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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Would that be the same Ramsdale and Saka who were responsible for the goals last night? 😊

You, like us, are light-years away from Liverpool and Citeh. It will take more than a couple of players to bridge that gap, and I'm not sure what being called up for the England team as squad-players is going to do for your PL chances.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"Still two players away from challenging the likes of Liverpool"

Was that a typo? Did you mean twenty-two? πŸ˜‰

RE: Red sun

I paid £25 to get the car washed and valeted yesterday, and now my motor looks like I've been off-roading in it. 😒

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"A stats guy I follow on Twitter gives St Totteringham's day an 84% probability."

Nothing sums up the gulf in class between the two sets of supporters more than this. Five years in a row we've finished above you and we haven't bothered to give it a name. Because it doesn't matter to us - it's not a trophy.

But I'm happy that it makes you happy. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

But on a serious note, I am (enviously) impressed with how Arteta has turned it around for you guys. If you don't make fourth now, it will be on a scale of bottlejob never experienced even by Spurs.

RE: Does anyone want to buy a football club?

Whoever buys Chelski has an enormous job on their hands, both financially and logistically, in terms of having to re-develop Stamford Bridge.

Spurs at least could spend some time playing at White Hart Lane when the new stadium was being developed, as the footprint wasn't exactly the same. Even then, we had to play at Wembley for two years while it was completed. I'm not sure Chelski will have the same luxury, seeing as the stadium will be on the same footprint as the current ground. A couple of years at Wembley probably awaits.

You'd think I'd have enjoyed our time at Wembley, seeing as Spurs never get to domestic cup finals but, trust me, it's a different experience altogether having to traipse there for your home league matches every fortnight. It's a horrible, soulless place unless you're playing in a final.

I hope they struggle like hell on and off the pitch post-Roman but I would say that, wouldn't I? 😜

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"I don't."

Well, it certainly makes a difference to a club that's looking to present as rosy a picture as possible to the outside world.

I personally think it's an interesting metric to know how many tickets your club has sold for a particular fixture but only when it's presented along with the actual attendance figure, for comparison purposes.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

I (kind of) get why they do it but it would be more informative to see both figures (tickets sold and tickets sold that turn up).

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"Nice big stadium but I don't think you've filled it yet have you?"

If you mean have we sold all the tickets for matches, we've done that quite a few times. The difference between us and Arsenal is that we only count in the attendance the people that actually turn up, whereas Arsenal count the attendance as the number of tickets sold even if they don't turn up. That's why the Emirates often looks half empty and they still announce the attendance as 60k. You have a lot of fickle season-ticket holders.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"Your problems aren't managerial they are Levy and board level."

Exactly this. I don't know whether it's Joe Lewis or Levy but we are a big six team without the big six ambition (yes, I know we spent a billion on a new stadium but that's clearly leverage, as far as I can see, for when they sell the club).

UNLESS... there is a massive Amazon-type sponsorship deal incoming for the stadium naming rights and NFL tie-ins, and we spend Β£400m on players in the summer.

I can dream. πŸ˜‚

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Credit where credit's due, you seem to be on an upward trajectory while my lot have very quickly got over the new manager bounce and resorted to type.

Fourth is yours to lose now. The only threat is Man Utd but I can't see them staying with you.

I'd rather finish tenth than in seventh if the Conference League is the reward. It is a poisoned chalice.

The Promise (La Promesse) - BBCFOUR

This started at the weekend, French with sub-titles, six episodes long and available on iPlayer. I've already binged the lot.

Missing girls and two intertwining plots set twenty years apart.Β It's very good.

RE: [VIDEO] Reacher

Finished Reacher last night. Brilliant stuff, cheesy as hell (the explain all at the end couldn't have been more contrived), and loved every second of it. Bring on the follow-up series.

RE: [VIDEO] Reacher


You learn something new every day!

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Take fourth spot, you can have it, I didn't want it anyway.

I was right behind the goal they scored the two headers in. * sobs *

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Er, I think you'll find that Spurs' trophy cabinet is currently as full as Arsenal's is.

RE: Kurt Zouma

I've watched it and. yes, it's horrific. You wonder how he treats his cat when he's NOT being filmed and to do this in front of his kid beggars belief. The self-entitled bubble these multi-millionaires live in must make it worth it to their partners, I guess.

Should never play again but we all know that West Ham will make a show of saying how disgusted they are, not play him for a few games and then he'll be back as if nothing happened. Money talks.

RE: [VIDEO] Reacher

"As a short ar*e I can't deny I'd love to know what it feels like to get the 'Oh Sh*t' reaction he does just standing and looking at someone."

Well, I'm 6ft 3in and, trust me, I don't get the same reaction as he does when I walk in a room, which is odd as I'm his double. ;-)

(still trying to work out how the smilies work on here after all these years as I get nothing when I click on the icon.)

Edit: and the quotes!

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RE: [VIDEO] Reacher

Four episodes in and it's bloody brilliant. As a result, just purchased Killing Floor and will read that once I'm done with the series.

As a 100% straight bloke, I feel slightly uneasy that I have a man-crush on the lead actor - I can't be the only one that wants to be him as Reacher! :-)

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RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

"Really, wtf was Partey doing? Close to a red on its own."

I thought it was a stonewall red card but I'm not sure how VAR works in this respect. If he's already been given a second yellow and is off anyway, can VAR overturn it to a straight red? Obviously makes a difference in terms of the length of ban, receiving a straight red instead of two yellows, as the former constitutes violent conduct.

And on the performance itself, I feel your pain. A replica of our semi against Chelsea, whereby aside from a valiant rearguard action in the first leg by your lot, I didn't for one second throughout either tie feel that Chelsea and Liverpool weren't going through.

The chasm between the top three (even though Chelsea are having an average patch at the moment) and the rest is huge, and not likely to get smaller for another few years yet.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh, my, what a wonderful day
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Let's get this Partey started!

If Carling did 24 hour football...

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

Oh what a beautiful morning,
Oh what a beautiful day,
I've got a wonderful feeling,
Everything's going my way.

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

"Noticeable that Sky's pundits and quite a bit of media were jumping up and down more over this match than the others that have been called off.
I wonder why."

Maybe because it was b*llshit? One covid case and you're scared of playing little old Spurs? Don't worry though, this will be forgotten soon enough - after a few decades, probably. xx

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

Great result for you lot, though Liverpool were awful.

Now I see reports that Arteta is trying to get Sunday's NLD called off, even though you only have one covid case in the squad.

I distinctly remember gooner fans crying "conspiracy" only a few short weeks ago about a couple of Spurs games being called off for covid but I'm guessing the silence will be deafening this time round.

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

"When you were going to win the league and we were going to be relegated."

Hold on, hold on, I never said either of those things! You have to make hay while the sun shines, is all.

Totally outplayed last night. Shows the gulf between the top three and the rest of us. Fourth is still a bun-fight between 3-4 bang average teams but give me the FA Cup (still hope) or Carabao Cup (sob) over fourth all day long. You don't tell your grandkids about the day you finished fourth but a cup final win - those memories stay with you forever.

Now, I'm off to find my Liverpool shirt for tonight...

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

I'm not so sure about slim pickings.Β Games in hand to go above you for the last CL spot, still in the FA Cup and still (just) in the Carabao Cup.

I'll be there tomorrow night but I'd say it's probably a 5% chance we can turn them over in 90 minutes and a 20% chance that we can take it to extra-time, so I accept that in all likelihood we're going out.

Still, this season is promising so much more than it did a few months ago under Nuno.

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

"I am going to find something totally un Arsenal to watch."

Spurs are at home to Brighton in the Fourth Round on 5th February if you're at a loose end?

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

Poor Tottenham for exiting the Europa Conference League by default?

I think it may be the best thing that could have happened to us this season. I certainly haven't met a Spurs fan that is unhappy about it.

Refunds are already being issued to those of us who had tickets for the Rennes match so don't read too much into the reports of the potential appeal by Spurs over the decision.

I'm far more interested in the West Ham game tomorrow night. Can't wait - should be a great atmosphere.

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RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

"If told don't even think about it then they're not likely to put in a request."

Told by whom?

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

"You know when we lost to Brentford having a number of Covid cases and were told to shut up, get on with it and don't even dare to mention it to the press."

Who told them to "shut up, get on with it and don't even dare to mention it to the press", exactly?

Arsenal didn't put in a request to have the game postponed as they hadn't met the required number of covid-affected players for a game to be considered for postponement. The other matches you're indirectly referring to all did.

RE: F1 Final race - wow!!

Exactly this.Β  ^^

The outcome of the race was decided by Masi and when he made his comment to Wolff - "It's called a motor race" - I think he knew that what he was doing was farcical.

In his defence, he had the eyes of the world on him and he wanted to provide a fitting end to what had been an exceptional F1 season but he made the wrong call in the heat of the moment under intense pressure.

The courts need to correct that mistake, even though I'm loathe to see sport decided in this way.

I don't believe for a second that Verstappen/Red Bull think they won the title in a fair way but that's probably not going to concern them too much.