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    Leyio PSD

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    Retail Price: £159
    Release Date:

    Hardware Category: USB Flash drive

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    The Leyio uses Radio Ultra-Wireless Band to provide transfer speeds of 10Mb/s, so you can share your files without a cable connection - wherever you are.

    Featuring a built-in 16GB Flash memory, 1.5" OLED screen, USB port, plus a fingerprint recognition feature to keep your files completely confidential, you can share your life at the touch of a button and a flick of a wrist with the Leyio.

    The 128x128-pixel OLED screen allows you to manage the files stored in the Leyio's 16GB Flash Memory with ease and the fingerprint recognition allows you to keep your more sensitive information secure.

    Thanks to the fingerprint authentication only you can access your device, giving you the peace of mind that your files and data are always kept secure.

    And if you're trying to get files to other people who dont have a Leyio - panic not! There's a neat USB port on the side that allows you to use any standard USB stick. Simply slot any USB stick into the side of the device and transfer your files.

    The Leyio features a detachable 2GB USB module, otherwise known as the 'Shuttle', which allows you to transfer the files of your choice between USB devices such as PCs and laptops. Quick, easy and portable, you can select the most important files from the Leyio's 16GB Flash Memory for transfer to a separate USB device.

    You can also share your digital life between two Leyios at transfer speeds of 10Mb/s for fast and easy file and data sharing. Utilising Ultra Wide Broadband (UWB) Radio technology you can share your files with another Leyio at the simple flick of a wrist.

    Technical Specifications:
    Storage memory: Flash memory (MLC NAND) 16GB.
    Freescale arm ejs 320MHz processor.

    - An external port for mass storage USB key
    - An internal USB port (occupied by the satellite))
    - A mini USB port for connecting to computer & charging.
    SDRAM 8MB.

    3-axis accelerometer.
    UWB radio module allowing 10MB/s Leyio/Leyio transfers at 3-5m.
    1.5-inch OLED screen - 65k colours - RGB565 - 128x128.
    Digital fingerprint sensor for identification and interface browsing.
    Vibrate function.
    Satellite that acts as a 2GB USB key.
    Lithium Polymer Li-Po-3.7V Battery, 900mAh, 30-day autonomy.
    Rechargeable using external mini USB port

    Hardware Requirements:
    USB port

    Software Requirements:

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