Review for WWE Extreme Rules 2010

7 / 10

It still baffles me how a show like WWE can promote a PG rated show that will culumlate in a 15 rated PPV. This would be the equivilant of Disney's Hannah Montana leading to a sex filled 18 rated movie. It just makes no sense to me. Because of this, the PPV is actually not bad, it's just a shame that the PG rated build to the PPV was so... erm... PG?
So on with the show-
Gauntlet MatchBig Show and the Miz vs. R-Truth and John Morrison vs. MVP and Mark Henry vs. The Hart DynastyI love The Miz, he is clearly one of the best heels WWE has at the moment. Though I do wish this had been a championship match, but this was a great match and a great look at what the WWE can offer to lovers of tag team action.
Hair MatchCM Punk vs. Rey MysterioOne of the best matches I have ever seen from either of these. Punk and Mysterio have such good chemistry and this match feels almost like a classic ROH match. Punk is another great heel character and his Straightedge Society is one of the best factions I have seen in a long time.
Strap MatchJTG vs. Shad GaspardWhy was this match on PPV? I wouldn't have even put it on as a dark match. I am shocked at how bad this was. All the splitting up of Cryme Tyme did was rob the tag ranks of a good tag team and give us two superstars that no one cares about.
World Heavyweight ChampionshipExtreme Rules MatchRandy Orton vs. Jack SwaggerThe problem I have with this match is that I don't enjoy watching either of these people wrestler. Orton bores me and Swagger does too. This presents me with a problem, namely why should I care about the outcome? I don't. The build makes sense, in the 'You never beat me' sense, but sadly Orton wasn't able to carry this off, because I just didn't care for either person and the match is just too dull for me.
Street FightTriple H vs. SheamusAfter his attack on Triple H at the beginning of the PPV, Sheamus seemed to have won this match by forfeit. Though this is Triple H. There's no way he would do that. Surely, he would get a sub. Would this be the way HBK would come back? No. Instead we had to watch what was an odd match. Triple H trying to defend himself from the scary Sheamus, who destroyed him throughout the whole match wasn't very entertaining. It wasn't as extreme as I expected it to be, but it was certainly not a good match either.
WWE Women's ChampionshipExtreme Makeover MatchBeth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCoolI can't quite tell whether this match was supposed to be a joke or not. If it was, it failed. If it wasn't, it was just depressing.
Steel Cage MatchEdge vs. Chris JerichoIt's sad that this wasn't the main event as it certainly deserved to be. Jericho and Edge's matches have certainly been my highlight of 2010 and this match will certainly be in any top ten matches of the year. The match is not as crazy as some steel cage matches, but I think that is because the two of them are so good in the ring that they did not have to resort to the kind of 'OMG' moments that Jeff Hardy needs to use to cover up the fact he isn't that great a technical wrestler. Match of the night.
WWE ChampionshipLast Man StandingJohn Cena vs. BatistaCena and Batista YAWWWWWNNNNNN!!!! Now both men have improved in leaps and bounds over the years and Batista's heel change has made him a great character, but I still don't care enough for Cena. Both men try hard in this match and I can't fault them for it, however the stipulation of having to keep a man down for ten seconds is just not as exciting as people would think. As for the ending? That was so silly as to make me laugh, sure Cena outsmarted Batista, but that does not make a great PPV ending!

The only extra is Shawn Michael's farewell speech from Raw. This was a nice moment, but really, it should have been on the Wrestlemania DVD instead and something about the build up or fall out of the PPV would have made more sense.
Extreme Rules 2010 was a mixbag of a PPV. The Mysterio/Punk and Jericho/Edge matches were possibly the best matches I have seen in 2010 so far, however the others surrounding it were a little average to say the least. Though I have witnessed much worse from the WWE and hopefully they can build on the positives and cutback on the negatives for next time.

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