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In the Mood For Love (Special Edition) (UK)

9 / 10
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A film by Wong Kar-Wai
Certificate: PG
Running Time: 94 mins
Retail Price: £22.99
Release Date:

This special edition two-disc set presents a vast and sumptuous array of the very best of the director`s selected additional features. The special bonus features will satisfy the longing for audiences who have been seduced by In The Mood For Love and its timeless beauty, style and sensuality.
Hong Kong, 1962, Chow (Tony Leung - Happy Together, Hard Boiled) is a junior newspaper editor with an elusive wife. His neighbour, Li-zhen (Maggi Cheung - Days of Being Wild, Irma Vep) is a secretary whose husband seems to spend all his time on business trips. They become friends, making the loney evening more bearable. As their relationship develops they make a discovery that chagnes their lives forever...

In this sumptuous exploration of desire, internationally acclaimed director Wong Kar-Wai (Chunking Express, Happy Together, Fallen Angels) creates a world of sensuality and longing that will leave your breathless. This film has recieved undisputed international critical and industry acclaim, winning awards at Cannes 2000 for best actor, cinematography and editing.

Special Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Original Trailer
Deleted Scenes
Alternative Ending
Interview with Wong Kar-Wai
Wong Kar-Wai World Tour
On-set Report
Teaser Trailers
International Trailers
Promotional Trailers Reel
Cast and Crew Biographies & Filmgraphics
Poster & Stills Galleries
Costume & Styling Documentaries
Analysis & Reflections on the Music
Promotional Spot for Soundtrack
Composer Biographies
Interactive Mah-jong Game

Video Tracks:
Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1

Audio Tracks:
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 French
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Cantonese
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Spanish
Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0 Mandarin

Subtitle Tracks:

Directed By:
Kar-wai Wong

Written By:

Ping Lam Siu
Lai Chen
Rebecca Pan
Maggie Cheung
Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Soundtrack By:
Mike Galasso

Director of Photography:
Mark Lee Ping-bin
Christopher Doyle

William Chang

Production Designer:
William Chang

Kar-wai Wong
William Chang

Tartan Video

Your Opinions and Comments

8 / 10
Off the back of seeing the amazing Chungking Express, I bought In The Mood For Love. Personally, I don`t think this is as good as Chungking Express but, it is a damn fine film.

It is romantic, engaging and sad with great performances from the two lead actors (seeing as Wong Kar Wai didn`t write a script).

The visuals are good and represent the great look and feel of the film very well. The sound also does it`s job with a 5.1 mix. The features are very good indeed, ranging from the promotional material, deleted scenes through to recipes for the dishes created in the film.

Great film in an amazing package. Top stuff.
posted by wazza on 27/12/2001 14:13
8 / 10
"You notice things if you pay attention."

Hollywood has a very cliched view of romance. In Hollywood films, the intended couples meet, must conquer an obstacle that very nearly keeps them apart forever and ultimately end up with each other to live happily ever after. It happens to Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts all the time. If you want to see movies about real people with real emotions; if you want to see a movie that will rip your heart out and touch you to your very core, you have look outside Hollywood.

One of the most emotion-wrenching films of the past decade has easily been Wong Kar-wai`s stunningly beautiful "In The Mood For Love." If you have a romantic bone in your body, this film will find it and fill you with more emotion than 100 Hollywood weepies. If you`re in the mood for a film of pure romance and emotion, you`re "In The Mood For Love."

In the Mood For Love is an anomaly in contemporary film. It is complex, multi-dimensional, and real-to-life. But it is about people that are moral; characters that react to pain with honor. Nowhere will you see the sacrifice of principles for momentary fervor. But if the passion isn't obvious in the actions, it is apparent in the faces. The leads make an art of underplay.

Nearly every frame of In the Mood For Love could stand alone as a gorgeous photograph. Co-Directors of Photography Christopher Doyle and Mark Li Ping-bin find ways to deliver colors that are at once brilliant and gentle, with a look that speaks of reality, but in a subdued Technicolor. Their use of close shots and obtuse angles lends the film a sense of heated congestion that adds to the ardor. William Chang Suk-ping's editing should be studied by anyone interested in that art. In a movie mostly about two people, with virtually no action and no tasteless "we're 2/3 of the way through, lets have a steamy sex scene" mentality, he still manages to deliver the goods. You spend much of the movie on the edge of your seat, riveted by the human drama and the seductive undercurrent, all the while feeling that we are catching the action as a casual passer-by instead of a gawking voyeur.

"In The Mood For Love" is a haunting an unforgettable film about the love shared by two people from a bygone era. If you are a fan of the movie, then this is a DVD you will want to own.
posted by Aslan on 6/10/2002 04:44