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Die Another Day: Special Edition (James Bond) (UK)

8 / 10
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Shaken not stirred...on ice
Certificate: 12
Running Time: 125 mins
Retail Price: £24.99
Release Date:

James Bond`s newest mission begins with a spectacular high-speed hovercraft chase through a minefield in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea -- and the action doesn`t let up until the credits roll. From Hong Kong to Cuba to London, Bond circles the world in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. On his way he crosses paths with Jinx (Oscar ®-winner Halle Berry) and Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike), who will play vital roles in his latest adventure. Hot on the trail of deadly megalomaniac Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) and his ruthless right-hand man Zao (Rick Yune), Bond travels to Iceland into the villain`s lair: a palace built entirely of ice. There he experiences firsthand the power of a new hi-tech weapon. Ultimately it all leads to an explosive confrontation -- and an unforgettable conclusion -- back in Korea where it all started.

Special Features:
Audio Commentary with stars Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike
Audio Commentary with director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson
`MI6 Datastream`: an on screen trivia track with seamless integration to 19 behind the scenes featurettes

`Inside Die Another Day` featurette (77 mins)
`Shaken Not Stirred On Ice`: a car chase documentary (23 mins)
`From Script To Screen`: a Region 2 exclusive documentary (53 mins)
Mission Briefings: Intro and surfing / Hovercraft chase / Cube / Quatermaster / Ice palace / Car battle
`Evolution Of A Scene`: storyboard to finished film comparison including the hovercraft chase, car battle, blades and Antonov fight
`Inter-Action Sequences`: a multi-angle exploration of action sequences including the hovercraft chase and car battle
`Equipment Briefing`: a series of 5 vignettes about gadgets and weapons from the film
Image database of over 250 stills including: Poster campaign / Cast portrait / Special shoot / Sets and locations / Stunts and special effects / Vehicles and gadgets
`Title Design`: an inside look at the visual elements of the opening credits
`Digital Grading`: before and after comparisons of digitally altered footage
2 teaser trailers
Theatrical trailer
James Bond Special Edition DVD trailer
TV spots
Madonna `Die Another Die` music video
Trailer for the `007: Nightfire` PS2 game
`The Making Of 007:Nightfire PS2 Game` featurette

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

Audio Tracks:
DTS ES 6.1 English
Dolby Digital EX 5.1 English

Subtitle Tracks:

Directed By:
Lee Tamahori

Written By:

Samantha Bond
Colin Salmon
Michael Madsen
John Cleese
Judi Dench
Rick Yune
Rosamund Pike
Toby Stephens
Halle Berry
Pierce Brosnan

Casting By:
Debbie McWilliams

Soundtrack By:
Monty Norman
David Arnold

Music From:

Director of Photography:
David Tattersall

Christian Wagner
Andrew MacRitchie

Production Designer:
Peter Lamont

Michael G. Wilson
Callum McDougall
Barbara Broccoli

Executive Producer:
Anthony Waye


Your Opinions and Comments

10 / 10
its bond!
posted by les123 on 7/4/2003 21:52
8 / 10
Pierce Brosnan makes another outing as Ian Fleming`s James Bond. He does his best but the script does fairly limit him. The film begins well as Bond covertly sneaks into North Korea to catch the North Korean army dealing arms. Things dont go to plan, his cover is blown and the only way that could happen is that someone betrayed him. A chase leaves the arms dealer (the Generals son) dead and Bond gets captured by the North Korean army. When he is released, he is accused of leaking information by the CIA and Bond sets out on a mission to prove his innocence.

As far as Bond movies go, its certainly decent but not great.. The brilliant opening and title sequence and a few good stunts are all that come to mind when one looks back at the movie. The great opening sequence shows the huge potential this movie had. It could have been something really special. Instead, it becomes a mediocre mission with little one can talk about apart from the gadgets and girls. There was a time when Bond films had a certain style and charisma. That is all gone with this movie. A few cheesy lines is all we get.

The widescreen anamorphic picture is a delight to view absolutely gorgeous. Very sharp, clean, crisp and clear. The sound is also outstanding. For the first time a Bond movie has a DTS track and a DD 5.1 track. Both tracks are superb
The picture and sound are textbook stuff. A great disc to show off DVD.

The extras are a plenty. Great trailers, Madonna music video, Inside Die another day documentary that looks in depth at the making of the movie. There is a making of the madonna music video, 2 commentaries and lots of featurettes looking at the stunts and gadgets in the movie. Lots of great interesting stuff here. No complaints whatsoever, this is the full monty.

A mediocre Bond outing on a fantastic 2 dvd set. This is a must own simply because of its reference quality sound, video and extras.
posted by dicanio on 11/5/2003 06:04
8 / 10
Die Another Day is probably Bonds silliest outing but it is strangely enjoyable. Pierce Brosnan IS James Bond and he looks as if he feels more comfortable in the role. Though there are some stupid things about it (Invisisble Cars?) and the script limiting the actors and director Lee Tamahori.
though the first half is good, when bond gets to the ice palace it goes off the rails, with a stunning car chase to keep us awake. The twist is predictable and the ending involving a helicopter is just plain stupid.
this is the best bond DVD on the market with stunning picture and sound (DTS ES) and a extra disc filled to the brim with extras and to different covers Die Another Day has a reason to be owned , the film is something to watch when you have a good two hours to spare and the extras will keep you entertained for hours on end.
posted by verhoeven on 2/6/2003 16:57
10 / 10

Die Another Day is an interesting Bond Film. The plot is crap, but it`s strangely watchable. Though it does verge on the stupid, invisible cars for an example. But it`s Brosnan that makes it worth while. He excells as James Bond. James Bond also takes it on the wild side with new and invetive ways of editing the film together thanks to Editor Christian Wagner (Mission Impossible 2). The script is also a bit flat, but the direction by Lee Tamahori (Along Came A Spider) is top notch.


The sound is brilliant, whether it`s Dolby Digital EX or DTS ES
the results are fantastic


The picture is also quite good.


The best Bond release yet! Two fantastic Commentaries and a host of brilliant Documentaries. Disc 2 is jammed packed with interesting features and breakdowns.
posted by the_film_king on 7/8/2003 20:40
6 / 10
Die Another Day is a good Bond Movie but mostly it is not as good as Brosnan`s previous Bond Movies such as Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldeneye. 6/10.
posted by LFC_Lad on 23/1/2004 16:17
1 / 10
The Brosnan-Bond-films: lots of action and a terrible story. If you want to see a good Bond-movie, please watch the Connery and Moore films and not these bad Brosnan films!
posted by gossai on 27/12/2005 13:00