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    Review for WWE Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come

    8 / 10

    Triple H is one of the greatest superstars in the world today. It doesn't matter if you love him or hate him, you have to respect him. Whether he is smashing people with a sledgehammer, pulling pranks with DX or simply proving to his opponent why he is The Game, Triple H will go down as one of the best.

    Thirteen World Champion, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble Winner, Grand Slam Title Winner (IC, European, World and Tag). He has done it all. He has headlined many PPVs and now hold the spot of COO of the WWE following his marriage to Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie.

    This DVD gives me the feeling that even if he hadn't done that it's possible that Vince would have looked to Triple H as someone who could control the business, much like he had done with previous talents such as Pat Patterson and Terry Taylor.

    This DVD includes a full two hour documentary that covers every aspect of Triple H's career. From his training with Killer Kowalski, his work on the indies and finally getting into WCW. Here he went from being Terra Ryzing to Jean-Paul Levesque before finally moving on to the WWE.
    Here is where the rise and fall and rise of Triple H really began. We see how he became friends with what became known as The Kliq (Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and X-Pac) and how the infamous Madison Square Garden-Incident almost ruined his career. Here Nash, Hall, HBK and Triple H all hugged in the ring, breaking kayfabe in what is considered to be the mecca of professional wrestling for WWE. Vince punished Triple H, removing him from his place to win the King of the Ring (a certain Stone Cold went on to win that year instead... funny, wonder what happened there) and then went on for almost a year of jobbing and awful matches. Triple H describes this and though he understands why they did it, it still comes across as bitter because he was the only one who was punished (HBK was champion and Nash and Hall were jumping to WCW).

    Following that Triple H got another shot, feuding with Mankind, winning the King of the Ring and finally forming DX with HBK. Here is where he became even more popular, especially following HBK's departure and his rise to leader and the creation of the DX Army. This lead to the iconic invasion of WCW which was one of the most significant moments in The Monday Night Wars and saw the rise of everyone in the group. Breaking away from them Triple H finally became The Game and this is shown with his feud against The Rock. First over the Intercontinental Title and then later over the World Title. These two both had such great chemistry with each other and if I'm honest if I could have just one more match from The Rock, I'd say that I would want it against Triple H.

    The rest of the documentary goes through the rise and rise and rise of his career. His injuries, Evolution, his many title reigns and of course his marriage to Stephanie. Many people consider that it is his marriage to her that has kept him in the main event, but really when you watch this documentary you will see that married or not Triple H would have been this successful no matter what. Finally, we get to see him in his new role as COO and it is a little funny seeing him in boardrooms surrounded by all the suits who deal with all the other logistic aspects of the business. One thing that is great is seeing him with some of the new starters in NXT and the Perfomance Centre and when you see this you have to believe that when/if Vince ever does retire that the WWE is in safe hands.

    If you are a fan of Triple H I would advise that before you buy this set, you buy his previous one The King of Kings. The reason I say that is that apart from a few matches the two disks are matches are a little sub-par. That's not to say that any are unwatchable, it is just that most are matches that are so obscure that even I didn't know where or when they were from. This is clearly not the best of The Game, but what as left over from that previous set. However, it does include any early match from him in WCW against Ricky Steamboat which is great and of course including the full Iron Man Match against The Rock is definite highlight.

    The second disk is just full of matches that though enjoyable are little 'meh' in a way. I mean sure his Last Man Standing Match against HBK is amazing, but I could name probably four or five matches that they had which were better. The shocking thing is that none of his recent matches against The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar are included. This is shocking, especially considering they spent a good chunk of the documentary explaining just why those matches against Taker were so important.

    Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come is so close to being perfect. With a few different matches it could have been. However, if you do have the previous set then this will more than make up for it. If you want to know why Triple H is The Game and why he is That Damn Good, then this is a great DVD to watch and this is exactly what all WWE's biography sets should be like.

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