It's Official - We're a Nation of Cheats

New research reveals the average Brit cheats their way through all walks of life, from cheating on friends and partners to fiddling expenses and forgetting to declare earnings.
A whopping four in 10 people admit they have cheated on at least one long term partner during their adult lifetime.
Whilst 12 per cent of dishonest folk have betrayed a best friend by kissing or sleeping with their boyfriend or girlfriend.
More than half of Brits think nothing of cheating during board games, and 60 per cent of gamers regularly source codes and 'walk-throughs' to get further in computer games.
But some of the cheating revealed in the poll of 6724 people has more serious consequences.
A staggering 18 per cent of people admit to cheating or lying on their CV to land that all important job interview.
And in the style of Debra Barr on The Apprentice, one in 10 people will cheat their way into a job by any means necessary.
Perhaps even more worryingly, a fifth of people take a leaf out of MP's books by regularly fiddling their expenses.
And the 10 per cent have "forgotten" to declare earnings on their tax.
A spokesman for said: "It seems many people cheat to some extent, which makes recent moral outrage over MPs' expenses seem a little hypocritical.
"It's a question of scale.  It would seem that a lot of us (regardless who we are) try and get away with what we can."
The poll also revealed which 'celebrities' are considered by Brits to be the biggest cheats.
Sir Fred Goodwin, the former Chief Executive of RBS, has been named as the biggest cheat for claiming £700,000 pension award just one month before the company reported a loss of £24.1billion.
Robert Maxwell is the second biggest cheat for taking everyone's pensions and then going missing.
Darren Day is the third worst cheat for cheating on girlfriend after girlfriend - celebrity girlfriends who he cheated on include Tracy Shaw, Suzanne Shaw and Anna Friel.
MP Alistair Darling is fourth for claiming for two homes on his expenses, and in fifth place comes athlete Marion Jones for winning give Olympic gold medals after taking performance enhancing drugs.
A spokesman for said: "While cheating at a game is pretty inconsequential, if there are easy ways to gain without being caught, it seems that a lot of people, maybe most of us, will try to do it."
  1. Cheating on computer games - 60 per cent
  2. Cheating on board games - 51 per cent
  3. Cheated on a partner - 34 per cent
  4. Cheating during poker / card games - 27 per cent
  5. Cheated in exams - 20 per cent
  6. Fiddled expenses - 20 per cent
  7. Done children's homework - 20 per cent
  8. Cheated or lied on a CV - 18 per cent
  9. 'Forgotten' to declare earnings on tax - 10 per cent
  10. Cheated in a job interview - 9 per cent
  1. Sir Fred Goodwin - The Chief Executive of RBS claimed a £700,000 pension award a month before the company reported a loss of £24.1billion
  2. Robert Maxwell - took everyone's pensions and then went missing
  3. Darren Day - for cheating on girlfriend after girlfriend
  4. Alistair Darling - claimed for two homes on his expenses
  5. Marion Jones - for winning five Olympic gold medals after taking performance enhancing drugs
  6. Jeffrey Archer - for perverting the course of justice and imprisonment
  7. Bill Clinton - for the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky
  8. Fred Bowers - for claiming disability benefit after dancing on Britain's Got Talent
  9. Jackie Smith - for allowing her husband to claim on her expenses for porn
10.   Amy Winehouse - for failing to perform at numerous gigs after fans paid thousands to see her

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