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    Reallusion empowers Photoshop Users with 3D Production Tools

    iClone4 provides fast and affordable ways to create 3D Stereo prints while saving on stock image purchases.

    Reallusion, Inc. pushes its software boundaries further by introducing a new way for Photoshop Users to create 3D Stereo prints from existing Photoshop projects, and also save on stock image purchases with the use of iClone4.

    iClone4 is an affordable, real-time 3D animation tool, with stereoscopic output capabilities, that allows any Photoshop project to be turned into eye-catching 3D Stereo printouts. With this new and powerful addition to its arsenal of high-quality image production, the Photoshop Community can now import image layers, into iClone4, to create 3D Stereo prints in a matter of minutes.

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    iClone4's native 3D environment is ideal for arranging and layering images in X,Y and Z-axis which allows artists to have full control over any 3D effects by simply dragging layers around in real 3D space. iClone4 also delivers a fast and easy way of exporting an entire scene in stereoscopic 3D with just one click.

    Additionally, there is no need to search through thousands of expensive stock image libraries to find that one unique image as Reallusion has released a series of exclusive content packs titled 'Mr. Pose & Friends' which literally allow Photoshop Users to customize and animate 3D figurines to any pose or camera perspective they need. These new content packs come with posable figurines, accessory kits and even ready-made animations that can be activated by anyone.

    Graphic Artists can also display 2D images on 3D objects by simply importing images and dropping them onto any texture surface with material channels, bump channels, specular channels and more to create ultra-real scenes with easy-to-activate high dynamic range visuals.

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    "iClone4 gives Photoshop artists a new way of adding 3D content to their artwork. Accessory packs such as Mr. Pose & Friends make it quick and easy for artists to enhance their artwork with 3D models." - said Denny Tang, the founder of Photoshoptutorials.ws, who this month launched an exclusive iClone and Photoshop tutorial on his website.

    Reallusion has also created a specially designed landing page for Photoshop Users to visit, and learn all about the benefits and tools with several step-by-step tutorials made exclusively for graphic artists. To see more, just visit: http://www.reallusion.com/event/2010/photoshop/

    The page introduces 3 great new pipeline tutorials for Photoshop Users to:
    • Create Advertisements with 3D Posable figurines
    • Turn Photoshop projects into Stereoscopic 3D printouts
    • Export OBJ models into Photoshop for 3D paint editing and more
    Pricing and Availability

    3D Pose-able Figure - Best 3D Creativity Solutions
    iClone 4 Standard + iClone Combo Pack: Mr. Pose & Friends

    List Price : USD149.90
    Special Price: USD104.93 (30%OFF)

    To learn more, please visit: http://www.reallusion.com/event/2010/photoshop/

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