Review for WWE Wrestlemania 31

7 / 10

Wrestlemania is the pinnacle of the wrestling business, but this year I'm not sure whether I missed something when I watched this show. I usually try and avoid Spoilers when it comes to reviewing PPVs, but I think this would be an event that would be impossible to review without discussing the outcomes to the matches. If I'm honest, much of this event felt like any other PPV. Many people have said that they thought this PPV was Good... To me, when we are talking about Wrestlemania, Good isn't Good enough.

The Intercontinental Ladder Match was fantastic, though when you look at who was involved you could almost predict it would be. There were a great number of crazy moments and this was certainly one of those 'highlight reel' matches.

Randy Orton against Seth Rollins was a rushed match, saved only by an amazing finish. Bray Wyatt against The Undertaker was simply not good enough for Wrestlemania. Compared to the last few years, this was a poor showing by The Undertaker and a weak match all round. The Bellas against Paige and AJ was a great amount of eye candy for a completely pointless match.

Rusev against John Cena for the US Championship was a little weak. Nothing was made out of the fact that this was Rusev's first defeat and the actual loss didn't seem to mean anything. It just stopped the monster push of an up and coming Heel in its tracks.

Sting against Triple H was an OK match with some bizarre run-ins and an ending that made no sense whatsoever. I do wish that WWE would make their mind up about what the business is real or not. Don't try and convince me for twenty minutes this is real, if you are going to pull the rug out from under me ten seconds later.

Finally, we have the main event which saw Roman Reigns take on Brock Lesnar for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This match had the potential to be awesome and to some extent it was. BUT... They had to play their Money in the Bank card. True, it was not as predictable as most cash-ins, but all it did was throw away all that build and momentum that Reigns had been struggling to get over the past three months. The match itself was good, but as I said at the beginning, that's just not good enough.

One thing that I would say was one of the best and worst moments of the PPV was the Rock/Ronda Rousey against Triple H/Stephanie McMahon confrontation. This went on soooooo long that I almost gave up and started fast forwarding. Now I would believe that UFC Champion Rona Rousey could probably have taken Triple H and Stephanie, but the whole payoff of this loooooooong confrontation was so anti-climactic that it made the whole thing seem pointless. If it built to a match later on the year or next year then that would be great, but I get the feeling that WWE probably couldn't afford to pay Rousey what she would get from UFC.

Now with the PPV done I expected to have a Blu-ray brimming with extras. Right? What we get are an interview with Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins which are paint by numbers in regards to what they say. The look at John Cena was short, but did its job. However, the interview with Daniel Bryan is great as it really makes the Intercontinental Championship mean something.

Apart from the Hall of Fame and the two kickoff matches, that's all we have on this set which is a little disappointing. I expected highlights from the next night on Raw, the build ups to some of the matches, they don't even mention Sting? This is his first match in WWE, I expected at the very least a short look at what that means to him. Instead we get nothing and this a shame. This is very disappointing.

When WWE do their next Greatest Wrestlemanias set I would be very surprised if any matches from this will be on here. Most years you can guarantee two or three matches will be in the running for Match of the Year contender. Not this year. There were some good moments and there are certainly some good matches, but nothing that stood out. Nothing that made me sit there and want to rewind and watch again. The PPV was good, but it was not Wrestlemania.

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