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    Review for I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

    1 / 10

    If they do serve beer in hell, I guarantee the film they'll be watching is this one! My head hurts at how much I hated that this film exists. Its very existence destroys any progression human beings have made to prove that they have evolved beyond fire and woman! The fact that he claims that everything we see on the screen actually happened is neither here nor there, though if it did I shudder to imagine what the real guy is like!
    Tucker Max is a smart ass, the kind of guy who can never be in a stable relationship, is thinking only about sex, beer or lazing around. Essentially, he's every guy I have ever hated. Why would I want to watch a film about him succeeding? Simple. I wouldn't. Watching this film is like watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre and having Leatherface win. Why would I want to see that? Simple. I wouldn't.
    Tucker decides to take his friend Dan on a trip to celebrate his bachelor party. This leads to all sorts of lies, mishaps and stuff that even the American Pie writers would think was juvenile until they end up in a strip club and Dan ending up in jail because Tucker abandons him. Because of this, Dan's fiancé bans him from the wedding and Tucker must now make it up to everyone to get back.
    Why would I care? Simple, I don't.
    As I'm sure you gathered, I hated this film and it's not the fact that it is poorly constructed, badly written and acted and is simply not entertaining, it's all this and so much more. The fact that they have the audacity to put 'The hilarious US Hit' on the front cover makes me wonder who exactly do I go to file that False Advertisement lawsuit? On a budget of $7million, the film made $1.4 Million at the box office. It was also one of the worst reviewed movies of 2009, despite the fact Tucker promised a box office blockbuster and even predicted an Oscar nomination for himself makes me wonder is he that far deluded from reality or is he as much of a fool as he is portrayed on screen. Well, I suppose if it is totally true then I guess there's my answer there. So what part of all this says 'Hit'?
    I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a horrible, horrible film. If you want to watch some stupid humour and naked girls, just go and find American Pie at least they knew how to create a character we cared about.

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