about 3days before as they had basically been taken over by Optimax and there was a bit of uproar with redundancies etc.

As far as I am aware the dust has all settled and Ultralase, whilst owned by Optimax is still running as a separate company.

From the experience there was no real difference in the treatment  or recovery times (Ultralase had been a lot flashier in terms of offices and waiting rooms etc as a premium treatment, but I assume that's why they got into financial difficulty).

RE: Drakes Deception £10 in Tesco

Ah I thought that 3 was the peak.

I bought it for £6 used from Amazon just before Xmas.

I finished 1 in 2010 and immediately did a trade in on the Xbox 360 I had to a PS3 (previously had a shared PS3 with my brother, as I stayed at my mum's house during the weeks for work).

Got hardly any distance into the game and then got with Katie not long afterwards.  Barely had any time to play it anytime since, as always think it will take some time.

I do intend to actually blast through the 2 of them now in the New Year, as I work through my big pile of games that are barely played   (GTAV, Red Dead Redemption, Arkham City, Portal, Walking Dead: 500 days)

Plus got for Xmas, Battlefield 4 and Injustice aswell.

I did finish The Last of Us and Walking Dead Season 1 last year though, think with some other old games so I am getting through some slowly.

RE: The Official Liverpool 2013/14 Season Thread

That makes more sense now him being captain if he's been willing to commit to the new contract.

Would assume Liverpool won't have signed any ridiculous buyout clauses either, as otherwise better just keeping him with 2 and a half years left.

RE: The Official Liverpool 2013/14 Season Thread

sj says...
"Suarez was amazing the moment he got to pre-season training with the players."

He was in terms of ability, but believe he wouldn't celebrate with team mates after the goals when you were in Australia.  It was Liverpool fans who were the ones who were kicking off and telling me this, as I obviously wasn't watching the tour.

You do remember also that in mid-August Suarez was made to train away from the first team squad by Brendan Rodgers until he apologised to the club after he did another interview stating his desire to move away from the club?

sj says...
"I guess, as we didn't mention being without Centre half (Agger), LB (Enrique), Gerrard, Sturridge etc., neither they nor any pundit saw fit to mention it as an excuse.   I do love the phrase "Take nothing away ....." while then saying 'but they were without a, b, c & d' etc. :)"

But I said in Spurs defence, so giving mitigating reasons for them, saying they aren't that bad usually.

I only praised Liverpool above.  I could understand if I said, good result BUT Spurs were missing players.  I said Liverpool were sensational, but purely saying that missing 3 first choice centre backs will effect a team.

Same as when Utd smashed Arsenal 8-2.  I said Arsenal aren't that bad, there were players missing and they'd still qualify for Champions League.

I know Liverpool were also missing players, but they weren't from the same position.

You're obviously overloaded on centrebacks at the moment, but Rodgers has said in the past that the ideal squad size is to have 1 cover in each position (when saying why Carroll had to go and why he needed signings last year etc).

If you took away Agger, Skertel and Sahko and then got your back doors smashed in a game, would you give the team the benefit of the doubt or want Rodgers sacked?

PS- I'd add that the comments about Spurs lack of defenders would suit a Spurs thread more, but given there isn't one anymore there's no need to open one purely from that point of view (AVB getting sacked thread was after my original post).

Honestly even though I am a Utd fan I can praise Liverpool and it's not always looking to criticize

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RE: Homeland

Cheers for the "ideas", I did use the Kickass idea as a main option, but was down apparently.

Have watched the finale

Quite glad they killed off Brody, as wouldn't have made sense to have him about afterwards.

It's definitely gone from being the sensational show from the first season to being worth a watch nowadays, but think that was partly due to trying to make use of Brody and his family, which pushed them into the more contrived plot devices. Although saying that, the "is he, isn't he" of Brody was a key part to season 1 being so good.

Hopefully they will find a good route for season 4.

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RE: The Official Liverpool 2013/14 Season Thread

sj says...
"Not that they'd all play etc. but you can say similar things about most games.  We were without Gerrard (joint top assists in Prem this season?), Sturridge etc."

Missing Vertonghen, Chiriches, Kaboul are the first choice centrebacks though.

They had Dawson playing, who can't play the AVB high line due to lack of pace and also a central midfielder alongside him, with Rose being first choice leftback who was out and Vertonghen the second choice left back (playing out of position).

Like I said take nothing away from Liverpool, as even with those kind of problems it's still sensational, but it does make a difference for Spurs in defence of getting beaten that bad.

Having a couple of injuries across the team, is different to being down to their barebones in defence.  The problems partly of Spurs own doing by having Ekkoto out on loan and selling Caulker in fairness though.

sj says...
"With your captain injured and vice captain not playing, why not give it to the current probable best player in the Prem and possibly even the world?"

Just because of the way he went around all the clubs in the summer telling them he had a buyout clause to buy him.  Arsenal were obviously not top of that list so a whole host of the top clubs, plus City, Chelsea etc must all have been given those details aswell.

Then doing the lies to the Uruguyan press, changing his reasons for leaving from week to week.

Turning up for the pre-season tour and sulking about not being allowed to leave.

Don't think he should be villified forever and think wanting to leave for Champions League football is a valid reason for wanting to go to Arsenal, but just think coming back and having 10 great games and all is forgiven like nothings ever happened.

It's inevitable, that if Liverpool don't get Champions League this year, he's probably going to push for the move again this summer, with Madrid etc probably more likely to play ball next time.

RE: [VIDEO] RE:RE: Godzilla (2014)

Gareth Williams says...
"It's good as long as you don't expect Pacific Rim."

That's music to my ears, as kind of liked Pacific Rim, but actually far preferred Cloverfield over it.  I hated Peter Jackson's King Kong aswell 

I actually didn't really enjoy Monsters (feel I should watch it again as wasn't in the mood).

RE: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Agree with what you said RJS.

Definitely moments this season, but for the most part well below previous years (and last season was a big drop from previous years).

Feel like this and season 5 could easily have been told in one season, glad it's hopefully finishing next year, as definitely been a season where it's had too many set up comedic moments, double montages per episode, too much convenient characters working on misinformation.

RE: Homeland

I wasn't reading and clicked the spoilers, as assumed obviously I was up to date. Damn you leaked episodes!

(Cough, cough, regardless my usual torrent sites all seem to have died tonight if anyone can point me in the direction of somewhere active).

RE: The Official Liverpool 2013/14 Season Thread

In Spurs defence there were 3 first choice centrebacks out, plus their first choice left back, but regardless of that it was a sensational result from Liverpool.

I said to my mate early doors that this is probably going to be Liverpools best chance to win the title in a long time and also may also massively work against you in terms of qualifying for Champions League.

Considering all the great results, it's mental that assuming you lose to City and Chelsea away in the next 3 you'll more than likely end up at the mid season mark outside the Champions League spots.

Chelsea have been horrendous at the back recently and Aguero probably out for City, so again maybe just part of the things that just might go in your way for season.

As an aside, I think Suarez shouldn't have been captain today.  Think after his performance this summer, he should have had to have done at least a season to get himself full on back in the good books.

RE: [VIDEO] RE: Mob City (formerly Lost Angels / LA Noir)

Ooof only 6 episodes over 3 weeks, I was going to leave it a little while so could watch with momentum but don't need to now.

We have only watched the first Boardwalk Empire of season 4 so was going to blast through them, but this may jump up the que.

Got House of Cards I really want to get around to watching also.

RE: [VIDEO] True Detective

Gareth Williams says...
"The story will be entirely concluded by the end of the first season, so any future seasons will revolve around an entirely different set of characters and story."

Yeah that's definitely the way forward, as too many shows are ludicrous beyond the first season.  The Killing, Homeland are ones that spring to mind (even though I enjoy them, if they had the convictions to deal with everything then they could have stayed as brilliance).

RE: [VIDEO] RE: The Walking Dead: Season 4

Got to agree with Chris on The Governor and wait until you see Negan 

Was a good episode overall, I kind of hope they did have Judith die, but do also feel it may be a red herring.  Showing the body would have been a bit too OTT and gratuitous, so maybe they will stick with it.

I must admit I thought that Carol had killed them until this weeks episode and now I definitely think the rat thing was to show that someone else had done it, which would be the girl and Carol burned the bodies to cover for her.

Yeah the Govenor being shot, was a disapointment as think leaving him there to get done by the walkers, would have been a bit more fitting.

RE: [VIDEO] RE:Evil Dead remake...... is nothing sacred anymore . :(

The talk is they will be making a sequel to this, Army of Darkness 2 and then a coming together one.

Not sure whether this is still in the plans or not (I know they have been a bit more coy about Army of Darkness 2 recently).

RE: WinAmp being discontinued :(

I used winamp for years. Never got on with Foobar2k when I'd tried.

I actually just use iTunes nowadays but mainly because I use my phone/ipad to play music and podcasts etc.  I still have winamp and Foobar2k installed on the desktop as my alternatives.