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    Preview Image for Tweakon (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
    Tweakon (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) (Software Details)

    Unique ID Code: 0000142555
    Added by: virtary
    Added on: 9/6/2011 07:48

    Changes made to Tweakon (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

    Revision 1

    Created on Monday, 20th June 2011, 14:23
    Change Submitted by RJS

    List of Changes:

    • Title changed from Tweakon - Ultimate Twitter App to Tweakon (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
    • Change #1 - ware/>Ultimate Twitter AppDEAAAACDCHGCZjpgYBECIHJNEW LAUNCH SPECIAL: ON SALE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME! <newline> <newline>Tweakon is the ultimate twitter client for the iPhone and iPad. Below is a list of some current features with many more to come. <newline> <newline>Features list: <newline> <newline>Friends view: <newline>- friends timeline <newline>- read/unread visual Notification <newline>- autoscroll <newline>- scroll on demand <newline>- post status <newline>- mark all statuses as read <newline>- navigate to chosen user Profile <newline>- navigate to chosen status <newline>- show more statuses <newline>- shake to full screen option <newline>- autoscroll option <newline> <newline>Status/Tweet view <newline>- view particular tweet <newline>- reply to tweet <newline>- favorite tweet <newline>- reTweet <newline>- access all user tweets <newline>- access status links (inline or safari browser) <newline> <newline>User profile <newline>- unfollow user <newline>- add to list <newline>- DM <newline>- access homepage of the user <newline>- see all user status updates <newline>- see user favorites <newline>- see who is following <newline>- see the user followers <newline> <newline>Post status <newline>- character count <newline>- auto link shortener <newline>- one or more links // automatically shortened <newline>- clear <newline> <newline>Upload photo ( integration <newline>- automatically uploads and pastes the returned from link to ready to post status <newline> <newline>Search <newline>- navigate to chosen user Profile <newline>- navigate to chosen status <newline>- show more statuses <newline>Trends <newline>- access current trends <newline>- access daily trends <newline>- access weekly trends <newline>- search by trend word <newline> <newline>Lists <newline>- access user lists <newline>- view number of user Per/list <newline>- create new list <newline>- refresh <newline>- edit lists <newline>- edit list name and Description <newline>- edit privacy mode <newline>- delete list <newline>- delete list membership <newline>- access list statuses <newline> <newline>List statuses <newline>- access user profile <newline> <newline>Mentions <newline>- access user mentions statuses <newline> <newline>DM <newline>- access direct messages <newline>- delete direct messages <newline> <newline>Favorites <newline>- access user favorites <newline>- remove favorite <newline>Sent <newline>- access user statuses <newline>- delete user statuses <newline> <newline>Unreads <newline>- access to unread messages (aggregate view of unreaded statuses from friend timeline and DMs) <newline> <newline>RateLimit <newline>- access to the user ratelimit <newline> <newline>Settings <newline>- access to the Twitter Account (login/logout) <newline>- Auto refresh settings <newline>- safari option settings <newline>- shake to fullscreen setting <newline>- Autoscroll settings <newline>- usage tips&amp;#65279;$1.9912/5/2011Social NetworkingiPhoneiPod touchiPadiOS 4.0 or laterLaughing Software, LLC>

    Tags Added or Removed:

    • Added tag Software
    • Added tag Twitter
    • Added tag Utility
    • Added tag iPad
    • Added tag iPhone
    • Added tag iPod Touch

    Initial Version

    Created on Thursday, 9th June 2011, 07:48
    First Submitted by virtary