Review for WWE Bayley: Iconic Matches

7 / 10

Bayley is the ultimate underdog, the hugger with the wavy balloon entrance that just connects with the crowd. In some ways, she is an old-skool style babyface, but for some reason it works and once she steps in the ring she is all suplexing business. I love Bayley and the only thing I can say about this disk is that three matches is simply not enough Bayley to watch. I could watch Bayley (or more specifically NXT Bayley) all day long. That being said, these three matches are a great way to introduce this superstar if you have not seen her before.

The set includes two matches from NXT and then one from her time on the main roster. This is odd, but hopefully if they release a second set or a full Bayley set then more matches will be included.

From NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015 we have the NXT Women’s Championship match against Sasha Banks which is possibly one of the best women’s matches ever. Both put on an amazing match which would go on to win NXT Match of the Year. When you are so used to WWE Women’s matches lasting a few minutes it was so refreshing to see these two leave it all in the ring, tell a story and totally blow me away.

Her match against Nia Jax from NXT Takeover London 2015 was good, but not great. I think if you had just watched the last match you may be surprised by how clunky and awkward this match feels. I’m not sure who this match benefitted as it made Nia Jax look weak for not capitalising on her advantage and finishing Bayley off. Bayley also looked weak against the dominating Nia throughout much of the match. It was still entertaining, but not a match I would include in a ‘best’ set.

Finally, we end with from Battleground 2016 a tag match between Bayley and Sasha Banks against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. This match is insane in how much it means nothing for Bayley. It is on here purely because it was Bayley’s debut on the main roster, but that’s about it. It is surprising that they don’t include her victory over Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship or her later defeat of Charlotte at Fastlane.

Hopefully, this is just a Volume 1 of what will clearly be a long career, or just a little taste of what Bayley can do. As an introduction it is fine and it is worth buying for the match against Sasha Banks, but I think it might be better to wait for a full set.

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