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    • Change #1 - eading]<newline>CORRECTION: Since first posting this review, I’ve been updated regarding this film’s transfer by Third Window Films. It’s an
    • Change #2 - c. Also, the screen ratio has either been opened up from the theatrical 1.85:1 ratio, or there has been a degree of cropping at the edges. The runtime also looks shorter than thatpparently this is the way the film was shot, and there is no change in the runtime or audio pitch. The runtime lis
    • Change #3 - IMDB, implying the HD equivalent of NTSC-PAL conversion, with a bit of speedup and the audio pitch change that comes with is incorrect. This is how the film should look, although there is that rare moment of jerkiness still, that I attribute to the interlaced format.<newline><newline>
    • Change #4 - sed. The most obvious complaint here is the interlaced transfer not being as smooth as a progressive 24fps transfer, which would have been preferable.<newline><newline>[u
    • Change #5 - <newline><newline>

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