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    Review of Eye of the Beholder

    6 / 10


    Until this disc popped through my door, I`d never even heard of this film. Apparently it did get a cinema release over here, during June of this year (2000), but didn`t really do the business at the box office. So this film will probably be new to most people. Unless of course you saw the original French version "Mortelle randonnée", released in 1983. You didn`t? Can`t say that I`m surprised! And you haven`t read the original 1980 novel on which both films were based either have you?

    Ewan McGregor stars as some form of British secret agent (it`s not really made clear), who is assigned to investigate a woman named Joanna Eris, played by Ashley Judd. The film concentrates on these two characters, as McGregor`s professional and personal lives become entwined, as he becomes enchanted by the woman he is investigating and haunted by the image of his own daughter.

    Other notable cast members include Patrick Bergin, Jason Priestley and musician k.d. lang (that`s how she prefers her name to be written).


    The film is presented as a 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer, and is excellent throughout. Given that this is a relatively unknown film, released by one of the smaller DVD producers (no disrespect intended), this is a very impressive effort indeed.

    Some great locations are used, and there`s some interesting framing going on, with some interesting transitions between scenes. Top marks all round for the visuals.

    One other thing - the region one DVD contains a 2.35:1 anamorphic transfer.


    A choice of DD2.0 or DD5.1 audio track. I chose the DD5.1 and was very pleased with the result. Dialogue is sharp and clear throughout the film, there are some good surround effects used, and there is some good deep bass on offer too.

    The soundtrack plays quite an important part in the film, and the score is very effective in places.


    Not too much on offer here. A not very good trailer, a cast and crew list, which in most cases also leads to a very short (1 or 2 minute) interview, and some "behind the scenes" footage, which is not very interesting at all.

    Nice to see a bit of effort in trying to give added value, but these extras don`t really add anything to the disc itself.

    The biggest shame is that we don`t get the director`s commentary from the region one disc - this would definitely have added something to the whole film, and would have made me watch it again.


    This is another of those films that is quite difficult to review. The technical details are fine, with great picture and sound. There are some extras, but they`re not really worth bothering with. But what about the film itself?

    Well, it`s quite bizarre. A mixture of good and bad, predictability and unpredictability, good casting and miscasting. The film seems to have been panned by most critics and a fair number of viewers.

    But I think that some of the criticism is unfair, as it`s not that bad a film, and I`ve seen much worse in my time. There are some good Hitchcock moments in here, and some great visuals. Sure, there are big plot holes, and definitely one or two confusing elements to the storyline.

    The film is let down badly by the ending, and it`s not a film for fans of big all-action thrillers. However, when all is said and done, this is a film that`s worth a rental. You might hate it (like so many critics), but then again you might be pleasantly surprised.

    If you`ve already seen this film and want to own it, I`d recommend the region one disc, purely for the addition of the director`s commentary, which I feel is essential given the nature of this film.

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