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    While I decide exactly what I want to do with my new mini-site, I thought I'd use this opportunity to say a quick 'welcome to my domain', in order to get things moving along.

    It's quite possible you're here because you're a film fan, which is at least one thing you have in common with me. If that's the case, then it may help if I point you in the direction of some other fantastic news/reviews sites that are regular haunts for me.

    To start with, have you tried Slash Film? It's a fantastic little blog that's grown and grown and is now becoming one of the most important film sites around. Ran by fan Peter Sciretta, it's a regular visit for me in order to get news, gossip and reviews, as well as links through to lots of cool film related stuff.

    As well as the the site everybody loves to hate (Ain't It Cool) another favourite of mine is Jo Blo's. It ticks all the boxes for mainstream cinema, as well as offering other sites including "Arrow in the Head" (for horror), DVD Clinic (for the obvious), and "Movie Hotties" (for those of us who can't get enough of hot looking stars).

    For horror fans you've got Bloody Disgusting and Fear.net to get you heart's racing, as well as Film Drunk for those who are looking for a more 'humorous' take on Hollywood.

    Well... Those should get you going for the meantime, while I shuffle around this Crypt and dig out a few juicy articles and stories for you all to read (or not, as the case may be). Feel free to add any other of your favourite movie related sites to this list, because there's undoubtedly some greats that I'm not looking at.

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    What the hell is that picture from? :)
    posted by Robee J Shepherd on 10/7/2008 10:24
    8 / 10
    The infamous Troll 2. Arguably the worst film ever made, and the subject of a great looking new documentary. Might just be the inspiration for my next article.

    Oh, and welcome. :)
    posted by Ben Franklin on 10/7/2008 20:10
    I seem to remember the indignity of reviewing that picture...

    ah! Here it is:

    Troll & Troll II
    posted by Stuart McLean on 10/7/2008 22:33
    8 / 10
    Poor guy! The thing's you have to watch as a reviewer, eh?
    posted by Ben Franklin on 11/7/2008 10:14