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    Will someone please ban the LOL?

    I'm not sure who is to blame, netspeak or txtspeak, but really, someone has to do something about the insanely over usage that encompasses the acronym for Laugh(s) Out Loud. I mean spam, we are never going to win the war on spam, too many low life's make money from it to lower that scourge of the internet. But maybe, just maybe if we make lol socially unacceptable, we can rid society of this particular ill.

    The worst offenders are the ones who use it as a full stop for terminating sentences. Everybody knows at least one person who does this, most of us probably know more. To solve this one I propose a buddy system, using super glue we attach a pedant to their side, whose main job is to make sure that whenever they type the letters L, O and L, they really are at least chuckling. If there is no laughter, an electric shock should be introduced.

    I know really nice lovely people who do this, I've seen them text with the biggest thing emanating them being a smile. That isn't a laugh, and it certainly isn't one out loud. If these people really did do a giggle every time they sent a text, posted to a message board, or wrote an email, we'd think they had a serious screw loose. At best they'd be constantly compared to a character in The Fast Show.

    Ladies and gentlephones, we need to take action, and we need to take it now. You see this sort of thing starts with lol, but soon everyone will be using rotfl. Once that has become acceptable behaviour as a method of punctuation, things will descend into rotflmao, and then before we know it we are in omfgzombierotflcopters territory.

    So I propose a campaign, which comes with a logo. And whenever you see someone over using the acronym lol, you post the logo. Then maybe, just maybe we can wipe this scourge off the face of the net.

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    Think a bicycle with square wheels is uncomfortable to ride? You are just simply using the wrong road!

    I think this next one is a piece of french performance art, the guy must have an incredible amount of upper body strength. Anyway here is Jean-Baptiste André...

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    Should I feel guilty that

    "At best they'd be constantly compared to a character in The Fast Show."

    made me LOL.
    posted by Jitendar Canth on 15/4/2009 10:12
    LOLing is okay! As long as you really LOL'd IRL. ;)
    posted by Reviewer News on 15/4/2009 11:44