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Armageddon (UK)

6 / 10
8 votes cast
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For love. For honour. For mankind
Certificate: 12
Running Time: 144 mins
Retail Price: £15.99
Release Date:

When NASAs executive director, Dan Truman realizes the Earth has 18 days before it is obliterated by a meteor the size of Texas, he has only one option - land a ragtag team of roughneck oil drillers on the asteroid and drop a nuclear warhead into its core. Spectacular special effects, laugh-out-loud humour, great characters, riveting story telling and heartfelt emotion make Armageddon an exhilarating thrill ride you`ll want to experience like there`s no tomorrow.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital 5.1 English
Dolby Digital 5.1 French
Dolby Digital 5.1 German

Subtitle Tracks:
CC: German
CC: English

Directed By:
Michael Bay

Written By:

Keith David
Will Patton
Liv Tyler
Bruce Willis
Steve Buscemi
Peter Stormare
Ben Affleck
Billy Bob Thornton

Music From:
Trevor Rabin

Director of Photography:
John Schwartzman

Glen Scantlebury
Mark Goldblatt
Chris Lebenzon

Costume Designer:
Michael Kaplan

Production Designer:
Michael White

Michael Bay
Jerry Bruckheimer
Gale Anne Hurd

Executive Producer:
Jim Van Wyck
Chad Oman
Jonathan Hensleigh

Touchstone Pictures

Your Opinions and Comments

8 / 10
Borrowed this from Blockbusters. Great film that builds up in excitement. Some of the techno stuff gets hard to believe, particularly the bit where they are travelling around on the asteriod.
posted by Yves on 14/10/1999 03:50
7 / 10
I waited until the 2 layer disc came out. It is quite a good film with a 3-6 month repeat, however it is a little long and would probably be watched over two nights. Bruce Willis hams it up and he also cries

The story is fun, but a little silly - especially the MIR chapters (layer change around here), the effects are good the CGI is good.

The film is fast paced and watchable, it is a very good demo disc, the flipper WAS NOT a good demo.
The DD sound track is very good, and the picture is excellent.

Parts of the story line are a bit ludicrous, but you get swept along with it. The ending is a bit American and a bit sickly.
posted by Martin on 26/10/1999 20:47
8 / 10
This movie was born for the DVD.
Almost everything about it is awesome.
The transfer is excellent. I was especially impressed with the dark scenes near the asteroid. They were transferred with perfection. Of course, one cannot ignore the cool destruction scenes on Earth as well. They all look real. VERY real. :)
The audio is excellent as well. All the explosions rocked the house and the sounds during the asteroid scenes were really convincing.
It`s really a shame that there are no extra features for this movie. A real shame!!!
Bottom line - a great movie in all aspects.
posted by Zvi Josef on 21/7/2000 22:15
3 / 10
This films is technically good in terms of audio and visuals but is let down by crap everything else. The story is crap, the acting is hammy, the plot is ludicrous and once again the Russian character was played by a non-Russian actor. I found the part when they went to MIR on virge of insulting as the Russian space program was made to look a shambles, led by drunk astronauts, compared to the shiny NASA outfit.
The only bit worth watching was the meteor storm right at the start which put down the rest of the film as it was just plain more interesting and seens as the film was so long I was generally dissapointed.

No features=crap.

The disc had to swapped in the middle of a scene which seems a bit amateur considering they could have swapped sides at an earlier point, at the start of a chapter.

Me no like this film/
posted by Blazingmonga on 16/10/2000 02:44
2 / 10
Tubthumping Rubbish, Good print though and nothing to complain about in the sound department
posted by Richard73 on 23/1/2001 17:20
3 / 10
Crap film. Once again the rest of the world is shown as cowardly, amateurish and ignorant. Bruce Willis and his stereotypical mates must save the Earth. In the same mould of garbage as Independence Day, this failed to move me at all.
The worst bit, when Willis requests to never pay taxes again! I mean, what the f***, the world is getting blown up and you`re worried about taxes. I don`t know, maybe it was meant to be funny or ironic. Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler are awful in it. The rest of the cast do well with a poor script.
In summary, avoid this rubbish and watch something like Starship Troopers or The Rock
posted by morpheus177 on 5/1/2003 15:44