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Page 1 of sky digibox won,t turn on

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sky digibox won,t turn on

fw600vj (Competent) posted this on Sunday, 10th July 2005, 10:44

Hi everyone my sky digibox won,t turn on .I have done all the usual stuff , unplugged digibox,removed card,left to sit for up to an hour.I have tried the hold in the backup button while plugging in the digibox and power on " this worked the last time the digibox played up" This time nothing happens the standby light will not change to green from red.The remote light next to the standby light lights when you press buttons but will not turn on,I have replaced the batteries in the remote but still nothing.I rang sky this morning and i will not get an engineer until next saturday.fw600vj

RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

wing_chun (Competent) posted this on Saturday, 16th July 2005, 22:48

you did try the quit button usally on front of digi box it rurns it on / off ?

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RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

fw600vj (Competent) posted this on Sunday, 17th July 2005, 20:56

Hi Chanwai I pushed every button in every combination , Left the digi box unplugged over night still it would not turn on .So i went out and bought a second hand digi box it turned on but no signal .I got the ladders out and checked the connection at the L.N.B. It was o k .Went to Maplins and bought a new L.N.B. fitted it connected everything up and hey presto sky working again , Out of interest i reconnected my old digi box and lo and behold it is now working again .When the L.N.B. failed it must have stuck the digi box in the turn off mode or something .Thanks for your input.fw600vj

RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

JSP (Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 7th August 2008, 14:44

Amstrad Sky satelite dish

If your light does not turn green...

Every now and then your digibox needs to be reset. Try this "Hard Reset/Software Download"

Hard Reset /Software download

1. Switch off your digibox then pull the plug for power supply.
2. Find the button BACKUP at the front panel of the digibox, press it and hold it pressed.
3. With the button BACKUP still held pressed you replace the power plug.
4. Hold BACKUP pressed until you see all lights at the front panel of the digibox flash.
5. Release BACKUP and wait 10 minutes.
6. Your TV screen will read "Software Download"
7. When this disappears from the TV screen wait a further 5 minutes then switch digibox on again
8. The digibox is now downloading the latest software version and should operate perfectly thereafter.

RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

Rassilon (Elite) posted this on Friday, 8th August 2008, 09:14

LNB probably had a short-circuit or other failure that caused too much current to be drawn & over-current protection kicked in, inhibiting the switch on.

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RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

dudbertman (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 21st December 2009, 15:19

Thanks so much it worked. Just have to get hold of Sky to match viewing card to box (which is easier said than done)

RE: sky digibox won,t turn on

bowfer (Elite) posted this on Monday, 21st December 2009, 15:55 took you from 8/8/08 to 21/12/09 to try it...?.. :/

:D :D :D

Is this the weirdest thread ever??
Look at the date line!

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