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ISBN: 0 340 83460 9
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John Connolly, bestselling author of five brilliantly scary mystery novels, now turns his pen to the short story to give us a dozen chilling tales of the supernatural. In this macabre collection, inspired by masters of the genre from M,R, James to Stephen King, Connolly delves into our darkest fears - lost lovers, missing children, subterranean creatures and predatory demons.
Framing the collection are two substantial novellas : The Cancer Cowboy Rides charts the fatal progress of a modern grim reaper, while The Reflecting Eye is a haunted house tale with a twist and marks the return of private detective Charlie Parker, the troubled hero of Connolly's crime novels.
NOCTURNES a masterly volume to be read with the lights on - menace has never been so seductive.

The rutted track was playing hell with Jerry Schnieder's shocks.


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