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RE: Windows 8

Anyone having problems with failed updates

Seems to be a problem at the moment

RE: The Man with the Iron Fists

Chris Gould says...
Do you think it takes the **** when Superman flies or Spider-Man crawls up walls? Same thing

Science Fiction Charactors as opposed Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. They didn`t need to fly around on wires

RE: The Man with the Iron Fists

I like Martial Arts films

However people flying through trees takes the ****

The Man with the Iron Fists

Watched this last night starring RZA

Total hokum even worse than Crouching Tiger

Not sure why Crowe took a role in this film

RE: Duchess of Cambridge hoax call nurse found dead

She was the one who took the call but didn`t discuss the medical condition

RE: Landslide in Whitby.

May find Dracula`s grave now

RE: Windows 8

sashenden says...
Is it back to pay for now? There is a link a few pages back to get it for free.

Is was going by what the MS Upgrade Assistant told me

RE: Windows 8

Update went smooth no real compatability issues

Loving the tile design

Seems a long winded process to shut down also can`t  understand why they didn`t have any DVD play software included

Pity you have to pay for Windows 8 Media Centre

RE: Windows 8


Finally got my Windows 8 upgrade promo code for £15

Will be tinkering around tonight

RE: 1 in 6 UK users download illegal content

bandicoot says...
One thing that has cut piracy down a lot is getting the film from cinema into the shops as a DVD, ASAP

What about instances where you can get the film before it`s released in this country

End of Watch being a recent example

RE: The Official Formula 1 Season 2012 Thread

Agreed great race due to the weather

Vettel very lucky to win the championship

Hamilton ulucky again

Buttons victory will be overlooked

RE: Di Matteo sacked from Chelsea.

Hope Pep tells the russian twat to pee off

RE: Virginmedia customers.... how much is yours going up by?

admars says...
I was due speed increase in Summer I think, Decmber now

Said the same about my area re free BB upgrade speed but the engineer did a software upgrade on the modem activated it

RE: The Official Formula 1 Season 2012 Thread

Excellent race

Well done Hamilton

Alonso must be thanking his lucky stars

RE: Virginmedia customers.... how much is yours going up by?

Managed to reduce my VM package by £10 a month

Got free TiVO abd BB upgrade to boot

Loving the new 60MB speed

RE: Police Commissioners

Are we adopting more Americanism

RE: Now then now then Jimmy

Is this the end of the train

RE: The X Files on Blu-ray?

Good in it`s time but has aged badly

Not even HD can save it

Football It`s getting rather silly now

Firstly there was players wages destroying the game

Now we have the Society for Black Lawyers an unlected body trying to create apartheid 

FA really need to get a grip

RE: Abu Qatada back on the streets

What is more gauling his family are claiming benefits

Alcohol 120 alternative

Can anyone recommend an alternative to this excellent piece of software as it ain`t compatable with Windows 7

What Latop

Given up on the existing lappy with 1gb max of ram and woeful intel celeron porocessor

Budget of £350 max ideally used for internet browsing and downloading

RE: Comet up poo creek.

Jimbo :oÞ says...
You realise that kind of comment has been banded about fdor Currys since the day DSG bought it over?

I sure they have but Dixons disappered from the highstreet nothing lasts forever

Was in PC world store the other day and they sell a lot of brown goods which at one time they never did

RE: Comet up poo creek.

Snaps says...
Just need PC World to start stocking washing machines and it`ll be seamless.
I reckon Curry`s will disappear from the high street within 5 years, don`t think there is much profit in white goods

RE: Comet up poo creek.

Mark Oates says...
I think DSG`s days are numbered if they don`t get their act together.
How so

Dixons disappeared from the high street and is online only

They seem to be amalgamating PCworld/Currys

Windows 8

Any one upgrading

Is see that XP users like myself can upgrade

Not sure if the laptop can handle it

Costco Website

Their website up and running (google it) so if you can`t be arsed to walk round the place shop on line.

If you are not a member prices are 5% + VAT extra