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What`s The Worst That Could Happen? (UK) (DVD Details)

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    Review of What`s The Worst That Could Happen?

    4 / 10


    It`s new, it`s exciting, it`s not good enough to be shown at the cinema (well not for very long anyway).... It`s not like it`s full of unknowns either, with Danny De Vito and Martin Lawrence on board. Lawrence was the reason I decided to look at the film.

    You can read the plot, what there is of it, in the details up above.


    A 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer, which is as good as you would expect for such a young film. No dust and dirt can be found, and colours are good. There`s basically nothing wrong with it, and that`s all that there is to say.


    A DD5.1 soundtrack, which has good bass, but is otherwise uninspiring, as only the music attempts to make good use of the extra channels. Dialogue is crisp and clean, and you can hear everything that`s said, if you really want to.


    The biggest extra is the audio commentary that features a large cast, but essentially lacks Lawrence, which might have made it interesting. As it is, it`s probably the dullest commentary track going, with massive gaps, and all contributors recorded separately. Avoid.

    There`s a music video (dull) and a trailer (also dull). You`ll also find out-takes (funnier than the film), deleted scenes and a useless alternative ending.


    What`s the Worst That Could Happen? You could watch this film, which is tedious, dull and unfunny. Even Lawrence, who I usually enjoy watching, seems to flounder among this dross, and this is his second awful film I`ve seen in succession (the utterly awful Big Momma`s House being the previous one).

    The disc itself is fine with good picture and sound and some extras that lack quality, but at least they tried. Not even worth a rental though....

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