Review for WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2015

6 / 10

TLC is the final PPV of 2015 and usually gives a look at how 2016 will begin. This time there was a feeling that change was not on the cards.

Triple Threat Ladder Match for WWE Tag Team Championships between The New Day, The Usos and The Lucha Dragons. Now I love The New Day, but even I had to groan at their promo. However, once the match got started it was jam packed with some crazy and amazing moments. This was a perfect way to start the PPV though I do wish the ending was different.

Ryback vs. Rusev had only one good thing: Lana. She looks amazing and almost worth watching this by the numbers, lumbering match. Not by much though.

Alberto del Rio against Jack Swagger in a Chairs match for the US Title sounds as boring as it was. A Chairs match has never worked no matter how much they try to explain it. This match just bored me to death.

Tables Elimination Match between The Wyatt Family and The Dudley Boyz, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno could have just been another ECW nostalgia kick, but everything about this match just felt right. There were enough extreme moments and yet the Wyatts were made to look strong and this is a great way to show off the talent.

Kevin Owens against Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship was exactly what I expected it to be: A fantastic display that meant absolutely nothing. It was amazing with some great moments, but I would be surprised if I remember a single thing from this match.

Paige vs. Charlotte for the Divas Championship was a massive improvement on the last few matches. Nothing about the match felt awkward and despite the overuse of Ric Flair and the cheating of Charlotte I think it gave the match that bit of fire it really needed.

Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Heavyweight Championship in a TLC match always felt like a lose lose match. If Reigns won it would make Sheamus title reign seem pointless. If Sheamus won then that's the end of Reigns as a potential credible main eventer.

You know it's bad when the crowd spends most of there time chanting to name of someone else. Granted this match was full of career-shortening moments. Some that they really did not need to do and some that were simply not as effective as they must have thought they would. As the match went on you could feel the crowd simply couldn't care for either person and this match needed something special to make it mean anything.

And it didn't.

TLC had some good moments, but just not enough to warrant repeat watching. It's not a bad PPV, just not a sayisfying one either.

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